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Transform Your Body With Natalia’s Magic Skin Care! Everything Is Vegetarian and Cruelty-Free!

If you love to take care of yourself with the finest vegetarian products available, you need to take a look at Natalia's Magic Skin Care! This company has just about everything you need for a clean, healthy, glowing body. Continue reading [...]

Ola’s Wellness: Vegan Oral Care For a Fresh, Healthy Mouth

Your mouth is one of the most important parts of your body, since you have to use it for eating, talking, and breathing. It's so important to take care of your oral health! Continue reading [...]

Artisun Makes Cruelty-Free, Vegetarian Body Care Products That Are Pure and Delightful

Artisun specializes in vegetarian bath and skin care, utilizing the freshest ingredients available. Their products are handcrafted in Michigan. The prices are reasonable, and the quality impeccable. Continue reading [...]

Have Fun and Get Squeaky Clean With Billie’s Whimsical, Vegan Body Care Products

We are delighted to have discovered Billie -- an incredibly affordable, vegan body care company that is loads of fun! They offer a vast, colorful array of products that are just delightful to behold. And these items feel as good as they look! Continue reading [...]

WildMint: Luxurious Vegan Cosmetics and Body Care Products From the UK

High-quality, vegan body care products don't just come from the US. They're made all over the world! The UK has cornered a big part of the market with a growing number of 100 percent plant-based companies. Continue reading [...]

Soothe Your Body’s Aches and Pains With Zadaka’s Vegan, CBD-Infused Products

If you're a fan of CBD-infused, vegan, cruelty-free products, you'll be wowed by Zadaka's high-quality line. These products are derived from industrial hemp plants, but they contain no THC. Continue reading [...]

Luxuriate and Refresh Yourself With LaNatura’s Divine Line of Vegan Body Care Products!

LaNatura believes that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. For this reason, their array of vegan, cruelty-free products contains no synthetic ingredients whatsoever! Continue reading [...]

Tiege Hanley Offers Vegetarian Skin Care Memberships For Discerning Men! Many of Their Products Are Vegan!

Tiege Hanley's specialty is vegetarian (mostly vegan) skincare for men who want to feel amazing, but don't want to spend much time achieving that goal. To this end, they offer affordable monthly memberships of their high-quality product line. Continue reading [...]

You’ll Love the Scent of Conscious Coconut! This Vegan Skincare Company Helps Your Body and the Planet!

We can't resist the aroma of coconut! It's sweet, rich, and sensuous, sending us to an imaginary beach somewhere far away in the tropics. Conscious Coconut feels the same, and they have created a line of high-quality, organic products that soothe and pamper your body. Continue reading [...]

Aesop: Elegant Vegan Body Care For the Discerning Buyer

We're drooling over our latest discovery -- the Aesop website! And we're saving our pennies and dollars, looking forward to ordering some of this company's products in 2021! It's hard NOT to covet these all-vegan, cruelty-free, luxury items Continue reading [...]

Augustinus Bader Aims to Become Completely Vegan By 2021! Meanwhile, They’re Vegetarian and Cruelty-Free!

Augustinus Bader is a luxurious German body care company with a mission -- to become 100% vegan by 2021. That's just around the corner! Meanwhile, almost all of their products are vegan, including their lip balms. Continue reading [...]

Oars and Alps Makes Vegetarian (Mostly Vegan) Body Care Products For Men! Women Love Them, Too!

Men often get the short end of the stick when it comes to high-quality body care products, especially vegetarian, cruelty-free ones. To address this iniquity, Oars and Alps has created a line that utilizes organic ingredients to create an array of offerings that men love! Continue reading [...]

Berla Beauty Shares the Bounty of Nature With Their Vegan Body Care Products

We just love luxury here at Vegetarian Beauty Products, and we're willing to bet you do, as well. Vegan luxury is the best of all! Berla Beauty offers a bounty of plant-based, cruelty-free body care products, free from parabens and gluten. Continue reading [...]

Get Couture Clean With Valoie’s Vegetarian Body Care Products

You work hard and deserve the best for your body. There isn't any reason why you should have to skimp on products. Sometimes you just have to splurge a bit, because it's fun! Continue reading [...]

The Fanciful Fox Makes Vegan Body Care Products With a Touch of Whimsy

The Fanciful Fox knows that body care products can be effective and fun at the same time! Not to mention affordable -- most of their offerings cost less than $20.00. They don't sacrifice quality for affordability, however. The entire line is vegan, utilizing fresh, wholesome ingredients. Continue reading [...]

Earth Based Body Offers Succulent Vegan Body Care Products You’re Sure to Love

Succulent bath and body care can be yours with Earth Based Body's excellent, affordable products! This company offers an excellent line of plant-based offerings, guaranteed to nurture your body and make you smile. Continue reading [...]

Serenity Soapworks Offers Vegetarian, Quality Body Care at Stunningly Affordable Prices

Handcrafted body care products are special in a way that no mass produced item can replicate. Especially when they're vegetarian, cruelty-free, and don't cost a fortune! Serenity Soapworks offers vegan options, but they do use goat's milk, beeswax, and honey in quite a few of their products. Continue reading [...]

Pai Vegan Skincare is the Ultimate in Self-Pampering Luxury!

Your skin is your body's largest organ, and it deserves the best care money can buy. There is no reason or excuse for slathering your body with harmful chemicals or ingredients that have caused suffering to any animal. Continue reading [...]

You’ll Feel Virtuous When You Use Eight Saints Body Care! Their Products Are Plant-Based, Organic, and Cruelty-Free!

Eight Saints takes pride in their mission. They believe in creating clean, simple offerings with pure, organic ingredients. To this end, they use no animal products or synthetic fillers. Continue reading [...]

Badger Balm: Soothing Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free Products That Promote Health For Your Entire Body

Chances are good that you've seen Badger Balm, or at least heard of it. Maybe you have even had the opportunity to try it for yourself. This company has been around for 25 years, and it's still going strong! Continue reading [...]

Hylunia Skincare Melds Ancient Ayurvedic Secrets With Modern Science in Their Vegan, Cruelty-Free Products

The sleuths at Vegetarian Beauty Products recently made yet another great discovery -- Hylunia Skincare! This vegan, cruelty-free line combines ayurvedic principles with scientific knowledge to create formulas that will nurture and pamper your entire body. Continue reading [...]

Kinder Beauty Box Offers Monthly Supplies of Vegan Body Care Products at an Incredibly Low Cost!

Sometimes it can be a bit of a drag to shop for individual body care products, either on websites or at the store. You have to spend time perusing shelves or websites, scrutinizing labels, trying your hardest to discover which items are vegan and cruelty-free. Continue reading [...]

You’ve Probably Heard Of Queen Helene. Did You Know This Body Care Company is Cruelty-Free and Mostly Vegan?

You've most likely seen Queen Helene's products at the supermarket, maybe even treated yourself to one or two of them. But did you realize this popular, ubiquitous company is cruelty-free and mostly vegan? Continue reading [...]

Honua Skincare Comes From Hawaii! It’s Cruelty-Free and Vegetarian, With Tons of Vegan Options!

You can feel the aloha in Honua Hawaiian Skincare! The products are organic, cruelty-free, and vegetarian. In fact, almost all of them are vegan, with the exception of two items that contain ethically sourced, local honey. Continue reading [...]

You’ll Love Cosmedica Skincare — Everything They Offer is Vegan and Surprisingly Affordable!

Sometimes, you just get lucky and discover a truly affordable, all-vegan body care line, jam-packed with every product you could possibly need! Are you dreaming? No, you've stumbled upon the Cosmedica website! Continue reading [...]

Priori Skin Care Offers Revolutionary, PETA-Certified, Vegetarian Body Care Products

Priori Skincare is a dazzling line that happens to be 100 percent vegetarian, cruelty-free and certified by PETA! This company offers truly luxurious products. Many of them are vegan, but a few contain ethically sourced beeswax. Continue reading [...]

West Barn Co: Vegan Body Care Manufactured in the UK! You’ll Love the Quality!

We often neglect to check out products that are made overseas. Perhaps this is because we're afraid of shipping costs, and/or the amount of time it takes for our order to travel to the US. Have no fear! Continue reading [...]

1121 Apothecary: Delightful Vegan Body Care at Eye-Popping Prices

If you're vegan, you know how exciting it is to discover a body care company that manufactures its products without the use of animal-based ingredients. It's even more thrilling when the company's prices are rock-bottom inexpensive. Continue reading [...]

One Ocean Beauty: Vegetarian Body Care Inspired by the Romance of the Sea

There's just something about the ocean that speaks to a person's soul. One Ocean Beauty is familiar with the sea's romance, and they infuse their products with oceanic goodness. Continue reading [...]

Old Whaling Company Is a Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free Body Care Company Inspired By The Sea. No, They Don’t Use Whales!

When you hear the name "Old Whaling Company", you don't automatically think of vegetarian body care products. But that's exactly what this company sells! In fact, most of their offerings are vegan, except for a couple that contain honey and/or goat's milk. Continue reading [...]

If You Want Affordable, Mostly Organic, Vegan Body Care, Organic Bath Company Has the Goods!

We recently discovered Organic Bath Company on the internet, and were blown away by the excellence and affordability of their vegan, 85% organic, cruelty-free line! This company is owned by Gianne Doherty and Jay Weeks, a couple with a passion for quality. Continue reading [...]

Raw Sugar Makes Divine Vegetarian Body Care Products and Gives Back to the Community

It's great to discover a commercial body care line that sells its products at major outlets like Target and Walgreen's, yet is committed to providing high-quality vegetarian (mostly vegan) products. Raw Sugar cares about the earth, animals, and humans. Continue reading [...]

Pamper Your Face With Lavlavluv! It’s Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Will Make Your Skin Radiant!

Your facial skin can really take a beating, and it deserves the most tender pampering that money can buy. It's worth spending a bit of extra cash to give your face a treat! The Lavlavluv company specializes in the manufacture of a vegan, cruelty-free bedtime mask designed specifically for what is arguably the most important part of your body. Continue reading [...]

Be Clean and Green With Muck’s Mostly Vegan Soaps

Muck has a simple slogan: "Be clean, be green." Their soaps are made with simple ingredients, as well. The principal ingredients are sunflower oil, palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and essential oils. Continue reading [...]

Smell Awesome With Sucreabeille’s Mostly Vegan Perfumes and Other Exotic Body Care Products!

You want to smell sexy, but you don't want to sacrifice animals in the process. Sucreabeille has the goods you're searching for! This luxurious company offers an impressive selection of (mostly) vegan perfumes, as well as other body care products to pamper your every whim. Continue reading [...]

Buff City Soap Is More Than Just Soap! Mostly Vegan, Cruelty-Free, And Full of Pure Ingredients!

Buff City Soap creates fresh products each and every day! Sure, they manufacture soap -- and lots of it -- but they also put out an impressive array of hair, face, and laundry products. They take great pride in the fact that their offerings are made by hand, using ingredients you can pronounce. Continue reading [...]

Sensitive Planet: Plant-Based, Vegan, Non-Toxic Deodorant That Really Protects

Sensitive Planet is all about oils and deodorant! Their excellent products are vegan, plant-based, and yoga-inspired. Many of the company's offerings feature the scent of samadhi, a secret developed by the ayurvedic yogis of India. Continue reading [...]

Slab Makes Eco-Friendly, Waste-Free, Vegetarian Soaps, Bath Bombs, and Essential Oils

Often, simple is best. The Slab company manufactures their vegetarian body care products with this principle in mind. Good, wholesome, organic products made without unnecessary ingredients or packaging! Most are vegan, though a few contain honey. Continue reading [...]

Give Your Body Some Eco-Friendly, Vegetarian Love With The Serene Life’s Amazing Products!

It would be hard to find a more beautiful array of body care products than the ones offered by The Serene Life! In addition to being lovely, these items are all vegetarian (a few contain goat's milk or honey) and cruelty-free. Continue reading [...]

If You Have Mature Skin, You’ll Love Boom! Their Products Are Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free, And Great For Women of All Generations!

If you're a mature woman, you can still get your glam on with Boom. And why not? Older women are sexy! Boom is a company developed by model Cindy Joseph. The company's products are great for women of all ages, but are especially effective for mature skin. Continue reading [...]

Sageworks Organics Manufactures a Stellar Line of Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free Body Care Products For Your Every Need

If you're in the market for some top-notch, vegetarian, cruelty-free body care products, you know there are plenty of choices. Sageworks Organics is a standout, because they make so many items with high-quality ingredients, at such a reasonable cost! Continue reading [...]

Poppy and Pout Makes Fun Vegetarian Lip Care Products With a Bit Of Flower Power!

Poppy and Pout's mantra is "Flower Powered Lip Care", and they take their mission seriously! This fun company is all about lip balms. Their products are vegetarian (they do contain ethically sourced beeswax), cruelty-free, and come in a large assortment of lip-smacking flavors. Continue reading [...]

Green Goo: A Funny Name For An Excellent, Plant-Based, Cruelty-Free Line

Green Goo's tagline is "Plants With Purpose", and they really mean it. They utilize plant-based ingredients to create products that are gentle, effective, cruelty-free, and sustainably sourced. Continue reading [...]

Little Seed Farm: Incredibly Fresh Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free Products From a Family Farm in Tennessee!

It would be difficult to find fresher products than the ones offered by Little Seed Farm. They're produced by hand on a family farm in Tennessee. The two owners are passionate in their commitment to the earth and its inhabitants. Continue reading [...]

Tata Harper Adds a Bit of Vegetarian Luxury to Your Skincare Regimen

If you like a bit of luxury with your skincare regimen (and who doesn't, right?) Tata Harper has everything you need. They proudly tout themselves as "not your basic beauty brand", and they aren't kidding. Continue reading [...]

Mamalani: All-Natural, Vegetarian Body Care Products, Handmade in Hawaii

Mamalani makes some of the most aesthetically appealing body care products on the market. They're handmade in Hawaii with aloha and packaged in earth-friendly containers. The founder, a Hawaii native, worked as a nutritionist for years, so she's well-versed in plant medicine. Continue reading [...]

Latika! Mostly Vegan, All-Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free Products That You’ll Love!

Latika takes its name from the score of the movie "Slumdog Millionaire." The founders of this company heard the song and knew it was perfect for them. Their company is synonymous with beauty, since their products are exquisitely crafted, cruelty-free, and vegan (except for a few soap and lip balm products that contain honey and beeswax). Continue reading [...]

Cheryl’s Herbs Is a Small But Mighty Herbal Company Serving Up Fabulous Vegetarian Body Care Products

Cheryl's Herbs is known for herbs (as the name implies) but this dynamic vegetarian company also sells an extensive array of cruelty-free body care offerings. Continue reading [...]

Ardent Goods: Vegetarian, Family-Operated, Natural and Sustainable!

Ardent Goods is a fabulous company -- family-owned, vegetarian, and cruelty-free. They utilize natural ingredients and sustainable packaging materials. Many of their offerings are vegan, and everything on their website is clearly marked and explained, so you know exactly what you're getting. Continue reading [...]

The Hemp Soap Company: All-Natural, Vegetarian Soaps, Oils, and Creams That Are Gentle On Your Body

Hemp oil and soap are a stellar combination, so we were thrilled to discover The Hemp Soap Company! Of course, this vegetarian, cruelty-free company offers more than just soap -- they also carry topical oils, pain relief creams, and other hemp-infused items. Continue reading [...]

Try Zum! Some Of The Most Exciting, Colorful Vegetarian Body Care Products You’ll Ever Find!

We've seen the colorful Zum soap bars in co-ops and health food markets for years, artfully arranged on tables, tempting us to buy them. These soaps are vegetarian (goat's milk is added), and their lip balms contain beeswax, but everything else this company sells is 100% vegan! Continue reading [...]

Want To Feel a Bit Dangerous? Try Outlaw Soaps! Believe It Or Not, They’re Vegetarian and Cruelty-Free!

We recently discovered a fun vegetarian line that offer products specifically formulated for self-styled outlaws. Though the offerings are a bit subversive, they're all vegetarian and cruelty-free. Many of them are actually vegan! Continue reading [...]

Silver Falls Sustainability Company: Top-Notch, Mostly Vegan Body Care Products With Almost Zero Waste!

If you are as concerned about your carbon footprint as you are about animal welfare, you'll love the Silver Falls Sustainability Company! They utilize as little packaging as possible, and do not use plastic of any kind. Continue reading [...]

Nurture Your Body The Prima Way — With Vegan, Hemp-Based Products!

So many fabulous hemp-based, vegan body care products are hitting the market these days, and we're happy to discover yet another great one -- Prima! These offerings are manufactured using only the finest, sustainably-sourced hemp. Continue reading [...]

Organically Bath And Beauty: Vegan, Organic, Cruelty-Free, and Sensational!

There's nothing quite like an all-vegan, organic line. You can order every item on their website with complete confidence, knowing that everything is manufactured without causing any harm to animals, and without using any part of them whatsoever. Continue reading [...]

Public Goods Offers Vegan, High-Quality, Sustainable, Ultra Affordable Body Care!

Public Goods is a remarkable company. Here's how it works: for $59.00 per year, members gain access to literally hundreds of sustainable products at direct-to-consumer prices, and free shipping on all orders over $45.00. Continue reading [...]

Try LXMI For The Ultimate in Vegan Body Care Luxury

If you're willing to spend extra cash for some serious pampering, you'll love LXMI's luxurious vegan body care products. Their tagline is "ultra clean skincare", and they do their utmost to deliver on that promise. Continue reading [...]

