Vegan Men's Deodorant

Top Vegan Deodorants for Men

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Most men’s deodorants on the market not only contain extremely harmful ingredients for humans, they’re made in ways that hurt animals. Your typical men’s deodorant contains some animal ingredients and it’s tested on animals. Not good, in as far as we’re concerned.

We know that smelling good and fresh is a priority for many gentlemen (and ladies, but from our experience, sometimes men require deodorant more than women). But, we also feel that staying healthy and keeping animals alive is a bigger priority.

Which is why we’ve come up with a list of some cruelty-free, safe-ingredient men’s deodorants that we think you should try (or you should buy for the man in your life).


Herban Cowboy Maximum Protection Deodorant

Herban Cowboy Maximum Protection Deodorant is a deodorant marketed for men who want the ultimate cruelty-free and odorless body. It’s created to keep its wearer dry and smell free, but if you want to exude the scent of musk, forest, or the “Wild,” you can with one of the line’s fragranced options.

Tom’s Long-Lasting Men’s Deodorant

This men’s deodorant is just what it says it is. Long lasting. It’s clinically proven to give you 14-hour odor protection. And, it’s aluminum free, which we love. Tom’s Long-Lasting Men’s Deodorant is made with plant-based glycerin.

JASON Unscented Deodorant Stick for Men

JASON’s Unscented Deodorant Stick for Men uses cornstarch, baking soda, and zinc to neutralize odors. It also calls upon grapefruit seed extract to fight bacteria that can cause odor.

Kiss My Face Fragrance-Free Active Life Stick

Kiss My Face sells tons of cruelty-free skin care products. The brand’s Fragrance-Free Active Life Stick is one of many vegan products in a line that offers effectiveness and affordability.

Clinical Strength Certain Dri

Clinical Strength Certain Dri is a non-prescription, clinical strength deodorant that offers extra protection for extra sweaty bodies. This isn’t a deodorant we’ve seen in stores ourselves, so we’re thankful it’s available online.

Crystal Body Deodorant Stick for Men

If you like to keep your skin care products ultra pure, we recommend you go with Crystal Body’s Deodorant Stick for Men. This vegan deodorant is made with only natural mineral salts. It’s a great, clean, and proven-to-work way to eliminate body odor and animal use.

The good news about the growing vegan movement is more companies than ever are providing products we need to stay clean, and to make sure animals stay safe. We know that smelling good is important, but animals’ lives are too. So, join us in supporting these companies who are making cruelty-free deodorants and other essential cruelty-free skin care products.

Top Vegan Men's Deodorants
Article Name
Top Vegan Men's Deodorants
These deodorants are great for men because they come in masculine scents that often appeal to them. But, of course, they’re good for anyone who wants a cruelty-free, natural deodorant. All of these vegan deodorants help you stay odor free. We’re happy we found them!

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