GoPure Beauty: High-Quality Facial Skin Care That is Vegetarian and Affordable

If you're a fan of all-vegan facial care products, like we are, you'll love GoPure! Their goal is simple: "exceptional skin care based on the most potent active ingredients and botanical extracts. Continue reading [...]

You’ll Swoon Over Kindred Black’s Luxurious Vegan Body Care Products

Sometimes, you just have to splurge on some luxury items. Kindred Black understands the urge to pamper yourself, even if you have to spend some extra money to do it. But it's so worth it! This company's products are vegan, cruelty-free, and made with the finest organic ingredients available. Continue reading [...]

Rad Soap Cleanses Your Body With Their Excellent Vegetarian Products!

Rad Soap creates soap for your every mood and need! This dynamic small company is on a mission to cleanse as many parts of your body as possible, with their extensive selection of bar and liquid soaps. In addition, they also offer deodorants, face creams, bath bombs, and other essentials. Continue reading [...]

You Have to Love a Body Care Company With a Name Like Meow Meow Tweet, Especially When Everything is Vegan!

Meow Meow Tweet is a whimsical name for a company that knows what its values are: vegan, cruelty-free products, recyclable or refillable packaging, and high standards of quality. Plus, their offerings are just as cute as their name! Continue reading [...]

Youth to the People: Vegan Skin Care With a Social Mission

Youth to the People cares about the planet and its inhabitants. Not only does this dynamic, socially conscious company manufacture 100% vegan, cruelty-free products, it also utilizes sustainable ingredients and donates a portion of its profits to LGBTQ and anti-racist organizations. Continue reading [...]

Rosebud Woman: Vegan Body Care For Women’s Intimate Needs

Rosebud Woman is a dynamic, but nurturing outfit that realizes women have body care needs that transcend beauty. Specifically, products that speak to our most intimate sexual and sensual desires. Continue reading [...]

Wldkat Offers Vegan Products Made With CBDs For a State-of-the-Art Skincare Experience

The 21st century has brought a host of advances in skincare technology, such as CBDs. CBDs offer an important enhancement to your beauty regimen. Although they derive from the hemp plant, they won't get you high. Wldkat's products utilize broad-spectrum CBDs to nourish your skin and make your entire body glow. Continue reading [...]

Bombd Aesthetics: 100% Vegan Body Care With An Attitude

Sometimes, you are lucky enough to find an all-vegan body care company that offers every product you could possibly need, and then some. Bombd Aesthetics is such an outfit. They offer everything from complexion masks to sugar scrubs, and every item is vegan! Continue reading [...]

Gypsi: Vegetarian Body Care Products For Your Wandering Soul

Sometimes, you want to feel like a gypsy or a goddess. Who can blame you? Certainly not the creator of Gypsi Natural Body Care and Altar Essentials. This one woman-owned company offers everything you need for spiritual and sensual delight, made with fresh, high-quality, cruelty-free, vegetarian ingredients. Continue reading [...]

Australia’s Ipsum Skin Manufactures High-Quality, Vegan Plant Oil Blends For Your Body

Your skin is important, and you deserve the best. The manufacturers of Ipsum Skin feel exactly the same way. This Australia-based company has created an extensive line of skin oils that will moisturize and rejuvenate every area of your body. Continue reading [...]

Are You Looking For Time-Tested, Affordable, Vegan Body Care Products? Try Heritage Store!

We understand how it goes. You want high-quality vegan products, but you can't afford to spend a fortune. You also want to spend your money wisely, on a company that has stood the test of time. Look no further than Heritage Store! Continue reading [...]

Raw Elements is Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free, Organic, and Gentle On Your Body

The first thing that drew us to Raw Elements' excellent line was the company's brown, organic-looking packaging. It's eco-chic without being pretentious, and hints at the natural ingredients to be found inside the containers. Continue reading [...]

Target Now Has An Earth-Friendly Line of Vegan Products, Including Body Care Items

If you shop at Target (and most of us do, at least occasionally) you may have noticed their natural, earth-friendly, plant-based product line. It's called Everspring, and it includes body care products! The Everspring line was founded on Earth Day! Continue reading [...]

Arizona Desert Rain Creates Body Care Products That Are Vegetarian and Made With Love

We recently picked up a container of Arizona Desert Rain's medicinal salve for our dry, chapped skin and have been quite pleased by the positive results. What a great product! Continue reading [...]

Zion Health Offers Healing From the Earth! All-Vegan, Clay-Based Body Care Products!

Zion Health is an all-vegan body care company that enhances its offerings with medicinal clay! A special clay called kanwa (calcium montmorillonite), discovered by founder Haim Zion, forms the base of these products. Continue reading [...]

We’re Delighted By Vita-Myr’s Affordable, Vegetarian Body Care Line! We Think You’ll Be, Too!

We recently discovered Vita-Myr at our local co-op. Now that we've tried their conditioner and perused their website, we can't wait to order one of their value packs of five products. We want to experience as many of their offerings as possible Continue reading [...]

Super Salve Really is Super! It’s Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free and Feels Wonderful on Your Body!

Super Salve recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, and we couldn't be happier. This company is vegetarian (mostly vegan, except for beeswax in a few select products), cruelty-free, and committed to high standards of quality! Continue reading [...]
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TruSkin Creates Vegan Products to Pamper Your Skin

Skin is the largest organ of the body, and it really takes a beating from the elements! You want to care for your skin, but you don't want to coat it with harsh chemicals. Truskin understands your need for quality skincare products. Continue reading [...]

Gabriel Cosmetics Offers the Ultimate in Vegan, Gluten-Free Excellence

With so many excellent vegan cosmetic companies on the market, there is no excuse for animals to suffer for the manufacture of a tube of lipstick or an eyeshadow palette. Fortunately, Gabriel Cosmetics has the same philosophy that we do. Continue reading [...]

Did You Know That Field Day Makes Cruelty-Free, Vegetarian Body Care Products?

If you shop at a co-op or similar natural foods store, you've probably seen Field Day's affordable food and other natural products. They make everything from peanut butter to toilet paper. Continue reading [...]

Upcircle Makes Vegan Body Care Products From Salvaged Natural Ingredients

Normally, we think of apricot pits, coffee grounds, and tea bags as compost, but Upcircle has devised an ingenious method of spinning "waste" products into gold Continue reading [...]

Uncle Harry’s: Vegetarian, Organic Body Care at an Extremely Affordable Price!

We recently discovered a couple of Uncle Harry's offerings at our local co-op, and were wowed by the affordable price. After picking up their fabulous Oral Swish (you can read more about this product later), we researched the company online to see what else they had to offer. Continue reading [...]

Aunt Fannie’s Offers Vegan Wellness From the Outside In

"Wellness from the outside in" is Aunt Fannie's motto, and they strive to live up to it. Aside from their extensive array of vinegar and probiotic cleaning supplies and pest solutions, they offer natural, vegan hand soaps and mosquito repellant. Continue reading [...]

The Magic Ingredient in Olivella’s Vegan Body Care Products? Olive Oil, Of Course!

Olivella takes immense pride in the fact that their olive oil-based products are like a vegan Mediterranean diet for the skin. The ultra purified, virgin olive oil is a highly effective balm for your skin, soaking into your pores and imparting much-needed moisture. Continue reading [...]

Living Blessed Offers Vegan, Organic, Unprocessed Skin Care Products For Your Entire Body

Living Blessed is a vegan skin care company based in Tucson, Arizona. They offer employment to people with cognitive disabilities. These folks both create and package the certified organic, unprocessed products. Continue reading [...]

Nourish Organic Offers Tried and True Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free Excellence

Nourish Organic has stood the test of time. Launched by Sensible Organics in 2012, this vegetarian, cruelty-free company was one of the world's first USDA certified organic skincare collections. Continue reading [...]

Mineral Fusion is NOT Cruelty-Free, Despite its Claims. They use Lanolin and Carmine!

Nothing is more disappointing to us than to discover a promising new line, one that touts itself as cruelty-free and mostly vegan. Then, after doing a bit of internet research, we discover, to our dismay, that several of their products contain carmine and lanolin! Continue reading [...]

You’re Going to Love Essance! Pure Vegan Beauty From a Company That Cares About Your Skin!

Essance is a small, Portland, Oregon-based company that packs a wallop! This company really cares about what it puts into its products. Everything is vegan, cruelty-free, mostly organic, and reasonably priced. Continue reading [...]

What’s Not To Love About Vegan Hemp Seed Body Care?

Hemp Seed Body Care products are luscious, nourishing, and vegan! Yes, every one of their offerings is 100% vegan (and cruelty-free, of course!) You'll be delighted by their high-quality, hemp-infused line. So many items to choose from! It's hard to know where to begin, so we'll list just a few. Continue reading [...]

It’s Easy to be Mindful With Yuni’s Vegan Beauty Care Products

Yuni's motto is "Mindful Beauty For an Active Life", and we couldn't have said it any better. This 100% vegan, cruelty-free outfit really delivers the goods. They offer everything you could possibly desire to pamper every inch of your body. Their elegant line is presented in beautiful containers. You'll want to buy everything you see. Continue reading [...]

Habitat Botanicals: Vegan Body Care Products That Pamper and Soothe

If you love vegan body care products (and most of us do, especially those who are fans of our website), you're probably concerned about the earth, as well. Habitat Botanicals shares your concerns, and they proudly identify as a Zero Waste company. This means that they use minimal packaging, and are constantly striving to eliminate non-biodegradable containers from their repertoire. The owners are presently at work to perfect the only fully compostable bottle in the cosmetics industry, and have a goal of achieving 100% compostable packaging in the near future. Continue reading [...]

Spirit Nest’s Vegetarian Products Are Both Sensual and Magical

If you'd like a bit of witchery and sensuality with your vegetarian body care regimen, you'll love the products that Spirit Nest has to offer. This cruelty-free outfit offers a wide variety of items to enhance your beauty, as well as an assortment of spiritual products like artificial leather handbags embossed with astrological symbols, smudge bundles for your altar, vegan boots, etc. Most of the products are vegan, with the exception of a few that contain honey and/or beeswax. We're delighted by this fun company, and are confident you'll like it, as well. Continue reading [...]

Have Fun and Pamper Yourself With A Girl’s Gotta Spa! Vegan Body Care Products

Girls just want to have fun, and you're no exception to the rule. But if you're reading this, most likely you're also the kind of gal who loves animals and wants to protect them. Guess what? You can do both at the same time! A Girl's Gotta Spa! offers luxurious vegan, cruelty-free products to help you create a spa experience in the comfort of your own home. We don't know about you, but we could certainly go for that, right about now.... Continue reading [...]

Function of Beauty: Individualized Vegan Hair Care For Discerning Customers

We love discovering new vegan, cruelty-free shampoo lines, so we were delighted to find Function of Beauty! Billed as the "world's first custom hair care brand made for you -- and only for you", this outfit is truly unique. Their shampoos and conditioners are personalized for your hair type. Continue reading [...]

Each and Every Vegan Deodorant Helps You Thrive And Smell Great

Smelling and feeling good does not have to come at the expense of animals. Each and Every Deodorant specializes in vegan products that protect you and the earth's inhabitants at the same time. Their mantra is "made with simple and clean ingredients", and we're happy to say this company sticks by their vow. Continue reading [...]

American Provenance: Cruelty-Free, Vegetarian Personal Care Products

American Provenance believes in making the finest products possible, and doesn't think you should harm animals or sacrifice quality to do so. That's why their products are 100 percent cruelty-free, all-vegan except for a few items that contain beeswax (such as their lip and beard balms), and made without nasty ingredients like phthalates, heavy metals, artificial colors, or other artificial ingredients. They pay their employees a fair wage and make everything by hand. The result is a line you'll come back to again and again. Continue reading [...]

Bambu Earth: Elegant Vegan Body Care From a Company With a Social Conscience

Bambu Earth is a body care company with a mission -- to revolutionize the industry with products that are ethically sourced, sustainably harvested, and handcrafted. This outfit believes everyone is inherently beautiful. It is their mission to enhance the beauty that already exists inside each individual. To that end, they manufacture a line of products aimed at all parts of the body, from head to toe. Everything they offer is vegan, except for a couple of items that contain beeswax. Continue reading [...]

You’ll Smell Great With Native’s All-Vegan Body Care Products

So many deodorants are made with harmful products like aluminum, which can clog your pores. Sometimes body care companies add harmful chemicals to stop your body from perspiring, which can do even more harm. Native knows how important it is to smell good, take care of your body, AND protect animals, so they do all three at the same time. Though this company specializes in deodorant, they offer a large assortment of toothpastes and body washes, as well. Customers rave about all of Native's offerings, and it's easy to see why. Continue reading [...]

Shankara Naturals: Elegant Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free Beauty For a Blossomed Consciousness

Shankara's motto is: "Pure Beauty With a Fully Blossomed Consciousness", and they mean every word. Their products are PETA approved, which means zero animal testing. 40 of their 46 products are certified vegan, and the other six are vegetarian (containing milk protein, yogurt, or honey). The company manufactures its line according to ayurvedic principles, using all-natural, biodegradable ingredients. 100 percent of their proceeds fund global non-profit humanitarian projects, implemented by the International Association for Human Values. That's some serious dedication! Continue reading [...]

Ease Your Stress With Smith and Vandiver’s Mostly Vegan Body Care Products

Sometimes, the best cure for stress is to just relax in a hot tub and let your cares melt away into the bathwater. The Smith and Vandiver company realizes this fact, and have concocted a host of bath products that will ease your anxiety and relax your tired muscles at the same time. All of their bath care offerings are vegan, as are most of their other items. Everything is cruelty-free, so you can chill, knowing that your comfort doesn't come at the expense of animals. Continue reading [...]

Twisted Tomboy: Fun and Flirty Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free Beauty Care Products

Natural body care can be fun, and no one knows this better than Twisted Tomboy. This woman-owned company began in 2012, when the founder's daughter insisted that her mother help her sell homemade lip balms and sugar scrubs. The two of them threw themselves into their new project with a passion. Before long, the founder was selling freshly made beauty care products to resorts, boutiques, grocery chains, and many other places. Continue reading [...]

Olivina Men Makes Vegetarian Body Care Products for the Discerning Man

Modern men are exhibiting an increased interest in plant-based body care products, along with a growing social conscience. We applaud this trend! Olivina Men, a vegetarian, cruelty-free company with its finger on the pulse of male grooming needs, has come on strong during the past couple of years. Most of their products are vegan, and all are of extremely high quality. The company claims that their inspiration comes from the tradition of the craft cocktail. We can get behind anything inspired by craft cocktails, and feel certain many guys will agree. Continue reading [...]

Whidbey Island Natural: Wild-Crafted, Vegetarian Beauty Products From a Puget Sound Island

Fresh is best, especially when it comes to beauty care products. Whidbey Island Naturals knows this fact, and they manufacture high-quality offerings with freshness in mind. Their small-batch, all-natural, luxurious soaps and lotions are hand-made on an island in the Pacific Northwest. In 1995, founders David and Kimberley Tiller were inspired by a television program about cold-process soaps. They experienced an "aha" moment, and decided to create their own vegetarian, all-natural, cruelty-free company. Continue reading [...]

Juniper Ridge Makes Vegan, Wild-Crafted Perfumes and Soaps From Native Plants

Juniper Ridge cares about quality. The Oakland-based company makes vegan, wild-crafted perfumes and soaps from real, native-plant sources. They utilize old perfume-making techniques, including distillation, tincturing, and infusion. Their small-batch fragrances are sourced directly on the trails where they originate! You can't get much fresher than that. Juniper Ridge sends employees to places like the Mojave Desert and the Sierra Nevada, in search of the most tantalizing aromas they can find. Continue reading [...]

A La Maison de Provence Makes Natural, Vegan French-Milled Soaps

If you like a bit of affordable indulgence with your vegan beauty care regimen, look no further than A La Maison de Provence! Their soap-making recipe dates back to 1828. Marseille soap masters discovered a method for manufacturing soaps using a slow cooking process that transforms vegetable oils into high quality liquid soaps. The lather is smoother and softer on the skin than traditional products. Amazingly, the same formula is still used, nearly 200 years later. Continue reading [...]

The Right to Shower is a Vegan Soap Line That Fights Homelessness

The Right to Shower is a soap line with a mission to end homelessness. This vegan, cruelty-free soap line donates 100 percent of its profits to human rights organization Lava Mae, which provides hygiene stations to 550,000 people across the United States who are living without homes. Their products are made with natural cleansers, recycled packaging, and organic ingredients. The bar soaps and liquid body washes come in four varieties: Dignity, Hope, Joy, and Strength. They smell great and feel wonderful on your body. Continue reading [...]

Thrive’s Vegan Causemetic Beauty Products Nurture Your Body and Support Women want to purchase products from a vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics line, and you also care about such issues as female homelessness, domestic abuse, and cancer. Thrive feels the same way, so they donate a significant portion of their profits, as well as products, to causes that address these pressing issues. They work with non-profits across the US, matching every customer's purchase with either money or products. Thrive believes in women's empowerment, and they really walk their talk. Continue reading [...]

Cascadia Soapery Makes Vegan Body Care Products for Hotels. Also Available at Select Online Outlets!

We enjoy staying at hotels, but are often underwhelmed by the various toiletry selections. However, on a recent excursion to a Red Lion Inn in Portland, Oregon, we were delighted to discover an assortment of vegan body care products inside our room. These offerings were made available by Cascadia Soapery, a vegan body care line based in the Pacific Northwest's Cascade mountain region. We've tried all of their products, and love them. Continue reading [...]

Earthly Body: An All-Vegan Body Care Company That Gives Back to the Community

Earthly Body is on a mission to heal the earth. This socially conscious, vegan company specializes in hemp products, but there is so much more to them than that! Founders and philanthropists Kevin and Mare Wachs created the Get Together Foundation, a volunteer-run non-profit organization that gives 100 percent of their donations back into the community. They have hosted many benefits for such causes as Widows, Orphans, and Disabled Firemen’s Fund, Acres4life, Spark of Love, and Intracranial Hypertension Research Foundation, Ahead With Horses, Music To Heal, Paw Parent, Reach-ability Foundation, Rock The Classroom, U.C.A.A.N., and Youth Sports Leagues. This company really walks their talk. Continue reading [...]

Nature Inspired Botanics Nurtures Every Part of Your Body With Their (Mostly) Vegan Products

We recently discovered Nature Inspired Botanics at our local supermarket, and were thrilled to discover that their affordable body care products are cruelty-free and mostly vegan! A few of them contain beeswax, but their vegan items are clearly labeled. This UK-based line is available in stores across the US, as well as through mail order. Their offerings are formulated with plant extracts, as well as natural, organic ingredients. The company has existed since 1995, creating products to suit their customers' every whim and need. Continue reading [...]

Shea Moisture: Natural, Vegetarian Hair and Body Products Since 1912

Shea Moisture has stood the test of time. This vegetarian, cruelty-free hair and body care company has existed since 1912. Their extensive product line was specifically formulated to suit the needs of the African-American community, but can be used by anyone, with stellar results. We're delighted by Shea Moisture's large volume of offerings, as well as their super-reasonable prices. Most of the products utilize the healing power of shea butter, which both moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Shea butter smells fantastic, and its aroma will linger pleasantly for hours after you use it. Continue reading [...]

Purezero: Vegan Hair Care Products on a Budget

Vegan hair care products have been coming on strong during the past few years. Some of the lines are quite spendy, while others are more affordable to folks on a budget. Purezero is one such company, offering an impressive variety of inexpensive products for your beautiful tresses. These offerings won't break the bank, but you'll be impressed by their quality and efficiency. Continue reading [...]

Men Love Bulldog’s Vegan Body Care Products, Made Specifically For Their Unique Needs

Many body care products seem to be targeted towards women, with the assumption that only females care about their bodies and appearances. Of course, this isn't true -- men are also concerned about their health and well-being. Bulldog Skin Care has created a sensational line of vegan, cruelty-free offerings that serve unique male needs. This includes beard, shaving, and aftershave products, as well as an assortment of facial scrubs, deodorants, hand creams, etc. Continue reading [...]

Earth Mama: Vegetarian Body Care Targeted Towards Children and New Mothers!

If you're pregnant or a new mother, you're most likely extra-sensitive about what you put in -- and on -- your body, as well as your baby's. Earth Mama is a vegetarian, cruelty-free company that understands your concerns. Most of the offerings are vegan, except for a few that contain ethically sourced beeswax. Founder Melinda Olson is a mom herself, as well as a nurse, gardener, and avid herbalist. She has manufactured herbal tinctures, soaps, teas, and salves since 2001, expanding from her garage to a full-sized facility in Clackamas, Oregon. Melinda firmly believes that "nature is our pharmacy" and has the products to back up her hypothesis. Continue reading [...]

Your Beauty and Spirit Combines Beauty and Spirituality in Their Vegan Body Care Products

According to many philosophies, body and spirit are inextricably linked. Your Body and Spirit is a small, woman-owned company based in western Washington. It was founded by Laini McNeal-James, an empathic reader and practitioner. Laini, a 5th generation psychic, reiki master and professional makeup artist, has always had a passion for helping people realize their innate beauty so they can allow it to radiate into the world. She has worked with such clients as Starbucks, Wyclef Jean, Ford Motors, and Citigroup. Continue reading [...]

The Shea Shack — Earthy, Sensual Vegetarian (Mostly Vegan) Products for Everyday Use

We were happy to discover the Shea Shack online recently. This company is truly special. It's small and personal, owned by a woman named Kathy Smith. All of her offerings are vegetarian, cruelty-free, fresh, and of extremely high quality. She uses beeswax and goat's milk in a few of her products, but most of them are vegan. Kathy knows that what you put on and in your body is a reflection (and an integral part) of who you are. She brings joy and vitality to the manufacture of her products, infusing them with positive energy. Continue reading [...]

Nourish Organics Offers 100% Organic Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free Body Care For Your Nourished Life

Nourish Organics has a catchy tagline: "Live your nourished life." But there's nothing gimmicky about this 100% percent organic, vegetarian body care company. None of the products are ever tested on animals, and many of the items are vegan (with the exception of a few that contain beeswax or yogurt). You'll love both the quality and the prices! Continue reading [...]

We Love Lush (Mostly Vegan and Vegetarian) Body Care Products, and Wish They’d Ditch the Lanolin!

You may have encountered Lush's products at your local shopping mall. The fresh, sweet aroma tempts you to enter the shop, and friendly sales staff members help you to find items you like. Prices are reasonable, and the selection is awesome. 80 percent of the line is vegan. Everything is cruelty-free and vegetarian. Except for twelve items, which contain lanolin, such as their Curly Wurly Shampoo and Hair Custard Hair Dressing. Continue reading [...]

Seed Phytonutrients: Sustainable Vegan, Gluten-Free Hair and Skin Care

One of the best things about writing for our website is the chance to discover small companies that commit to sustainability. Such enterprises devote themselves to living harmoniously with the earth and its inhabitants. This includes the manufacture of plant-based products, biodegradable packaging, and donating to worthy causes. Seed is one such company. Their shower-friendly paper bottles are made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper with a post-consumer recycled plastic liner. This results in 60% less plastic than a traditional bottle. Impressive! They're also 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free. Continue reading [...]

The Broo Company Manufactures Vegan Body Care Products With Craft Beer!

You've probably drunk a cold brew or two during the course of your life, but have you ever thought about applying beer to the outside of your body? Recently, we were thrilled to discover a vegan body care line that utilizes freshly brewed craft beer as a main ingredient. The magic additive is barley -- jampacked with B vitamins, proteins, and minerals that are great for your skin and hair. We recently discovered Broo shampoo at one of our local supermarkets and couldn't wait to get home to try it! We were not disappointed. This company is a great find! Continue reading [...]

Love, Beauty, and Planet Makes Fun Vegan Products You’ll Love!

You may have seen Love, Beauty, and Planet's products at your local Target, Fred Meyer, or other large store. However, you most likely didn't realize that all of their offerings are vegan! Yes, this inexpensive, readily available body care line utilizes no animal products whatsoever. Just naturally derived formulas, made with love. We can get behind that! Continue reading [...]

JR Watkins Vegetarian Body Care Products: Going Strong for 150 Years!

JR Watkins has been around for a long time. So long, in fact, that the company has spanned three different centuries! Since 1868, this vegetarian, cruelty-free outfit has remained true to its mission -- manufacturing the purest offerings possible at a very reasonable cost to consumers. You can find their products online, as well as many of your favorite grocery stores. They're ubiquitous! Continue reading [...]

You’ll Love Aura Cacia’s Vegan Essential Oils and Other Body Care Products!

Essential oils are a versatile addition to your health and beauty regimen. You can put strategic dabs of oil on your body, place them in a diffuser, or add them to your bathwater. When it comes to manufacturing high-quality, vegan essential oils, Aura Cacia is one of the leaders. This time-tested, ethical company offers a variety of other body care products, as well. You'll want to give all of them a try. Continue reading [...]

Seaweed Bath Company: Vegan, Ocean-Inspired Personal Care for the Discerning Customer

In case you were wondering, seaweed is vegan. It's a plant, but it grows in the sea instead of the land. Due to its high mineral content, seaweed is a superb base for Seaweed Bath Company's line of body care products. The company's motto is "Ocean Inspired Personal Care" and it takes its mission seriously. You won't find any animal ingredients in these detoxifying, hydrating offerings! You will find hand-harvested, organic Maine seaweed, and a host of other pure, plant-based ingredients. Continue reading [...]

We Bet You Didn’t Know That Seventh Generation Manufactures Vegan Body Care Products!

You've probably purchased Seventh Generation's toilet paper, detergent, or household cleaners. Still, you most likely don't realize that they also manufacture a small line of organic, vegan body care products. We were surprised, as well! Products are cruelty-free, natural, and made without animal ingredients. This 30-year-old company is on a mission to be a steward of the earth. They're certified by the Rainforest Alliance and a leader in the Come Clean Fight for Ingredient Disclosure. You can bet they're extremely scrupulous about their own ingredients. Continue reading [...]

Oregon Soap Company Plants Trees Every Time You Buy Their Vegan Products!

We love trees even more than we love soap, so we were delighted to discover Oregon Soap Company. For every ten bars or five gallons of liquid soap sold, this socially conscious company plants a tree or other native plant in the Portland metro area. Since their inception in 1993, OSC has planted more than 340,000 trees. That's impressive! When you use their products, you can feel especially good, knowing that you're helping to sustain an important natural resource. Continue reading [...]

Magnolia Soap and Bath Company: This High-Quality, Plant-Based Body Care Line Will Delight You!

If you're searching for a 100% plant-based body care line with no preservatives, look no further than Magnolia Soap and Bath Company! This small but mighty Mississippi-based company really delivers the goods. You'll go wild for their sensual soaps, luscious lotions and bath salts, and must-have accessories. Everything is vegan, cruelty-free, and lovely to look at. The aesthetic appeal of these products is beyond compare. They put a lot of care into each one. Continue reading [...]

Grandpa Soap Company: 130 Years of Vegetarian, Organic, Cruelty-Free Body Care

Since 1878, Grandpa Soap Company has been manufacturing soap and other body care products to the highest standards. They're vegetarian, organic, and cruelty-free. Many vegan options are available, and everything is clearly labeled. The many offerings smell delightful, and you can use them with confidence, knowing that you're supporting a company with a long history of integrity. Continue reading [...]

Nurture Your Body With the Nubian Heritage Vegan Body Care Line!

Nubian Heritage got its start in 1992 as a street vendor on the streets of Harlem. Co-founders Richelieu Dennis, Nyema Tubman and Mary Dennis share a passion for manufacturing healing products in the African tradition. Primary ingredients include shea butter and African black soap. Nearly 30 years after its inception, the company remains true to its cultural heritage. Their passion for indigenous ingredients and traditional healing practices is apparent in every product. Continue reading [...]

Herban Cowboy Offers Vegan Body Care Products For Men. Women Love Them, Too!

Many body care products are targeted towards women, so it's easy to forget that men care about what they put in their skin and hair, as well. If you're a guy who desires a high-quality, vegan cleanliness regimen, check out the Herban Cowboy line. Their PETA-certified offerings are chock-full of good mojo. They do not contain aluminum, parabens, phthalates, or any animal ingredients whatsoever. They smell great -- earthy, masculine, yet wholesome. Of course, women are always welcome to use them, as well. Herban Cowboy even offers a selection of perfumes targeted towards female customers. Continue reading [...]

California Pure Naturals: Vegan Beauty Care at a Price You’ll Love

If you're looking for pure, plant-based beauty care products at an affordable cost, do yourself a favor and check out California Pure Naturals. You'll love the wide range of mostly organic, all-vegan, gluten-free offerings. The company never uses synthetic preservatives, parabens, phthalates, artificial dyes, artificial fragrances, sulfates, or PEGs. Based in (you guessed it!) California, CPN uses locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. Continue reading [...]

Biovelle Offers Organic, Vegan Hemp CBD-Infused Healing Products

If you're searching for a CBD-enhanced wellness product without the distracting high of THC, look no further than Biovelle! You might wonder what CBDs are, and why they're so special. We're happy to explain. "CBD" stands for "cannabidiol", a substance derived from the hemp plant. It's jam-packed with antioxidants and neuroprotectants that reduce inflammation and promote calm and healing. However, there are no psychoactive effects, so you can still function normally. Continue reading [...]

Get Wild With Primal Elements — Luxury Vegan Body Care Products With a Kick!

If you like a bit of fun with your health and beauty regimen, be sure to check out Primal Elements! This company, based in Huntington Beach, serves up excellent body care products with fun names and colorful labels. Everything they offer is vegan, handmade, and gluten-free. They are a certified sustainable business, and were recently awarded a Environmental Steward commendation from the mayor of Huntington Beach. Continue reading [...]

Trilogy Offers Natural, Vegetarian Skin Care Products With Many Vegan Options

Trilogy is a vegetarian skin care line, designed to pamper the most visible part of your body. Its magic ingredient is rosehip oil, chosen for its sweet-smelling, nourishing properties. This magical oil can moisturize even the driest skin, and you'll love the way it feels on your body. The company offers a variety of products, including moisturizers, facial serums, moisturizers, and lip balms. All offerings are vegetarian, and many are vegan. Trilogy does use manuka honey and beeswax in a few products, so be sure to check labels. Continue reading [...]

Hand in Hand: Pure Vegan Soap Products Without Palm Oil!

Hand in Hand is a company that believes in giving as much as it believes in manufacturing pure, vegan soap. Since 2011, they have donated over a million bars of soap to Haiti, and have built or repaired four wells that supply thousands of Haitian citizens with clean water. For every product purchased, one bar of soap and one month of clean water is donated to a child in need. Hand in Hand utilizes recyclable packaging and all-natural, vegan ingredients. They never use palm oil in any of their products Continue reading [...]

You’ll Love Dr. Woods’ Vegetarian, Natural Body Care Products, Designed For Your Every Need

Dr. Woods' motto is "All Things Good", and they deliver on their promise in a number of ways. This vegetarian company never uses animal-tested ingredients in their products. Instead, they support family farms with caring business practices, and give back to the community by supporting such organizations as the Double H ranch, which offers free camp getaways for young people living with chronic illness. The company takes pride in their offerings, which offer both exceptional quality and incredible value. All of them are vegan, with the exception of their English Rose Skin Lightening Bar, which contains milk. Continue reading [...]

Nature Box: Affordable Drugstore and Supermarket Vegan Products that Pamper Your Entire Body!

Recently, at a trip to our local supermarket, we were thrilled to discover a line of vegan body care products that are so affordable we couldn't believe that they're a. vegan and b. so easy to find. A quick Google search on our cell phone confirmed it: Nature Box is 100% plant-based and cruelty-free! The products are readily available at many large, brick-and-mortar stores. If your local market doesn't carry Nature Box items, feel free to ask them! Continue reading [...]

Beauty Without Cruelty: Vegan Aromatherapy For Over 50 Years!

Beauty Without Cruelty has serious staying power. This vegan, cruelty-free company began in the UK, and has existed for over 50 years! BWC has been US-based since 1989. Founded in 1963 by the trustees of the BWC charitable trust (an animal welfare organization), the company manufactures a huge variety of body care and cosmetic products, from shampoo to lip gloss. It's certified by the Vegan Society, so vegans can use every item with confidence. Vegetarians will love this outfit, as well! Continue reading [...]

You’ll Love the Wide Variety of Now’s Vegan Body Care Products

You've seen NOW's vitamins on the shelves of your favorite co-op or health food store, but did you know that the company also manufactures all-vegan body care products? This versatile outfit has everything your heart desires! They've been around since 1988, creating a wellness-oriented line that includes essential oils, children's health aids, natural foods, and everything you could possibly want for your body. All offerings are vegan, organic, and cruelty-free. You'll be delighted by their excellence and affordability. Continue reading [...]

Crimson Sage Apothecary Creates Vegan Products With a Spiritual Component

Most of the time, we use body care products without thinking much about their spiritual aspects. Crimson Sage Apothecary sees body and spirit as inseparable, and merges the two components in all of their luxurious, high-quality, vegan items. This company, based in the northern desert of Arizona, has a deep commitment to enhancing the magical qualities of their all-natural ingredients. Crimson Sage seeks to inspire healing through ritualistic practices. They offer a variety of tools for this purpose, including a line of excellent, hand-crafted body care products. Continue reading [...]

Chandrika — Vegan Body Care Products Made in Accordance With Ayurvedic Principles

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that means "knowledge" or "science of life." The concept originated in India, 5,000 years ago, and has endured ever since. Spiritual masters believed that all living things were based on living energies, and they sought a system of balancing these energies. Ayurvedic theory has endured, and influenced many other systems of medicine, including Greek and Chinese. Modern-day ayurvedic medicine has remained true to its roots, working with herbs, diet, massage, and lifestyle adjustments to create the best outcomes for patients. Continue reading [...]

Tula Skincare — A Cruelty-Free, Vegetarian Company With Plenty of Vegan Options!

You're going to love Tula Skincare products. They're vegetarian, cruelty-free, and manufactured to impeccable standards. Many vegan options are available. These high-quality products are manufactured without the use of parabens, phthalates, triclosan, or other toxic ingredients. They use probiotic technology in many of their products, to help promote healthy balance to the composition of your skin. You'll appreciate their attractive, chic packaging and wide variety of offerings. Continue reading [...]

Mrs. Meyer’s Isn’t Just For Laundry and Dishes — They Make Vegan Body Care Products, Too!

You've probably washed your dishes with Mrs. Meyer's dish soap, or your clothes with their detergent. However, you probably didn't realize this vegan, cruelty-free company also manufactures body care products! Their body care line isn't limited to hand soap, either. The company concocts lotions, body washes, bar soaps, body scrubs, and a host of other natural items. You'll be delighted by the sweet scent, affordability, attractive packaging (made from sustainable materials), and many other facets of these delightful offerings. Continue reading [...]

Island Thyme: Vegetarian, Organic Products From an Island in Puget Sound

The best products come directly from nature, and Island Thyme offers some of the freshest ingredients you can find. This company has existed since 1996, manufacturing soaps, creams, healing oils, and other divine offerings. Their farm and apothecary studio is located in the San Juan Islands in Washington state. This natural, bucolic setting provides the perfect backdrop for Island Thyme's tireless efforts to provide a high-quality, organic, vegetarian line. Continue reading [...]

Griffin Remedy: Vegan Body Care Products That Soothe and Satisfy

We recently discovered the Griffin Remedy line while shopping at our local co-op. We were drawn to this organic body care company because it's vegan (and cruelty-free, of course!), affordable, and smells great! Want a foaming hand soap? They've got it. Bubble bath in a honey bear container? Check. Shampoo and conditioner? Absolutely! These high-quality products are available at a fraction of what you might expect. Continue reading [...]

Bliss Body Care Offers Affordable Vegetarian Excellence

Bliss is now 100% cruelty-free! You've most likely seen this popular, vegetarian company's products in your favorite stores, including Urban Outfitters and Target. They have recently earned the Leaping Bunny seal of approval, which means that none of their ingredients are tested on animals. Though Bliss not a vegan line (mostly due to their inclusion of beeswax), they offer an extensive selection of vegan items. Continue reading [...]

Spread the Love With Booda Organics Vegan Body Care Products

Recently, we were delighted to discover the affordable vegan excellence of Booda Organics. The products are as fun as they are luxurious! Their labels feature a colorful Buddha character, spreading his arms wide in a welcoming manner. Who can resist? The company is heavily influenced by yogic principles, so it chooses only ingredients that are "organic, non-GMO, raw, vegan, whole and high vibration." They're free from fillers, fragrances, artificial chemicals, preservatives, additives, parabens, alcohol, petroleum, and emulsifiers. Continue reading [...]

Little Barn Apothecary — Luxury Vegan Products That Will Pamper Every Inch of Your Body

Sometimes a product line comes along that is so delightfully luxurious that you want to buy everything you see. Little Barn Apothecary is the answer to a vegan body care aficionado's dreams --not only are all of their offerings made without the use of animal ingredients, but they're all-natural as well. This means that each product is hand-crafted in small batches, and no synthetic fillers are ever used. Every botanical ingredient is selected by hand. Continue reading [...]

Founded in 1851, Kiehl’s is a Tried and True Vegetarian Body Care Line

Kiehl's has been in existence since the mid-19th century, and their products just keep getting better! This all-vegetarian, cruelty-free company has several things going for it. They use naturally derived ingredients, recycled materials, and sustainably sourced ingredients. Kiehl's also donates generously to charitable causes such as environmental awareness, breast cancer research, hunger relief, and HIV/AIDS research. Continue reading [...]

Kirk’s — Your Great-Grandmother Loved This Vegan, All-Natural Product, And You Will Too!

You've seen Kirk's soap bars in grocery stores since you were a small child, as so has your mother, and your grandmother. The venerable company has been around since 1839, manufacturing coconut castile soaps made from pure, vegan, all-natural ingredients. Founded by James Kirk, sold to Procter and Gamble in 1929, Kirk's became a family operation again during the early 2000s. Over the years, the company has expanded its repertoire to include liquid hand and body wash products. Continue reading [...]

One With Nature Manufactures High-Quality Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free Body Care Products

One With Nature is an all-vegetarian company with an eye for quality. The products are manufactured with organic ingredients, and they feel great on your body. Many of the products are vegan, though the company does include a soap line that utilizes camel's milk as a primary ingredient. However, these items are clearly marked and responsibly sourced. One With Nature carries the Leaping Bunny seal of approval. Continue reading [...]

Trader Joe’s — Your Go-To Store for Inexpensive, Vegan Body Care Products

If you're a vegan on a budget, looking for high-quality products to pamper your body, you'll be delighted by Trader Joe's extensive selection. You've probably shopped at their stores many times, availing yourself of their array of vegan and vegetarian food items, but you may not realize that TJ's has you covered from head to toe, as well. We were delighted to discover that they are jam=packed with vegan, cruelty-free body care products, as well. Continue reading [...]

Nurture Your Entire Body with Cocokind’s Cruelty-Free Products!

If you're looking for an extensive line of mostly vegan (except for beeswax), cruelty-free skin care products at a reasonable price, you need to check out Cocokind! Their stated goal is "clean and conscious beauty for all." They do an admirable job of achieving this objective. The San Francisco-based line offers a wide range of products to pamper your skin, and you'll be tempted to try them all. Continue reading [...]

Renpure is a Vegan Drugstore and Department Store Line That Will Cleanse Your Body But Not Clean Out Your Wallet!

Renpure believes in plant-based beauty, and they offer an extensive line of all-vegan, cruelty-free products to enhance your loveliness! These offerings are manufactured without the use of gluten, dyes, propylene glycol, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or formaldehyde. Instead, they're comprised of such ingredients as tea tree oil, coconut, mint, argan oil, and shea butter. We guarantee you'll be in heaven when you slather your body with these wholesome ingredients! Continue reading [...]

You’ll Love Finchberry Soap Products — They’re Vegan, Colorful and Delightfully Decadent!

Finchberry soap looks good enough to eat! But don't give in to temptation -- these luxurious products, though non-toxic, are not for ingesting. However, you can feel free to use them anywhere else you please, on the exterior of your body. The offerings are vegan, artisanal, preservative-free, and made in the USA (south Florida, to be exact). Continue reading [...]

Skyn Iceland: Exotic Vegan Products Made From Mineral Rich Waters

Iceland has been on a lot of peoples' minds lately. It's an exotic, beautiful place, renowned for its dedication to the environment. This country is synonymous with clean air and fresh water, as well as amazing flora and fauna. Skyn Iceland utilizes the finest ingredients available -- berries rich in antioxidants, soothing algaes and mosses, and many others. All ingredients are vegan and of extremely high quality. Continue reading [...]

Moon Valley Organics Creates Honey-Based Products and Gives Back to Bees

Moon Valley Organics is a honey-based line, and they truly care about the bees who make it all possible. This vegetarian company offers luxurious, sweet-smelling products that feel like a luxurious balm for your body. You can fully enjoy this luxury, knowing that Moon Valley donates ten percent of the net profits from their lip balms to organizations that work hard to promote pollinator health through conservation, legislation and research. Each year, this company chooses a different Bee Cause to support. It goes without saying that Moon Valley harvests its honey and beeswax with the utmost respect for the bees. None of their ingredients are ever tested on animals. Continue reading [...]

Schmidt’s: All-Vegan, Cruelty-Free Cleanliness For an Affordable Price

If you're searching for plant-powered personal care products at an affordable price, you need look no further than Schmidt's! This vegan, cruelty-free company has come on strong during the past few years, due to their unbeatable combination of affordability and quality. They never use products from suppliers who tested on animals, and they commit to using formulas that utilize organic ingredients. Continue reading [...]

Herbivore Botanicals: Luxury Vegan Beauty Without Cruelty

If you enjoy a bit of high-end pampering with your beauty care regimen, you will go wild for Herbivore Botanicals. These luxurious products are a tad spendy, but they are worth every penny. The company preaches the gospel of self-love, and they're not kidding. They also love animals, as their entire line is vegan and cruelty-free. Herbivore's line will send you into a state of Nirvana. Continue reading [...]

Live Clean: Economical Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free Products for Your Entire Body

f you like vegetarian, cruelty-free products (and who reading this blog doesn't, right?) you'll love Live Clean's line! The company is relatively new, since it was founded in 2007. These gentle, effective products are free from parabens, SLS, and harmful chemicals. They're economical and ubiquitous, and can be found in many supermarkets. Continue reading [...]

Jason: Trusted Cruelty-Free, Vegetarian Body Care Products Since 1959

Jason turns 60 this year! There's a reason for the company's endurance -- they make a huge variety of luxurious, vegetarian body care products with high-quality ingredients that are never tested on animals. The word "Jason" means "healer" in Greek. The company's founders, disenchanted with the chemical-laden products manufactured by larger companies, set out to create offerings that would nourish the body. Their line is free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and artificial colors. Most of the products are vegan, with the exception of beeswax which they source in a manner that does not impact the welfare of the bees. Continue reading [...]

Lemon Buzzz is Kind to Bees and Your Body

Small, family-owned body care companies have come on strong during the past few years, and for good reason. Their products are fresh and aesthetically appealing. The companies are often more responsive to customers' needs than larger companies are capable of being. We recently discovered Lemon Buzzz Soap, a Pacific Northwest-based company that handcrafts its products in small batches. Continue reading [...]

Himalaya Botanique Has You Covered From Vitamins to Toothpaste to Body Balm

Himalaya Botanique is one of those rare companies that is devoted to your entire being. They believe that wellness comes from within, so they start there, and radiate outward to the rest of your body. The company has been in existence since 1930, manufacturing vitamins, herbal supplements, toothpaste, body balms, facial washes, and just about everything else you need to have radian health. Continue reading [...]

Four Great Holiday Gifts for the Vegan Body Care Enthusiast

If someone on your holiday gift list is an aficionado of vegan body care products, you’ll want to purchase the purest offerings you can afford. Fortunately, the popularity of natural, cruelty-free body care lines has led to a dramatic increase in high-quality products. Here is a handy list of four gift ideas for your discerning friend or family member. You can thank us later.
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Sukin Manufactures 100% Vegan, Cruelty-Free Products For Your Every Whim and Need

Sukin is a company that has built its reputation upon quality. This Australian-based outfit is a winner on every level. Every single one of their products is vegan. They don't use beeswax or lanolin, and don't sell to brick-and-mortar stores in China. Chinese law requires animal testing for every body care product sold in their physical locations, but this law does not apply to online sales. Continue reading [...]

Sibu—A Luxury Vegetarian Beauty Line For Your Entire Body

Sometimes a product line comes along that is so luxurious, you want to buy everything on their website. Sibu is one such company. All of their products are vegan, with the sole exception of their healing balm stick, which contains beeswax. The founders, Bruce and Jean McMullin, traveled extensively in India and discovered the sea buckthorn berry, otherwise known as the “Holy Fruit of the Himalayas.” The plant grows wild at 12,000 ft elevations, due to the rich soil and low oxygen levels. Its bright-orange berries captivated the founders, due to the berries' medicinal properties and ability to address a host of conditions/ailments.
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Soapgirl Soaps: Wash Your Worries Away With Artisanal Vegetarian Body Care Products

Handmade products have a certain quality about them that is irresistible -- fresh, organic, fragrant, and sensual. Soapgirl Soaps look almost good enough to eat. This vegetarian company uses locally sourced ingredients that are never tested on animals. Many of the products are vegan, but goat's milk and honey are used in a few of the soaps, so be sure to check labels if you're following a vegan lifestyle.

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Derma-e Is An All-Vegan Company, Designed to Pamper Every Inch of Your Body

All-vegan body care lines have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and we're delighted by this trend. It's no longer necessary to get your cruelty-free shampoo, lotion, and conditioner from the bulk jug at your local co-op. You can purchase high-quality products from a variety of companies, and their numbers are growing larger every day. Continue reading [...]

Soprano Labs Offers Handmade Vegan Luxury For Your Entire Body

Every now and then, a line comes along which offers luxurious products that smell so fresh, you'd swear they were made yesterday by a local outlet. Soprano Labs is one such company. Based in New York City, Soprano Labs is a two-person operation, run by Inna Los and her husband Vlad. Its plethora of offerings is 100 percent vegan, gluten-free, and free from phthalates, parabens, mineral oils, and petroleum. Products are lovingly made in small batches, and none of the ingredients are ever tested on animals. Continue reading [...]

Avalon Organics Offers Quality Vegetarian Body Care Products at a Reasonable Cost

If you shop at a health food store or co-op, you've noticed Avalon's products on the shelves. They're colorful and ubiquitous, packaged inside alluring bottles of various shapes and sizes. However, you may not realize that Avalon is a vegetarian, cruelty-free company. In fact, most of their products are vegan, with the exception of their four lip balms. They contain beeswax that is obtained with minimal disruption to beehives. The company is proud of the fact that their products do not contain any products that have been cruelly obtained. Continue reading [...]

Five Body Care Companies You Might Not Realize Are 100% Vegan

You may have seen these companies’ products on your shelves for years, or they might be completely new to you. Either way, our small list of 100% vegan body care lines is sure to impress. You can purchase items from any of these companies, knowing that you’re helping to support ethical treatment of animals. Many ingredients are organic, some are locally sourced, and several of the companies give back generously to their communities.
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WBC Soap Company is a Small Operation With Stellar Vegetarian Bath Products

WBC's motto is "Get Dirty, We've Got the Soap!" and they aren't lying. This one-woman, Idaho-based operation manufactures nearly two dozen types of soap, as well as lotion, body butter, an impressive array of bath bombs, and an exclusive men's line. It's a vegetarian, cruelty-free company that delivers the goods on a number of levels. If you're in need of some soaking luxury, WBC has you covered. Continue reading [...]

Pura d’Or: Elegant Vegan Hair Care Products For Luxurious Hair

Let's face it -- you love to splurge sometimes, and you're worth it. And what part of your body is more splurge-worthy than your hair? Fortunately, splurging doesn't have to come at the cost of animals. Pura d'Or manufactures products that are vegan, gluten-free, and manufactured without the use of sodium lauryl sulfate, mineral oils, chlorine, parabens, or artificial colorings. In fact, almost all of the ingredients in these concoctions is derived from nature. Continue reading [...]

Shikai: Luxurious Vegan Body Care Products For All Your Needs

Do you appreciate companies that have a proven record of excellence? Shikai is closing in on its sixth decade of operation, and the company shows no sign of slowing down. This Sonoma County, California-based company manufactures body care products that utilize vegan, mostly organic ingredients. While exploring ayurvedic ingredients for his new line, founder Dennis Sepp, discovered the beneficial effects of shikakai flower. The traditional Indian herb is often used for cleansing hair, so Sepp decided to use it as a base in his shampoos. Continue reading [...]

Aveda: Always Vegan Body Care Products, Now 100% Free From Animal Testing

You've undoubtedly seen Aveda's bottles at your favorite salon, and most likely have coveted a few of their products from the comfort of your stylist's chair. However, it's so much easier to order directly from the company's website, and you won't have to wait until the next time you have a hair appointment. Aveda's products are 100% vegan, and they recently stopped using ingredients from countries (such as China) that require animal testing. Continue reading [...]

SoapBox Soaps is a Vegan, Cruelty-Free Hair and Skin Care Company With a Global Mission

If you're looking for a body care company that is vegan, cruelty-free and dedicated to the stewardship of each individual on our planet, you don't need to search any further than SoapBox Soaps. These folks are passionate about product quality and determined to give back generously to the global community. Every time you buy a product from SoapBox, the company gives a bar of soap to somebody in need. This includes people in homeless shelters, folks in underdeveloped countries, etc. As of this writing, in September, 2018, Soapbox has donated nearly three million bars. Continue reading [...]

Epic Suds: Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free Body Care From a Small, Family-Owned Company

Epic Suds proves that high-quality body care products don't have to come from corporations. In fact, the freshest offerings can come from family-owned companies. If you like to support small businesses, Epic Suds delivers the goods. The founder, Traci, began the company with a personal mission: to discover ways to help her son with his ADHD. She wanted to avoid pharmaceuticals, which often have unpleasant side effects. Traci hit the jackpot with lavender essential oil, and continued innovating from there. Using lavender oil as a base, she began to craft a line of soaps, aimed at folks who want natural, vegetarian products. Continue reading [...]

Andalou: Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free Hair and Skin Care Products, Manufactured With Quality in Mind

Andalou is your go-to company for just about everything -- shampoos, conditioners, facial masks and moisturizers, deodorants, and much more. It was founded by the same people who created Beauty Without Cruelty in 1989,(the US's first certified cruelty-free product line), Avalon Organics (the US's first certified organic personal care line) in 1999, and a host of other companies. Andalou Naturals is the nation's first Non-GMO product verified beauty brand. Continue reading [...]

Tom’s of Maine: A Cruelty-Free, Vegetarian Company With Nearly 50 Years of Experience

Tom's of Maine will turn 50 in 2020. You've undoubtedly seen their ubiquitous products on the shelves of your local supermarket, perhaps for many years. You may have purchased a tube of their toothpaste, or several. Lots of people have enjoyed Tom's products, without knowing that they have always been vegetarian, cruelty-free, and manufactured without the use of artificial colors, flavors, fragrance, or preservatives. Though the company was acquired by Colgate/Palmolive in 2006, it remains true to its organic roots. Continue reading [...]

What Cruelty-Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan Mean in Makeup, Beauty, and Skin Care Products

Frequently, folks feel baffled by the terms “vegan”, “vegetarian”, and “cruelty-free.” Many people use the words interchangeably, not really understanding the designations. The term “cruelty-free” is even more confusing. Is taking milk from a cow cruel? How about honey from a beehive?
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Giovanni: A Chic, Cruelty-Free Hair Care Line

If you're the sort of person who likes a hint of luxury with your hair care regimen, Giovanni's products are sure to delight. You've probably seen their intriguing, wedge-shaped shampoo and conditioner bottles at your local supermarket. However, the colorful, exciting website,, offers a much larger selection of goodies that is guaranteed to make you feel like a goddess. Their 2Chic line provides dozens of luxurious offerings for every hair type imaginable. Their Eco Chic line is perfect for everyday use. Both lines are surprisingly affordable. Continue reading [...]

Alaffia: Fair-Trade, Vegetarian Hair and Body Care Products, Not Tested on Animals

Alaffia is a great choice for folks who want economy, ethnic diversity, and positive social change to be part of their body care regimen. The company's products utilize all-vegetarian ingredients, and do not test on animals. In addition, their commitment to social justice is unparalleled in the beauty care industry. Continue reading [...]

Nature’s Gate: Premium Vegan Body Care at an Incredibly Low Cost

Holistic self-care shouldn't cost a fortune. If you're looking for high-quality, economical vegan body care products, Nature's Gate delivers the goods. The company manufactures a wide array of personal care items, running the gamut from hand soap to toothpaste. Continue reading [...]

Desert Essence: Economical Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free Goodness

Often, folks shy away from purchasing organic vegetarian, cruelty-free products because of the prohibitive cost. It's exciting to discover a high-quality line whose offerings won't cause you to go into debt while you're trying to be clean, ethically responsible, and healthy. For this reason, we were thrilled to discover Desert Essence. Continue reading [...]

Full Moon Rising Body Care: Soothing Cruelty-Free, Vegetarian Products Made With CBDs

If you've been paying attention to the news, you may have noticed an uptick in body care products manufactured with the addition of CBD oils. CBD is derived from the hemp plant, but contains no THC. The result is a high-quality. organic offering, free from intoxicating effects, yet soothing and medicinal. Full Moon Rising mixes CBD oil with arnica to create an elixir that sinks into sore muscles, gently easing aches and pains and promoting an overall sense of well-being. Continue reading [...]

EO: Affordable, Cruelty-Free Body Care Products, Made From Plant Extracts

If you are a connoisseur of body care products, like we are, you've undoubtedly encountered EO (short for "everyone") in the aisles of your favorite co-op or specialty store. However, if you don't want to hunt for the products, you can find all of them on their lovely website, Continue reading [...]

Pacifica: Vegan, Cruelty-Free Elegance for the Discerning Customer

Pacifica Body Care Products are 100 percent vegan, cruelty-free, and made with the highest standards of quality. Truly a premium line. Continue reading [...]

Sage Stone Botanicals: Quality Vegetarian Skincare Line Offers Sustainable Luxury

Two of the best things about body care products are: 1) There are so many to choose from, and 2) They don't all come from large corporations. In fact, some of the best products are handcrafted by small companies like Sage Stone Botanicals. Continue reading [...]

Dr. Bronner’s: Vegan Body Care Line With a Message of Oneness

If you've ever stood in the shower, gazing at a bottle of Dr. Bronner's soap, you've noticed the flashy label, replete with slogans imploring you to remember that all of us are one. The company was founded in 1948 by Emanuel Bronner to help spread the message that we must all realize our unity. Continue reading [...]

Alba Botanica: A Time-Tested Vegetarian Body Care Line With a Mission

If you are the sort of person who likes a venerable skincare line with nearly 40 years experience, Alba Botanica is for you! The company was founded in 1979 to create an earth-friendly brand, free from animal testing. Continue reading [...]

Anlea Essentials: Vegetarian Beauty Products Made With Raw Shea Butter

Do you like to support small, local companies while taking care of your body? If so, Anlea Essentials offers exactly what you're looking for. The company is a one-woman operation, utilizing pure organic ingredients to produce products that smell as wonderful as they feel. The founder utilizes raw shea butter in many of her recipes. Shea butter is one of the most luxurious substances a person can spread on her skin, and you will feel it working its magic for hours! She enhances the luxury with the Continue reading [...]

Fox Island Trading Company: High-Quality Vegetarian Products Made in Small Batches

Sometimes the best goods come from small companies, since the owners are able to give each product the individual attention it deserves. Fox Island Trading Company makes everything from scratch, hand-stirred in small batches at their location on a tiny island in Washington State. They locally source their ingredients, even growing some of the herbs on their own, organic land. Though Fox Island does offer vegan items, they include honey and beeswax in several of their formulas, produced on-site in Continue reading [...]

Pacha, a High-Quality Soap Line With a Social Conscience

The Pacha Soap line is wonderfully diverse, offering a variety of cleansing products that range from bar soaps to froth bombs. The company's founders visited Peru and experienced a "lightbulb moment." They noticed that the Peruvian people had a deep connection to the earth, yet had little access to clean water or jobs that paid a living wage. This inspired the CEO to develop a product that would generate money for underserved communities. Every purchase of Pacha helps fuel clean water initiatives Continue reading [...]

Acure, An Economical Vegan Product Not Tested on Animals

Are you looking for a cruetly-free, vegan body care line that is gentle on your skin but won't empty your wallet? If so, Acure is for you! The company's products are attractively packaged in sutrdy white containers, and their no-nonsense website, showcases their products in a manner that makes them a snap to view and purchase.

We love this line. The products are mild enough to use every day, and they smell terrific! One of our favorites is the Curiously Clarifying Lemongrass Continue reading [...]

Mad Hippie Vegan Skincare Line Not Just for the Counterculture!

Are you an unrepentant hippie who likes to donate money to charitable causes while giving some love to your own skin? If so, this delightful product is for you! We were instantly drawn to this line when we first saw it on the grocery shelf. The packaging is cheerful and fun, with funky lettering, hand-drawn hearts, and 60’s-style flowers. Mad Hippie’s website is equally appealing, featuring more flowers, sliced fruit and peace signs. Their vibe is organic, and so are Continue reading [...]

It’s Perfectly Pumpkin Season! So Try These Vegan Skincare Products with Pumpkin

It’s that time of year when pumpkin everything is everywhere, and we love it! As we’re buying our first vegan pumpkin spice nog of the season and making homemade vegan pumpkin spice lattes, we’re dreaming of decadent cruelty-free beauty products! Continue reading [...]

3 Vegan Beauty Products to Try This Week

Summer is nearly over and fall is almost here, which means we’re in a sweet spot. We can still completely enjoy the beachy, coconuty scents of summertime. Yet autumn’s fragrances are around to temp us and to let us savor yummy warmth. Continue reading [...]

cruelty-free deodorants

All-Natural and Cruelty-Free Deodorants

For many people, a good workout and a good deodorant go hand in hand. But, often, deodorants we think are helping are actually doing harm to animals and us.

Staying fresh and great smelling is important, but being healthy and keeping animals safe is a must. This is why it’s imperative you choose an all-natural deodorant and one that doesn’t test on animals. Continue reading [...]

The Benefits of Argan Oil

Women in Morocco have used argan oil in their daily beauty regime for years and this luxurious moisturizing oil is sold in all of the popular markets in Provence, next to fresh lavender blossoms and rich olive oils.  American women are just beginning to know the healing properties of argan oil and they’re finding out all of the ways Mother Nature provides for our care with the naturally cruelty-free beauty product.

The Argan Tree

Argan oil comes from the nuts of the argan tree, which grows Continue reading [...]

More Vegan and Cruelty-Free Beauty Products to Try

The list of vegan beauty products to try seems endless, which is good for the animals. We love that there are so many choices for those who want to live a cruelty-free lifestyle, and we look forward to the day when all products will be cruelty-free and we have dozens upon dozens to share with you. Continue reading [...]

Some Vegan Beauty Products to Try This Week

It's time for our weekly vegan and cruelty-free beauty product picks. There are so many great products to tell you about, but again we'll narrow it down to a handful so you can have a short list to take with you if you go shopping - or to work off of if you shop online. Continue reading [...]

Vegan and Cruelty-Free After Sun Moisturizers

Looking for a soothing, vegan and cruelty-free, moisturizer to calm sunburned or sun warmed skin? Turn to any of the following options (which are also all natural and safe for skin). Continue reading [...]

Top Vegan Beauty Products for the Week

Ready for this week’s top vegan beauty products? There are dozens and dozens of vegan and cruelty-free products we love, so it’s really hard to find top ones or “best” ones. But, every week we like to share some of our favorites with you, and this time we’ve chosen a few amazing products that are kind to animals and to people (they’re made with natural, soothing, and healing ingredients). Continue reading [...]

5 Homemade Vegan Foot Scrub Recipes

If you don't want to search around for a vegan and cruelty-free foot scrub, consider making one yourself. That way, you’ll know exactly what’s in your scrub, that it’s not tested on animals, and that it’s just the right texture and aroma that you want.
Continue reading [...]

3rd Rock Sunblock Vegan Sunblock and Sunscreen Products

Spring’s warm weather is here and the brash summer sun is just around the corner, which means many of us will need to use a sunblock to protect our skin when we’re outdoors for extended periods of time. When it’s time to cover up, sunblocks from 3rd Rock Sunblock are great vegan and cruelty-free options. Continue reading [...]

Ladybug Jane Vegan Natural Lotions: Check Out Our Favorite One

One of the best vegan lotions we’ve come across lately is a luxurious coconut hand and body lotion from Ladybug Jane, a vegan brand that offers quite a few beautiful lotion varieties as well as a great range of fun lip balms.

Ladybug Jane’s Coconut Luxury Hyaluronic Acid Lotion was on sample at our local Whole Foods Market, and with one test pump and application, we were hooked. This price for the lotion was higher than some of the other vegan lotions at Whole Foods, but we thought the purchase was worth it for many reasons. The lotion’s scent was fabulous, light and refreshing, and the formula was one of the most moisturizing we’ve felt. We only needed a little product to cover both of our hands, on top and the palms, and we instantly noticed a difference in the softness of our skin. Hydration lasted for hours. Continue reading [...]

lamb and bunny big logo

Today’s Vegan Beauty Product Picks

Want more ideas for fantastic vegan beauty products to try? We thought you would, so we have a few goodies for you. The following are some vegan perfumes, lotions, and scrubs that you can either purchase in your local health food market or easily buy online. Continue reading [...]

Today’s Vegan Beauty Products Picks

If you love finding new vegan beauty products, check out the list below of some of our favorites. We’re hoping that you’ll discover a facial wipe, wrinkle reducer cream, or moisturizer that will become a go-to for you or at least a product that you enjoy using once in a while. Continue reading [...]

Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Deodorant

The weather is warming up, which means that many people might be breaking their deodorants out of their bathroom cabinets and using them in hopes of smelling fresh when body odor is a possibility. If you’ve been feeling the need to apply a deodorant to stay great-smelling during hot weather, or if you think you might need to in the near future, consider Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Deodorant for your next purchase. Continue reading [...]

Great Vegan Body Moisturizers to Keep Skin Healthy During Warm Weather

As spring and summer approach, we’re thinking you might be looking for a vegan body lotion that you can use to get your skin in tip-top shape. We were. Because the seasons that are upon us often call for baring our arms, legs, and other body parts, we were looking for a moisturizer that protected skin from the sun and and kept it from getting dry. Continue reading [...]

Top 5 Vegan Exfoliating Products for the Body

Now that the weather is warming up where we live, we’re wearing clothes that are showing a bit more of our body, which means we’re trying to get our skin in perfect glowing condition. We’ve been using exfoliating scrubs almost every day lately, so that our hands, arms, neck, buns, legs, and feet will be bump-free, bright, and radiant when we step out in our shorts, tank tops, and skirts. Continue reading [...]

Going Out for Valentine’s Day? Skin, Beauty, and Hair Products for a Big Valentine’s Day Date

Are you going out for a Valentine’s Day date this year? If so, check out the following list of vegan and cruelty-free products that will help you look, smell, and feel amazing for your special soiree.

The products we’ve listed will help you with a complete Valentines’ Day skin, hair, and beauty routine so read up and figure out which ones you want to use. Then, get yourself to a Whole Foods or order the products today for tomorrow delivery. Trust us. You’ll be glad you did, because these goodies are going to have you feeling the beauty love long after Valentine’s Day is done. Continue reading [...]

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Gifts to Give for Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for a last-minute gift to give to a vegan for Valentine’s Day? If so, we have some ideas for you. We’ve put together a list of a few of our favorite vegan and cruelty-free skincare products, and all of these products will leave your loved one feeling, looking, or smelling loved and well cared for. Continue reading [...]

‘Ohana Organics Vegan Body Butters, Tattoo Creams, and Solid Perfumes

We love the idea that all beautiful things come from love. This is true in so many circumstances in life, including in the making of ‘Ohana Organics skin care products.

‘Ohana Organics is a boutique skin care company that lovingly crafts body butters, salves, and solid perfumes that represent the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and draw from them as inspiration. It’s a line of products as pure as the Islands, one that hopefully will inspire you to seek out more beauty in your life. Continue reading [...]

Hippie Heaven Natural Vegan Skincare

Looking for another vegan and cruelty-free company to buy skincare products from? We were, so we set out to find a few great businesses we could support and share with you.

We found Hippie Heaven Natural Beauty a skincare company that makes all-natural products without using any animal products or testing on animals. Continue reading [...]

3 Great All-Natural Vegan Soap Bars

A beautiful, and great-smelling, bar of soap can add so much joy to a bathroom or kitchen. We love having vegan and cruelty-free bar soaps in our soap dishes so much that, sometimes, we take up to 20 minutes examining the selection of aromatic and gorgeous bars in our local health store just to pick out the most perfect one.
Usually, we find a handful of soaps that we could easily buy on the spot. So, we’ve found that what works best for us is simply choosing one that calls to us, either because of the scent or color (moisturizing ingredients). Then, we enjoy that bar until it’s a little sliver that we can’t handle anymore and set out to purchase another amazing one. Continue reading [...]

Bare Bones Body Care Vegan Natural Skincare Products

Bare Bones Body Care is a skincare company that creates products with sensitive skin in mind. If you suffer from skin reactions or skin allergies, you might want to check out Bare Bones and its line of cleansers, moisturizers, skin serums, and other necessities. Continue reading [...]

Sibu Vegan Beauty Products

Sibu Beauty offers an exclusive line of beauty products that are meant to make you look, and feel, better. This cruelty-free company formulates its products knowing that, each day, we’re under constant stress from the environment and other sources. It also recognizes that the animals who share our planet with us are under stress, and it feels a need to protect the earth from damage caused naturally and by humans.

So, Sibu makes vegan and cruelty-free products that don’t clog landfills, aren’t manufactured with harsh chemicals, and are packaged responsibly. It formulates these beauty products without the use of animal ingredients and without testing on animals. Continue reading [...]

Body Crystal of California Vegan Skincare and Beauty Products

Body Crystal of California is a vegan and cruelty-free company that we recently discovered, and we’re happy we did. This company sells animal-free, all-natural body splashes, fragrances, and deodorant stones that smell amazing and look cool too. Continue reading [...]

Natural Vegan Deodorants for Kids

Has your child be asking to use a deodorant? Maybe he or she hasn’t, but you’ve noticed a need for a deodorant on hot days or after a lot of physical activities.

If you’re trying to find a deodorant that’s vegan and cruelty free, and that’s made with natural ingredients so your child stays healthy, consider the following popular brands and products. Continue reading [...]

Sparklehearts Natural Vegan Skincare for Girls

If you have a teen, or a tween, who is newly getting into choosing skincare products for herself, you might want to suggest she look at Sparklehearts. Sparklehearts is a natural and vegan skincare brand that makes products for girls that are fun, safe to use, and responsible.

There are a lot of skincare companies that put out products with the intention of luring girls into an exciting world of beauty. Unfortunately, many of these brands offer skincare products that contain questionable ingredients and are manufactured with poor ethics.

As your young girl is discovering how special it is to take care of herself and her skin, she should also know how to choose products that her health, and that of others, in mind. Continue reading [...]

The Orange Owl Vegan Skincare

Companies that offer natural vegan skincare products make us pretty happy. We love being able to tend to our skin in a healthful way while keeping the health of animals in mind. This is why we were thrilled to find out about The Orange Owl. This cruelty-free skincare line makes products that respect people, animals, and the environment. The Orange Owl skincare leave you feeling as beautiful and wise as an owl, that's for sure. So, we think once you discover this brands products, you’ll know and feel exactly how luxury vegan skincare is supposed to be made. Continue reading [...]

Suki Vegan and Cruelty-Free Skincare

We have another natural and eco-friendly vegan skincare company to tell you about. It’s Suki, and it’s a brand that offers pure, honest ingredients in their products along with a commitment to human, planetary, and animal wellbeing.

Suki sells sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare to meet all of your daily needs. It offers cleansers, toners, facial scrubs, masks, moisturizers, and serums to help keep your skin healthy while keeping the Earth and animals safe. Continue reading [...]

Earth Mama Angel Baby Vegan Skincare Products

Do you know about the Earth Mama Angel Baby line of vegan skincare products? If you do, you know how gentle they are and how they actually work like they say they will. If you don’t, keep reading because we’re going to introduce you to some amazing natural and cruelty-free products that will tend to most of the skin care needs of mamas and babies. Continue reading [...]

Lulu & Boo Organics Vegan Body Care Products

We love handmade beauty products. And, we especially love vegan and cruelty-free handmade-types of beauty products that are produced on a large enough scale that tons of people can enjoy them.

We recently found such a brand. We discovered Lulu & Boo, a company that crafts artisan-quality beauty items and sells them online so that everyone can have access to them. Continue reading [...]

The Spoiled Mama Vegan Skincare Products

For mamas out there who want to find vegan, and cruelty-free, products that will help their skin in a variety of mom-related situations, we suggest checking out The Spoiled Mama. This vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand offers a line of products designed to prevent and lighten stretch marks, help soothe skin while breastfeeding, and generally allow moms a bit of comfort post-baby. Continue reading [...]

Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Vegan Nipple Butter

If you’ve ever breastfed, or tried to, you probably know the feeling of cracked, chaffed nipples. It’s one of pain, whenever clothes rub against the breasts or even if they’re just exposed to air. It’s a hurt that’s often worsened by water hitting the nipples in the shower or the continual sucking from baby.

Even though mothers will usually live through any experience for their child, relief that can come to the nipples when breastfeeding is typically well-received. If you’re seeking comfort from sore nipples due to breastfeeding, we have a vegan and cruelty-free remedy that you may want to check out.

We recently discovered Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter. This natural nipple balm is safe for babies and it brings mamas some much-needed healing. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Stretch Mark Creams

Sometimes life is hard on a body. It presents twists and turns, ups and down, that come in the form of babies, extra weight gained due to stress, and even challenging growth spurts.

We’re not saying that we would necessarily do without any of these experiences, because we know that with change comes great people, lessons, and moments. But, we do sometimes wish we could limit the lines on our bodies that serve as hash marks for various milestones in life. We’re perfectly content keeping mental tally marks beyond minimal markings.

If you have a few stretch marks, as we do, that you’d like to see fade away even slightly, or if you’re anticipating a time in your life when stretch marks could turn your body into a permanent score card, you can use the following vegan stretch mark creams and oils. Continue reading [...]

Acure Organics Vegan Skincare

Acure Organics is a great beauty brand. It offers cruelty-free goodies for the face and the body (with just a few made of honey, so avoid those if you like) to help you with most of your beauty needs Continue reading [...]

Trilogy Vegan Beauty Products

Have you ever used rosehip oil as a beauty product? We have and we love it. Rosehip oil is a moisturizing, amazing-smelling natural essential oil that can be an effective part of any beauty routine. It contributes needed hydration and suppleness to the face and body, and now it’s available in a line of vegan and cruelty-free skincare products from Trilogy. Continue reading [...]

vegan beauty products at trader joes

Vegan Beauty Products from Trader Joes

If you shop at Trader Joes, you probably know that you can pick up some great vegan items at a super cheap price. We’ve found tons of amazing vegan food at Trader Joes, and lately we’ve been noticing some cool vegan beauty products there too.

We thought you might want to know about some of the cruelty-free beauty products we have our eyes on. We’ve bought a couple of things already and have plans to go back for more. Continue reading [...]

vegan beauty products at whole foods

Top Vegan Beauty Products at Whole Foods

If you have a Whole Foods Market near you, you have one of the best sources of vegan beauty products available to you without having to order online. Whole Foods Market sells vegan products for the body, face, and hair. It’s a great place to pick up cruelty-free moisturizers, cleansers, shampoos and conditioners, skin serums, nail polish, toothpaste, cosmetics, and more.

There are hundreds of vegan and cruelty-free beauty products at Whole Foods that are worth mentioning. And, that’s not an exaggeration. But we thought we’d share a handful of them with you today. Then, you can go exploring on your own to check out all of the other amazing items. Continue reading [...]

LUSH hand care products

LUSH Vegetarian Skincare Products for Winter Hands

We don’tk now about you, but we’re finding the dry fall weather a bit hard on our hands. And, we’re anticipating that winter weather will be just as challenging.

We wanted to find some vegetarian products for the hands that would keep them soft and protect them from the elements. We were tired of dry and flaky hands, and we needed a little encouragement that there were some super-moisturizing (and healing) products out there that could give us some relief. Continue reading [...]

vegan body shimmer

Vegan Body Shimmer

For us, the holidays call for all things shimmery and glittery. If you feel this way too, and you want to include your body in the glitz of the season, you can slather it with a vegan body shimmer.

Vegan and cruelty-free body shimmers are sometimes hard to find, but we’ve located some great ones. So that you can glow this holiday season, here are some top vegan body shimmers in shades that will go with any outfit or occasion. Continue reading [...]

vegan body scrub

Skinnamon Vegan Body Scrubs

Looking for a yummy vegan skin scrub? Check out Skinnamon. You may want to eat it, because it looks and smells super indulgent. But, don’t. Treat your skin to this sweet and sensual product. It’s made with natural plant essences and oils that the skin all over your body can delight in. Continue reading [...]

vegan makeup wipes

Natural Vegan Makeup Remover Wipes

Sometimes, all it takes to remove makeup is a bit of natural vegan cleanser and some warm water. But, if you’ve really done yourself up with super-glamorous eyes and lips, you may need a little more help taking your makeup off. It’s time like these when a vegan makeup wipe could come in handy.

We searched the web for some vegan and cruelty-free makeup remover wipes to share with you, because we’re anticipating that we might get dolled up in the near future as the holidays approach. Continue reading [...]

vegan body butter

Vegan Beauty, Bath, and Body Care Gift Sets

Have you started thinking about what you’re giving as gifts this year? We have, and we recently found some amazing vegan beauty gifts sets that we thought you might want to know about.

If you’re like us, you like to give gifts that people will love, but you also want your gifts to be cruelty-free. The vegan beauty gift sets we’re going to share with you will keep your recipient smelling and feeling good, and they’ll help keep animals safe. So, it’ll be a win-win for everyone. Continue reading [...]

pacifica beauty perfume

Vegan Stocking Stuffers: Small-Sized, Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

Do you have a vegan that you’re celebrating Christmas with? One that loves yummy cruelty-free beauty products? We thought you might, so we put together a list of some vegan beauty and skin care items that are small enough to stuff into a stocking and fantastic enough to draw big smiles from your giftee. Continue reading [...]

derma e intensive therapy lotion

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Moisturizers for Winter

Winter is upon us, which means weather is getting colder and air is getting dryer. This also means that many people may be dealing with dry skin.

If you suffer from dry skin during wintertime, either slightly dry or extremely dry skin, we have some solutions for you. We’ve found a couple of vegan and cruelty-free moisturizers for winter months that will keep your skin hydrated, soft, and supple.
Continue reading [...]

dolphin organics baby lotion

Cruelty-Free and Vegan Baby Skincare Products

A baby’s skin is so delicate. It needs cleansing and moisturizing products that are super gentle and toxin-free. These types of products are often hard to find in traditional grocery stores and beauty stores. Throw a necessity for the product to be vegan and cruelty free into the mix and it makes things even more difficult.

If you have a baby, or are looking for a gift for a baby, there are some great products out there that meet all of the above requirements. We’ve searched and found some incredible vegan and cruelty-free baby products that also happen to be all natural and safe for babies’ skin. Continue reading [...]

Tao skincare

Tao Vegan Skincare

Tao Vegan Skin Care products are toxin-free and on the cutting edge of the industry. They’re cruelty-free products that come from a company founded by estheticians, so you can feel confident that they work.

Tao is a vegan skincare company that we think you might want to check out for its line of cleansers, moisturizers, masks, eye creams, and more. Continue reading [...]

Hylunia Skincare

Hylunia Skincare

It’s always exciting to find natural, vegan, and safe skin products that work. We found such a product recently and wanted to share our discovery with you. We came across Hylunia Skin Care, a line of vegan skin care products that are great for all ages and skin types.

Hylunia Skin Care is a vegan skin care line that offers luxurious formulations with proven results. It’s a collection of products that are based on science, but manufactured with the health of people, the planet, and animals in mind. Continue reading [...]

nyl skincare

NYL Natural Vegan Skincare

If you check the ingredient in every skin care product you buy, to be sure they’re natural, you might want to look at the NYL line. NYL vegan natural skin care products are 100% natural, not partially natural or made with just one natural ingredient.

It can be difficult to determine what is a natural product and what’s not these days, because there is no regulation of the world “natural” when it comes to beauty products. Continue reading [...]

just the goods etsy vegan skincare

Just The Goods Vegan Skincare on Etsy

We love shopping for vegan skin care products on Etsy because there are so many good ones. In fact, one of the skin care product brands we recently found on Etsy is called Just the Goods. It’s a handmade, natural, and affordable line of cruelty-free products that includes goodies for the skin, body, and hair. Continue reading [...]

Athara Skin Care

Athar’a Pure Exotic Skin Essentials: Vegan and Cruelty-free Skin Care

If you want to experience luxury, natural, and cruelty-free hair and skin care, try Athar’a Pure Exotic Skin Essentials products. Athar’a Pure Exotic Skin Essentials makes 100% vegan, organic, natural, and cruelty-free products that are beautiful, nourishing, and indulgent. They’re also paraben, synthetic, and toxin free. And, inspired by Ayurveda. Continue reading [...]

Adama Minerals Vegan Body Lotion

Zion Health’s Adama Minerals Vegan Body Lotions

Zion Health, a leading natural health product manufacturer, offers an amazing line of vegan body lotions that we thought you’d want to know about. The company's Adama Minerals line of lotions combines unique ingredients and Native American remedies to make the ultimate in hydration in healing available to you.

Adama Minerals vegan body lotions are available at some health food stores in the country, such as Hy-Vee Health Food in Blue Springs, Missouri. They’re also available online. Continue reading [...]

vegan and organic hand creams

Vegan and Organic Hand Creams

Hands are parts of the body that seem to need moisturizing on a constant basis. Maybe it’s because we wash them often or perhaps it’s due to the fact that they’re exposed to the elements more than other areas on our bodies.

We usually need to apply cream to our hands at least 2 or 3 times a day. So, we went on the hunt for some vegan and cruelty-free hand creams that offered a lot of value for our dollar. We found some amazing ones. And guess what? We found vegan and cruelty-free hand creams that used organic plants as ingredients. Continue reading [...]

Grateful Body Skin Care

Grateful Body Vegan Skin Care

Grateful Body is pure, organic skin care infused with the life force of nature. It’s a vegan and cruelty free skin care line that offers health, energy, and vitality for the face and body, which certainly makes us grateful for these beautiful products.

Grateful Body products are formulated in a time-honored way, giving skin exactly what it needs in partnership with the laws of nature. Continue reading [...]

DeVita Natural Skin Care

DeVita Natural Vegan Skin Care

“Guided by nature… driven by science.” That’s DeVita Natural Skin Care. This skin care line is an advanced, certified organic, aloe vera-based line of products that’s also vegan and cruelty free. It offers the most cutting-edge results for any type of skin, driven by powerful ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, DMAE, and Pentapeptides.
Continue reading [...]

Simplicite skin care

Simplicité Vegan Natural Skin Care

Simplicité luxury all-natural skin care has so many glowing reviews that thought we should check it out. We found that the 3 main philosophies the company commits to are beliefs that we’re feel strongly about too.

Simplicité skin care regards nutrients and antioxidants as the only source of truly beautiful and healthy skin. We tend to agree that nature knows just what’s required for gentle beauty and health.
Continue reading [...]

Stark Skin Care

Stark Vegan Skin Care

Does a city dweller have special skin care needs? Stark Skin Care says so. Stark Skin Care has formulated a line of natural, vegan, and cruelty-free products especially for people challenged by city living. Continue reading [...]

petit vour beauty box

Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Products Box

How would you like to receive a box of beautiful, luxurious, vegan and cruelty-free beauty products on a regular basis? All products would be vetted for quality and ethical manufacturing. And, they would be some of the hottest, prettiest, and most nourishing products that you and your skin would ever see?

This can be your reality when you sign up for a Petit Vour Beauty Box subscription. Want to know more? We thought you would. Continue reading [...]

Thesis Beauty

Thesis Beauty Vegan Beauty Products

Who better to put out a cruelty-free beauty product than a family of happy vegetarians? This is the group of animal-loving people behind Thesis Beauty, a vegan brand that is also certified organic and eco-friendly.

Thesis Beauty makes beautiful products that actually work to help you get healthy skin and hair. Each Thesis Beauty product contains active and functional ingredients, none of which are synthetic, to nourish skin and hair. All products are crafted to leave you looking stunning and glowing. Continue reading [...]

Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet Vegan Skin Care

You can be pretty sure that a company loves animals if it calls itself Meow Meow Tweet. And, if it puts cute pictures of kitties and feathered friends on its product labels. Oh, and photos of other furry friends too.

And, if it shows all of these animals joyfully playing together, getting along like everyone on earth should.

We love the whimsical nature, with a serious message, that’s displayed all over the Meow Meow Tweet packaging. We adore how precious little creatures are depicted just meowing and tweeting around, without a care in the world, because that’s what we wish for animal and bird friends.

Meow Meow Tweet’s stance on veganism and kindness to animals is clear the minute you look at the brand’s soaps as well as its body care, facial care, and baby products. The drawings and text on the products invite you to join a happy, pro-animal movement that could be the norm in the world if we consumers have anything to do with it. Continue reading [...]

lamb and bunny big logo

Hugo Naturals Artisan Vegan Soaps and Bath Products

You may know about Hugo Naturals body, nail, and baby products. We’ve mentioned some of them in a few of our previous posts. We love them because they’re, well, natural. And, they’re cruelty free. Plus, they smell amazing and they’re packaged quite beautifully.

You may not have heard about Hugo Natural Artisan products, however. These are the products we want to talk to you about, because they’re especially stunning in appearance and they feel ultra indulgent. Continue reading [...]

KORA Organics

KORA Organics Vegan Face and Skin Care

Looking for a vegan beauty brand that reflects your passion for sustainability and healthy living? Try KORA Organics.

KORA Organics is a 100% cruelty-free beauty company that combines the best organic ingredients with ethical manufacturing. It serves a way for people like you to get their hands on awesome, natural and organic products for the body and the face. And, it works as a platform to raise awareness about the importance of living a healthy, organic lifestyle while being kind to the earth and animals. Continue reading [...]

Honeybee Gardens

Honeybee Gardens

It’s a good day today! We found another company selling products that are good to animals and good for people. You probably know already that we’re all about pushing skin and body care products that are vegan and cruelty free. But, you may not know that we take great effort to find products that don’t cause harm to anyone, including humans. This is why we wholeheartedly support natural cosmetics and beauty companies like Honeybee Gardens.

Honeybee Gardens provides makeup, lip care, toner, powder, soap, and even beauty tools that are safe for animals and for people. They’re made with natural, plant-based ingredients that are PETA certified and easy to pronounce.

All Honeybee Gardens products have bean reviewed by the Environmental Working Group and have a score of 2 or lower. Honeybee Gardens is Feingold certified as well. This company is one that we think you might want to check out for all of your daily beauty needs. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Soap

Soap Soap Company

We love when we find small companies that take on big agendas, like keeping animals safe and committing to crafting only vegan products. We recently discovered such a company. We came across Soapy Soap Company, a (you guess it) soap company that creates 100% cruelty-free, all-natural soaps from scratch.

Soapy Soap Company doesn’t purchase a soap base to make its soap bars from. The company manufactures all of its products by hand, in small batches, so it can control the quality of ingredients and the ethical nature by which the soaps are made.

Want to hear more about Soapy Soap Company? We thought you would. Here’s what’s fantastic about this cruelty-free skin care company and how you can get some of Soapy Soap Company’s great products. Continue reading [...]


Mineral Fusion

If you’re looking for a cruelty-free beauty brand that offers a full line of products for everyday use, we suggest you turn to Mineral Fusion. Mineral Fusion is a Denver, Colorado company that has sold vegan makeup and skin care items since 2007. It’s the #1 natural cosmetic company in the United States, offering products that improve your skin’s appearance and health. Continue reading [...]

lamb and bunny big logo

Change Soap

Can soap change the world? Of course it can. When it’s vegan, cruelty-free, natural, and purchased by people like you who know why it’s important to support products that do the right thing.

So, who’s attempting to change things on a big-scale with small-batch soap bars? It’s Change Soap, a vegan and truly natural skincare company based out of Michigan. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Soap Etsy

Top Vegan Beauty Products on Etsy

Shopping on Etsy can be addicting. There are so many beautiful and creative handcrafted products available, many of which are vegan, to our delight.

We recently searched Etsy and found some cruelty-free beauty products that we thought you’d like to know about. We discovered soaps, moisturizers, scrubs, and other yummy vegan things that can keep you looking and smelling amazing, and keep our animal friends safe and alive.

So you can go crazy with vegan beauty product shopping, here are our picks for the top vegan beauty products on Etsy: Continue reading [...]

Andalou Naturals

Andalou Naturals

Andalou Naturals is a vegan skin and body care brand that’s sold at many brick and mortar retailers, including Whole Foods Market. Its all-natural products are also available online.

Andalou Naturals is a brand that we think you might want to turn to for many of the products you need for each day. Let’s take a closer look at the goodies for hair, body, and face that you can get from Andalou Naturals. Continue reading [...]

vegan essential oils

5 Natural Vegan Oils for the Body You Should Know About

If you’re looking for natural, vegan skin care products, some of the best are pure essential oils. Essential oils are usually single-oil or multi-oil products that are just that: oil. They don’t typically contain any other additives like parabens, synthetic ingredients, preservatives, or other lab-created substances. They’re almost always straight from nature (plants only) and they’re not tested on animals, unless you come across some funky product from a questionable brand.

Essential oils are sourced from flowers, trees, shrubs, and other plants that offer beneficial properties for the skin. They’re essences that are good for you, so you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals (again, make sure they’re from a company that sells pure products). Continue reading [...]

Carol's Daughter

Carol’s Daughter

We love finding vegan skin care lines that also contain nourishing natural ingredients. So, when we came across the Carol’s Daughter line, we were thrilled. Carol’s Daughter is a cruelty-free skin care company that’s known for it’s plant-based natural beauty products. It’s been producing good-for-you beauty items for more than 20 years, giving consumers high-quality options for skin, body, and hair. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Men's Deodorant

Top Vegan Deodorants for Men

Most men’s deodorants on the market not only contain extremely harmful ingredients for humans, they’re made in ways that hurt animals. Your typical men’s deodorant contains some animal ingredients and it’s tested on animals. Not good, in as far as we’re concerned.

We know that smelling good and fresh is a priority for many gentlemen (and ladies, but from our experience, sometimes men require deodorant more than women). But, we also feel that staying healthy and keeping animals alive is a bigger priority.

Which is why we’ve come up with a list of some cruelty-free, safe-ingredient men’s deodorants that we think you should try (or you should buy for the man in your life). Continue reading [...]

Vegan Shampoo

Giovanni Cosmetics

It’s exciting to find a vegan beauty line with a wide range of products. Ones that can take care of your hair in many ways and also tend to your skin. Giovanni Cosmetics offers such a line. This company makes incredible products that smell good, leave hair and skin feeling amazing, and are reasonably priced as an added benefit. Continue reading [...]

Ladybug Jane

Ladybug Jane

There are a lot of great vegan skin care brands, but one of the best ones we’ve come across lately is Ladybug Jane. Ladybug Jane is a fun and fabulous line of lip balms and moisturizers that’s cruelty free and natural. The company is named after founder Jane May Graves, a former scientist, model, and actress. Ladybug Jane was inspired by a dream that Jane had when her mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Moisturizer

Natural Vegan Moisturizers

Wondering if there are any good natural vegan moisturizers out there? There are tons, and we’re going to tell you about some of our favorites. We love when we find vegan beauty products. We get ecstatic when we find cruelty-free products that are also made with natural healthy ingredients. Continue reading [...]

Cruelty-Free Holiday Soap

Cruelty-Free and Vegan Holiday Soaps to Spice Up the Season

It can be fun to infuse the magic of the holidays into every part of your home, including the soaps you use in your bathroom and kitchen. We’ve found some incredible, yummy-smelling vegan holiday soaps that you might want to buy to help spice up your house this season. Continue reading [...]


Top Cruelty-Free Kids Hair and Bath Products

Kids need baths. Lots of them. With each kids’ hair and bath product that you buy for their cleaning routines (and there will likely be tons of them in your child’s lifetime), you have the opportunity to support companies that are making good ingredient decisions and are going cruelty-free.

We’ve put together a list of some of the top cruelty-free kids’ hair and bath products, so that you can opt for kind versions of shampoos, sunscreens, lotions, and even skin wipes. Continue reading [...]


The Best Vegan Beauty Product Series: The Best Skin Moisturizer

As we mentioned last week, We’re starting a new “best of” series. The "best of" series features our favorite vegan beauty products in each category. Last week we featured our favorite skin serum, this week we're featuring our favorite moisturizer, Prtty Peaushun skin tightening lotion.

“Prtty Peaushun” (pronounced, simply, “pretty potion”) skin tightening lotion has a raw, vegan ingredients list that is drool-worthy: arnica, calendula flower, and green tea (anti-inflammatory ingredients), Blue Vervain Leaf (relieves muscle aches and pains), and Allantoin (promotes natural production of collagen/elastin). Many even use Prtty Peaushun in their hair to benefit even further from these lush, nourishing ingredients to give their hair an extra sheen. Continue reading [...]


The Best Vegan Beauty Product Series: The Best Skin Serum

We've reviewed scores of vegetarian and cruelty-free beauty products over the years, and it's hard to chose the best. There are so many contenders out there. But the best doesn't simply mean the most effective; our standards are higher than that. It means the most effective, vegan, cruelty-free and purest products out there. We're starting our new "best of" series, that covers our favorite vegan beauty products in each category, starting with skin serum. Continue reading [...]

mullein and sparrow

Mullein and Sparrow: Luxury Beauty Products that are Vegan and Cruelty Free

Anyone who says you compromise luxury when you only use vegan and cruelty-free beauty products has clearly never heard of Mullein & Sparrow luxury vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. Mullein & Sparrow is a Brooklyn-based skin, body and hair care company that makes small batches of high quality products with high quality ingredients. Continue reading [...]


DermOrganic Cruelty Free and Vegan Beauty Products

If we gave our dream list for a beauty product it would be: vegan, cruelty-free, no sulfates, no dyes, no paraben, no propylene glycol, no artificial preservatives or any other chemicals. Sound to good to be true? It's not. DermOrganic vegan and cruely free hair and skin care is all of the above. Continue reading [...]

lamb and bunny big logo

Our 5 Favorite Vegan and Cruelty Free Self Tanners

Spring has officially sprung, which means that shorts, swimsuit and sandal season is right around the corner. Who doesn't love a little color? Whether you're looking for a deep bronze, or just a little color to ward off your winter-pale skin, we've got you covered for sunless tanner, without the guilt. Continue reading [...]

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The Many Amazing Uses of Cruelty-Free, Vegan & Organic Witch Hazel

It's so easy to be dazzled by the wide array of cruelty-free and vegan beauty products on the market, that we often forget that there are simple options that do so much, while being simple and inexpensive. Continue reading [...]

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North Coast Organics: Safe Deodorants that Actually Work (and They’re Vegan and Cruelty Free)

Vegan deodorants seem to be the butt of many jokes. Often called "hippie crystals," the odor-control of the eco-conscious have an unfortunate reputation. North Coast Organics seeks to change the game. North Coast Organics, based in Chicago, creates USDA Certified personal care products that are organic, cruelty-free and vegan.

North Coast Organics seeks to make products that are unusually effective, while being safe and ethical. As such, all of their products are green certified, as well as USDA Continue reading [...]

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Level Naturals Vegan and Cruelty-Free Beauty Subscription Box

We recently wrote about how the Petit Vours Vegan and Cruelty-Free Subscription Makeup Box would be the perfect holiday gift for the vegan fashionista in your life. We found another excellent subscription box that, like Petit Vour, is vegan and cruelty-free, but is more focused on bath and body products; Level Naturals. Continue reading [...]

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The Perfect Holiday Gift for the Vegan Fashionista in Your Life: The Petit Vour Vegan and Cruelty-Free Monthly Makeup Box

Shopping for someone who is committed to a vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle, if it's not a lifestyle that you live, or if it's for someone who seems to have everything, can be difficult. Enter the Petit Vour box: a monthly box subscription of curated vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. The owner of Petit Vour, Madeline Alcott, is a vegan and self-described beauty enthusiast. She created Petit Vour after her own frustrating journey trying to find luxury beauty products that were both vegan and cruelty-free. Continue reading [...]

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5 Highly Rated Vegan, Cruelty-Free Pumpkin Skincare Products for Fall

Fall means pumpkin products are front and center, making it an excellent time to discover cruelty-free and vegan pumpkin skincare products. Pumpkin is excellent in a skincare regimen for several reasons. Continue reading [...]

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5 Cheap Cruelty-Free and Vegan Beauty Tips and Tricks

Often in our quest to find vegan and cruelty-free beauty products, we forget that the simplest ingredients and products work wonderfully to keep us looking our best. We spend so much time looking for products with the most natural and minimal ingredients, it's easy to forget that these products are often in our own pantries. Here are a few of our favorite beauty tips and tricks that are kind to animals, and your bank account. Continue reading [...]

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Our 5 Most Coveted Vegan Beauty Items from The Orange Owl for Fall

We love The Orange Owl cruelty-free and completely vegan beauty product line, and not just because of the cute name. We also love it because founder Akshata Nayak started the company with being kind to animals and the environment in mind. Akshata practices what she preaches, literally. She currently owns a holistic health practice with her husband in Vermont. Continue reading [...]

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Top 5 Vegan and Cruelty-Free Body Butters for Dry Fall and Winter Skin

As we say "goodbye" to summer and "hello" to fall, something will be greeting us in addition to soy pumpkin lattes, hoodies, and bonfires: dry skin. Sadly, problem aeas such as ankles can get even more overlooked as it's easier to stop paying as much attention to them when we trade our sandals for boots. Continue reading [...]

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Antho Truly Organic, Vegan & Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

We often come across vegan and cruelty-free beauty products that are done so as an afterthought, or even inadvertently. "Vegan by accident" as many know it. That is why we love finding companies who wear their "vegan and cruelty-free" badge proudly on their sleeves, like Antho organic, vegan and eco-friendly beauty products. Antho has an entire pae of their website dedicated to education of vegan and cruelty-free beauty products, and what it means to truly be both. Continue reading [...]

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5 Cruelty-Free and Vegetarian Products You Must Have in Your Desk

We've all been there, halfway through our work day we take a look in the bathroom mirror and realize that our eyeliner has slid down under our eyes, or we look a little tired from pulling an all-nighter the night before. Here are 5, must-have, cruelty-free and vegetarian beauty products to keep in your desk. Continue reading [...]

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Hot Weather? Don’t Sweat it, We’ve Got a Round-up of Healthy Vegan, Cruelty-Free Deodorants

Many health-conscious consumers are always There's no denying that hot weather brings more sweat. Traditional deodorants and antiperspirants contain ingredients such as aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol and phthlates, which have been collectively linked to issues such as breast cancer, Alzheimer's disease, birth defects, central nervous system damage, liver damage, heart damage, hormone receptor disruption and cell mutation. Continue reading [...]

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Desert Essence Vegetarian and Gluten Free Lotions

Summer is here and it is harder to cover up that dry and patchy skin when you have to wear less clothing. As any compassionate consumer knows, it is difficult to find a good lotion that doesn't contain lanolin, a hidden cruel contender amongst many so-called "cruelty free" lines. Continue reading [...]

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Lush Rolls Out Their Vegan and Cruelty-Free Summer Beach Box

Summer is here and we are head over heels for the Lush Beach Box. We all love Lush Cosmetics: between their expansive vegan cosmetic and personal care line, and their staunch stance against animal testing, they are a vegan fasionista's dream. Continue reading [...]

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Nude Vegetarian Skin Care Products are Free of Cruelty and Yucky Ingredients

Nude Skincare, a vegetarian and cruelty-free skincare line, recently put its money where its mouth is: by including free samples of its star skincare product, ProGenius skincare treatment oil, with in-store Sephora purchases. Continue reading [...]

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Lavanila Shows That Perfume Can Be Both Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Anyone who is vegan and/or a consumer of only cruelty-free products knows that it is difficult to find a fragrance that is both vegan and cruelty-free. So when we find products that meet the full criteria, such as Lavanila, we literally jump for joy. Continue reading [...]

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Jack Black Authentic and Original, the Perfect Cruelty Free Men’s Line

Jack Black Authentic and Original fills a much needed gap in the area of compassionate personal care products for men. It seems like, when it comes to compassionate personal hygiene and grooming products that are both cruelty free and vegan, men get the short end of the stick. Don't manufacturers realize that there are plenty of men who want cruelty-free skin and hair products? Jack Black (no, not that Jack Black) men's grooming products recognized the need for this type of product and have fulfilled the need with a comprehensive line of products for every need. Continue reading [...]

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Blue Balm Handmade Soaps: an Excellent Cruelty-Free Holiday Gift

Handmade soaps make wonderful stocking stuffers and hostess gifts, and are a fragrant and inexpensive way to show someone that you appreciate them. Blue Balm handmade soaps are a Leaping Bunny certified, vegetarian and cruelty-free soap company that makes all of their soaps by hand, from small batches. Continue reading [...]

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Our Favorite Cruelty Free Stocking Stuffers

Is cruelty-free Christmas shopping at the top of your "to do" list? Holiday shopping for the compassionate consumer is easier than ever, as compassionate companies produce holiday specific items, and smaller items that are perfect for popping in the stocking of your favorite animal lover. Continue reading [...]

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Stuck for Vegan-Friendly Holiday Gifts? Try the Vegan Conscious Box!

If you know a vegan who has everything, or seems to want for nothing, the Vegan Conscious Box by the Vegan Zombie may be just the thing for them this holiday season! The Vegan Conscious Box is the perfect way to ensure that you are getting the best products that are in line with their, and your, values. Continue reading [...]

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Holiday Home and Body Fragrance Products From the Always Cruelty-Free V’TAE

Whether we like it or not, the holidays are coming fast and we can tell by the fact that virtually every retailer out there is already putting out Christmas products. We can't deny that many diligent shoppers start their holiday shopping this early, so we thought we would bring you a few of our favorite stocking stuffer ideas from the company V'TAE. V'TAE offers vegetarian and cruelty-free products that feature the most delectable and sumptuous smelling products for which you could ask. Continue reading [...]

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Get a Jump Start on Dry Winter Skin with Vegan Brya’s Soap Box Cruelty Free Skin Care

Winter is coming and, with it comes dry skin. While many people tend to focus on skin care during bathing suit season, the fact is that harsh winter conditions can wreak havoc on skin. Brya's Soap Box has the answer to that, with a collection of lush and creamy products that are aimed at moisturizing skin and keeping it supple. Their vegan and cruelty-free formulas are full of luxurious butters and oils to protect the skin and keep the winter weather from turning it to dry leather. Continue reading [...]

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Karen’s Botanicals, PETA certified Vegan Beauty and Personal Care

Karen's Botanicals offers a comprehensive line of vegetarian and cruelty-free beauty products that are full of beneficial ingredients aimed at repairing and maintaining skin. Certified by PETA as a "Cruelty Free Company," Karen's Botanicals are developed and tested on willing friends and families. Karen asserts that there is simply no need, or place, for animal testing in skin care products, and that wonderful products can be made with materials that have been used for thousands of years. Continue reading [...]

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Basq Vegan Anti-Stretch Mark Butter and Other Products

Basq vegetarian and cruelty-free beauty products are quickly gaining a reputation among expecting and new moms. Created by two friends who are also moms, they created Basq due to a lack of products that they felt were truly safe and effective to use during pregnancy. While expectant moms experiencing skin changes, such as stretch marks, were in the forefront of their minds while creating their product, their products are also perfect for those who are losing weight, as well as who have sensitive or mature skin. Continue reading [...]

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Kahina Giving Beauty Vegetarian and Cruelty-free Argan Oil Beauty Products

Argan oil has quickly become a rising star among the lineup of women’s beauty regimens, and Kahina Giving Beauty vegetarian and cruelty-free beauty products uses this wonder ingredient as a staple in their product line. It started in 2007 when founder Katharine L’Heureux traveled to Morocco and discovered argan oil for herself. She was astounded at the wonderful results she saw on her skin and brought it back for her friends and family to try. Continue reading [...]

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Earth Friendly Baby Vegetarian and Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

Earth Friendly Baby vegetarian and cruelty-free beauty products are perfect for the parents who want to ensure that nothing but the safest and most natural products touch their baby’s skin. They offer a full line of baby creams, baby wipes, organic shampoo and body washes and organic bubble baths. Earth Friendly Baby ensures that their products are free of the common irritating ingredients found in other baby products, such as parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate. Continue reading [...]

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Apivita Vegetarian and Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

One look at the ingredients in Apivita vegetarian and cruelty-free beauty products is enough to want to start ordering their products via their website right away. Founded in 1979, Apivita got its start in Greece when two married pharmacists, Nikos and Niki Koutsianas, turned their passion for nature into a natural cosmetics company. Before long, the Koutsianas’ saw their cosmetics spread to other countries, including Sweden, Romania, Japan, Belgium, Australia, Hong Kong, Spain and the Netherlands. Continue reading [...]

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Divinity Veganatural Cruelty Free and Vegan Beauty Products

When a baby is born with food sensitivities and eczema, what is a parent to do? Well for the founders of Divinity Veganatural cruelty-free and vegan beauty products, the answer was to start a business! Making their daughter what is now their signature balm, Babylove balm, the couple launched their new company in 2003 with the goal to make “compassionately crafted body care remedies.” Their products are aimed to cure topical ailments for all, from baby to grandparents. Continue reading [...]

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Kokokahn Vegan and Cruelty-free Beauty Products

The journey to creating Kokokahn vegan and cruelty-free beauty products began with founder Tracy Dalrymple's time in Japan. Traci was introduced to natural healing and wellness through the use of essential oils. From there, Salrymple began studying about essential oils and plants for aromatherapy and holistic healing. It wasn't long before she traveled to Bali to learn even more about aromatherapy, and that was where she found the inspiration for the name of her company, Kokokahn. It is derived from the Balinese word "kokokan," which means "white heron."

Continue reading [...]

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Soaptopia Vegetarian and Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

Soaptopia vegetarian and cruelty-free beauty products have certainly made a name for themselves with two unique philosophies - “feel the smell” and “love and be loved, one love.” Founded out of Soaptopia creator, Jolie, having a vision to create bath products that will heal and nourish, Soaptopia opened its doors in 2004. All Soaptopia soap products are natural, vegetarian, cruelty-free and free of allergens and chemicals. Continue reading [...]

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Deep Steep Vegetarian and Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

Deep Steep vegetarian and cruelty-free beauty products are the answer to those who want ethical beauty products without compromising luxury. In fact, Deep Steep maintains that their vision includes two main concepts: luxury and integrity. That sounds like a winning combination! Deep Steep was founded in 2002 and offers their luxurious products in five scents, all custom blended, with organic essential oils. Continue reading [...]

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Organic Indulgence Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Body Care

Perhaps the only thing more outstanding than the quality of Organic Indulgence vegetarian and gluten-free body care products is their price! With the most expensive products priced at a reasonable $9.95, it’s hard to believe that their products are only filled with natural and organic ingredients. Continue reading [...]

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Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free and Gluten Free Au Naturel Botanicals by Alexandra Avery

If you have Celiac disease, or just a gluten intolerance, vegetarian, cruelty-free and gluten free Au Naturel Botanicals by Alexandra Avery may be just the thing for you. With a mission to produce high quality skin care only using organic herbal extracts, pure plant and nut oils, and essential oils, their line heavily relies on aromatherapy and essential oils to provide healing properties through skin contact and inhalation. Continue reading [...]

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Nature’s Baby Organics Cruelty-Free and Vegan Beauty and Health Baby Products

When it comes to vegan and cruelty-free beauty and health products for your baby, the pickings are slim. It seems like every baby product company out there wants to put mineral oil, a petroleum-based product that is not healthy for the skin (link to our article), in their products. Nature’s Baby Organics vegan and cruelty-free baby beauty and health products aims to provide natural, yet effective, products to keep your baby safe. Continue reading [...]

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The All Natural Face Vegan and Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

The All Natural Face vegan and cruelty-free beauty products were made for those with sensitive skin who find that conventional makeup irritates their skin. The folks at All Natural Face are one of the few companies who really gets the fact that what we put on our skin, is detrimental to our internal health. Pointing out that our bodies absorb 65% of the chemicals applied to our skin, The All Natural Face products all contain clean ingredients; meaning natural cosmetic products that are naturally occurring and not chemically manufactured. Continue reading [...]

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The Dream Products Vegetarian and Cruelty Free Beauty Products

Normally we do not review vegetarian and cruelty-free beauty product lines that are not attached to an official website because we know how much you all love to research these companies yourself! Well in this rare instance, we are going to make an exception because this company, The Dream Products, is such a great little hidden gem, that we felt it too wonderful to not share. Continue reading [...]

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The Merry Hempsters Vegetarian and Cruelty-Free Hemp Balms

If you love hemp, The Merry Hempsters vegetarian and cruelty-free beauty products are a journey into healing with some fun! With packaging adorned with a cheerful smiley face, The Merry Hempsters have a passion for what they do! All of their products have a base of organic hemp, and they work to make sure that their products are mostly organic, and where not organic, are free of GMOs.
Continue reading [...]

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Petal Fresh Organics: Cruelty-Free and Vegan Beauty Products, or Not?

We happened upon Petal Fresh Organics vegan and cruelty-free beauty products by accident. We were at a discount store and were shocked to see a shampoo and conditioner set donning the PETA “cruelty free and vegan” logo. We were also admittedly slightly suspicious over its $3.99/bottle price tag. While we love our organic beauty products, the common downside is that they are often pricier since the ingredients are high quality and made in smaller batches. Continue reading [...]

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Elemental Herbs Vegetarian and Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

Half of being beautiful, if not more, is being healthy. Vegetarian and cruelty-free beauty products like cosmetics and perfume can only take you so far; having healthy and beautiful skin and hair is just as important, if not more so. Keeping the skin beautiful, and healing it when facing maladies such as sunburns and bug bites, is part of what Elemental Herbs does best. Where many products of this type incorporate harsh ingredients like petroleum. Elemental Herbs makes products that have the desired effects of petroleum-based products, such as locking in moisture, without the negative side-effects. Continue reading [...]

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Strawberry Hedgehog Vegan, Gluten-Free Beauty Products

You know that you can feel confident in buying beauty products claiming to be vegan and cruelty-free when the founder herself is a vegan. Tracy Perkins launched her company, Strawberry Hedgehog, out of frustration with misleading packaging claiming to be vegan and cruelty-free, when they were not. Before too long she began making her own body care items and was in demand by friends and family for the goods. Continue reading [...]

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Howard’s Vegan, Cruelty-Free Soap

We especially love supporting small businesses that create cruelty-free, vegan beauty products. While there are many cruelty-free, vegan beauty companies that have successfully transitioned from small company, to large, mass-distributed, operations, we often see it go bad. The Body Shop proved as much when they decided to sell themselves to infamous animal-testing company, L’Oreal. Continue reading [...]

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Synthesis 345 Vegan and Cruelty-free Beauty Products

Synthesis 345 vegan and cruelty-free beauty products begins with the promise “to nurture every ‘body’ with the purest of care”. To that end, the company has an impressive product line that is as safe as it gets, and fulfills on its promise by using the highest-quality, natural ingredients, and shunning the harmful chemicals often found in beauty products. Continue reading [...]

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Brown Earth Natural & Organic Vegan, Cruelty Free Skin Products

We knew when we saw that Brown Earth natural and organic vegan and cruelty-free skin products was certified by the Vegan Society that they took their commitment to animals seriously. The only way to get that certification is to be completely free of animal ingredients and animal testing, and Brown Earth is clearly proud that they are free of both! Continue reading [...]

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Oh My Heavenly Hair Vegan Beauty Products

Oh My Heavenly Hair vegan beauty products (OMHH) lives by the rule that organic and vegan does not have to mean “crunchy granola,” and in fact, can even be chic. Free of nasty chemicals like sulfates, their vegan and cruelty-free hair products are full of nourishing ingredients such as vitamins, panthenol, herbs and organic botanicals. Following the philosophy of the ancient Indian holistic healing tradition, Ayurveda, OMHH deeply values their non-profit giving programs as a way to be healthy on the outside and the inside. Continue reading [...]

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Tata Harper Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free Skin Care

Tata Harper vegetarian, cruelty-free skincare is certainly making a name for themselves. Having already been featured in Vogue, Marie Claire, Lucky magazine, Harper’s Bazaar Magazine online, Elle Magazine online and many more, this Vermont-based beauty company is doing it right with a simple philosophy: women should look and feel beautiful without compromising their health. Situated on 1,200 acres of farm land, most of the ingredients are grown right there on the farm. Continue reading [...]

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Herban Cowboy: Vegan, Cruelty-Free Grooming Products for Men

We thought we’d take an opportunity to review some men’s products since we tend to focus so much on products that are mainly intended for women. As tough as vegan, cruelty-free products can be to find for women, they are even tougher to find for men. We were excited to find out about the Herban Cowboy company, devoted to vegan, cruelty-free products for men. Founders Luke and Lisa started the Herban Cowboy on just a few thousand dollars, working out of their log cabin on a dirt road. The entire line was created in their kitchen, with Luke and Lisa both bottling the products by hand. Continue reading [...]

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Lilywhite Organics Vegan Beauty Products

What makes Lilywhite Organics vegan beauty products different from the rest is that, where others use water, they use 100% aloe vera juice. Aloe vera juice is excellent for the skin, with many benefits including reducing wound healing time, reducing inflammation and stimulating growth of new tissue. Additionally Lilywhite Organics points out that, unlike water, aloe has over 75 vitamins and nutrients. Continue reading [...]

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Suds! Vegetarian, Cruelty Free Bath and Body Beauty Products

Suds! vegetarian, cruelty-free bath and body beauty products were created from the founder’s realization that, while she ate healthfully, it didn’t matter if she was using beauty products that were full of chemicals. Armed with a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering, the founder started Suds! with a commitment to products that are free of nasty detergents and artificial preservatives, colors and fragrances. Instead, Suds! vegetarian, cruelty-free bath and body beauty products contain moisturizing oils and butters, essential oils and natural colors and fragrances. Continue reading [...]

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Green Girl Basics Vegetarian and Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

Much of the appeal of only using vegan and cruelty-free beauty products is that supporting small business often goes hand-in-hand with this lifestyle. Rather than buying beauty products containing nasty chemicals from big box stores, there is a sense of accomplishment in buying beauty products that are both healthy and supporting those who are making an honest living. Well, you will find both of these with Green Girl Basics vegetarian and cruelty-free beauty products. Continue reading [...]

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Live Clean Vegan Beauty Products

Live Clean vegan beauty products has a philosophy that is right in their name: to live a life that is clean of unhealthy, unnatural chemicals and pollutants. Live Clean produces nothing but natural, vegan and cruelty-free beauty products that are free of nasty ingredients like pthalates, parabens, petroleum and sulfates. Whenever possible, their vegan products include ingredients that are certified organic and they ensure that all of their plant-based products have not been tested on animals by them, or their suppliers. Continue reading [...]

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Voodoo Beauty Vegan Products

Voodoo Beauty vegan products is a small beauty company located in beautiful Sonoma County, California, and is committed to high quality skincare at affordable prices. Promising vegan, cruelty-free beauty products that are free of nasty ingredients like parabens, bismuth, talc, mineral oil, synthetics and toxins, Voodoo Beauty vegan products are committed to being cruelty-free and as earth friendly as possible. Continue reading [...]

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HerbZone Vegan Beauty Products

HerbZone vegan beauty products promises right up front no animal products, no animal testing and 100% natural ingredients. With a variety of vegan, cruelty-free products such as vegan beauty masks, vegan hand butters, vegan soaps, vegan shower oils and vegan acne care, they have something for everyone! Continue reading [...]

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Gourmet Body Treats Vegan Beauty Products

With a name like "Gourmet Body Treats", using these vegan, cruelty-free products feels like an indulgence! Founded in 1998 by Waleska Agosto, she was looking for a product that she could safely and comfortably use on her rosacea-prone skin. She knew that, in order to accomplish this, she would need a product that would be free of all synthetics and chemicals, and contain nothing but natural ingredients that came straight from the earth. Each product is poured and packaged by hand and tested on humans, not animals. Continue reading [...]

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Eco Sevi Vegan Beauty Products

You know that a vegan beauty company, like Eco Sevi, really has the best interest of animals in mind when their line was originally intended as all natural products for the family dog! When owner Sevi began handcrafting products for her beloved German Shepherd, Mundo, it was not long until friends and family started making request for human products of the same grade. Continue reading [...]

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Wellinhand Vegan Beauty Products

Wellinhand Vegan Beauty Products offers an expansive line of vegan beauty needs that are backed by extensive affiliations and certifications. They have been certified cruelty-free and awarded the coveted seal by the Leaping Bunny, are a member of PETA, certified vegan by Vegan Action, are a founding member of the Green Products Alliance, are a member of the Natural Products Association and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Continue reading [...]

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Jill Stack Naturals Vegan Sunscreen

With summer coming, conscious consumers are looking for products that will both protect them from harmful rays from the sun, and be cruelty-free. Jill Stack Naturals vegan sunscreen fulfills both of those needs and contains gold! Why gold? Continue reading [...]

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Vibrant Naturals Vegan Beauty Products

With the philosophy that humans make better guinea pigs than actual guinea pigs, Vibrant Naturals vegan beauty products takes a natural approach to their vegan bath and body products. With no factory, the husband-and-wife team lovingly handcrafts their products to ensure that they meet the company standards of quality every step of the way. Continue reading [...]

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Hugo Naturals Vegan Beauty Products

Hugo Naturals vegan and cruelty-free beauty products proves that natural can still sound delicious. All of their products are made from natural, vegan ingredients that are free from parabens, sulfates, silicones, pthalates, synthetic surfactants, artificial colors and fragrances, and other nasty chemicals. Further, their products are all cruelty free, soy free and gluten free. Continue reading [...]

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Peter Lamas Vegan Beauty Products

When Peter Lamas set out to create his all natural, vegan beauty product line, it was after experiencing several tragedies at the hands of harsh chemicals. His mother was diagnosed with bone cancer after years of exposure to harsh chemicals at a paper mill and his three sisters were all diagnosed with breast cancer in their 40’s after regular exposure to chemical farm fertilizers. As the hairdresser for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, he regularly dyed her hair, only to find out that her doctors believed that her early diagnosis of, and ultimate demise from, Non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer was partly due to the chemicals from her hair dye Continue reading [...]

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Nature’s Gate Vegan and Vegetarian Beauty Products

Nature’s Gate vegan beauty products was founded with the idea that they would use nature as their inspiration. The original founders used to collect rainwater and blend it with herbs they found in their herb shop. Today, the same philosophy goes into the making of their vegan and vegetarian beauty products, and they still use natural ingredients in each of them. Continue reading [...]

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Yes To Vegetarian Beauty Products

Yes To vegetarian beauty products was founded with the idea that they wanted an effective line of natural skin and hair care products, as well as a company that is focused on positivity and offers reasonably priced products. Consisting of four main brand names, Nourishing (carrot), Soothing (cucumber), Clear Skin (tomato) and Age Referesh (Blueberry), Yes To has twice been awarded PETA’s “Best Beauty Brand." Continue reading [...]

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Golden Path Alchemy Vegan Beauty Products

Golden Path Alchemy Vegan Beauty Products has a very clear list of what they won't do. They won't test on animals, they won't use synthetic materials or chemicals in their beauty products, and they won't package their products in anything but recyclable glass and recycled labeling. Continue reading [...]

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Jason Vegan and Vegetarian Beauty Products

Jason vegetarian and vegan beauty products have been around since 1959, and have developed a product line that is free of animal by-products, synthetic colors and synthetic fragrance. Additionally, Jason vegetarian and vegan beauty products website states repeatedly that they do not engage in any animal testing in the development of their products. Continue reading [...]

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The Body Shop Vegan and Vegetarian Beauty Products – Not So Much

We have received word that The Body Shop sold themselves to L'Oreal cosmetics. L'Oreal cosmetics is not cruelty-free and even though The Body Shop continues to be cruelty free, we will no longer list them on this site because their parent company is not.
Continue reading [...]

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Dermae Vegan and Vegetarian Beauty Products

Dermae vegan and vegetarian beauty products are committed to providing its clients with products that are both effective and natural. Dermae vegetarian and vegan beauty products begun their journey to store shelves in the 1960’s, when the founding Stern family began to use Vitamin E as a topical application for skin health. Continue reading [...]

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Raw Gaia Beauty Products

With the raw food movement becoming more popular, many new companies are emerging with beauty and healthcare products made from raw and living ingredients. Raw foodists in the movement eat a diet that partially or completely consists of unprocessed raw food; usually vegan. They believe that cooking food above 115 degrees Fahrenheit destroys all of the natural enzymes in the food, thus causing it to lose its nutritional value.

Along those lines comes beauty lines using raw and living ingredients. Continue reading [...]

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MOOM Vegan Hair Waxing

With summer upon us, now is the perfect time to start getting your body ready for bathing suit season. Enter MOOM vegan body hair removal system; an organic, gentle, and effective alternative to harsh waxes, depilatories, and razors. Continue reading [...]

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Zosimos Botanicals Vegan Makeup

Zosimos Botanicals vegan makeup is a must-buy for those who not only love vegan makeup, but for those who love to support small businesses. Zosimos Botanicals has a strong commitment to environmental responsibility as, not only are their handcrafted cosmetics and skincare products all filled with plant-based, raw ingredients, but the studio out of which they work is 100% wind-powered. Continue reading [...]

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Kalliste Vegan Skincare

Kalliste organic and vegan skincare products is a line of eco-conscious products, in gorgeous, gift-worthy, packaging. And not only would this fashionable packaging spruce up any Easter Basket or Mother's Day morning, most of it is made of either recycled or biodegradable materials. Continue reading [...]

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Max Green Alchemy Vegan Makeup and Hair Care

Max Green Alchemy, a vegan makeup and hair product company, is a true gem to the vegan community. Their approach to beauty is simple; they should "respect our internal and external environments without sacrificing effectiveness or lowering expectations." Continue reading [...]

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The Morrocco Method Vegan Hair Care

Reading the credentials of Morrocco Method Raw and Vegan Hair Care is like stumbling across the resume of the perfect job candidate. They tout their product as being, "100% Natural, raw, vegan, Green, Wild Crafted Organic, and Fair Trade." Continue reading [...]

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OSEA Vegan Skin Care

With a simple philosophy of, "Safe cosmetics are a consumer's right and our earth's rightful due", OSEA brand vegan skincare line draws from the invigorating and healing properties of the ocean. Proudly proclaiming their line as both certified vegan and cruelty free, the company is also a fervent protector of the environment. Continue reading [...]

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Prtty Peaushun Skin Tightening Lotion

At first glance, it looks like this products creators forgot to hit "spell check" before they had the packaging printed for "Prtty Peaushun" skin tightening lotion (pronounced, simply, "pretty potion"), but this wonder lotion, raw and vegan, comes backed with an ability to do something for which many women vie: the ability to conceal minor imperfections on the body, while making the skin glow. Continue reading [...]

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Elemis Cruelty-Free, Vegetarian and Vegan Vitamin Rich Bath and Body Products

Elemis vitamin rich body lotion is made with all natural ingredients that are safe for vegans and vegetarians. Ingredients include carrot seed, wheat germ, sweet almond oil, minerals, phospholipids, and vitamins A, E, and beta-carotene.

Continue reading [...]

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Here are Some Great Cruelty-Free, Vegan Organic Body Lotions

Whole Foods has a great selection of Premium Body Care products made just for those looking for organic body lotions, including vegans, vegetarians, and individuals that opt for a cruelty free lifestyle. Continue reading [...]

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Lucky Tiger Peppermint Shampoo & Body Wash

Scented with pure peppermint oil, Lucky Tiger peppermint shampoo & body wash is made with vegan and vegetarian ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil, and rosemary extract. Continue reading [...]

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Hand Lotion

Some of the most effective hand lotion ingredients for healthy skin and a number of skin conditions include aloe vera, oatmeal, salicylic acid, rosemary, lavender, vitamin C, vitamin E, olive leaf, red clover, gotu kola, zinc, and omega 3 fatty acids. Continue reading [...]

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Some of Our Favorite Cruelty-Free Vegan and Vegetarian Soaps

Although there are many vegan and vegetarian soaps to choose from, some are more popular than others. Aunt Ann’s Garden Soap is an industry favorite. Continue reading [...]

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Cruelty-Free Acne Body Lotions

In addition to all natural and organic ingredients such as tea tree oil, chamomile, goldenseal, and hamamelis (all help fight acne-causing bacteria), acne body lotions may contain alcohol and either salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, or isotrenion. Continue reading [...]

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Not All Calamine Lotion is Cruelty-Free!