Cruelty-Free Holiday Soap

Cruelty-Free and Vegan Holiday Soaps to Spice Up the Season

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It can be fun to infuse the magic of the holidays into every part of your home, including the soaps you use in your bathroom and kitchen. We’ve found some incredible, yummy-smelling vegan holiday soaps that you might want to buy to help spice up your house this season.

Try some of these incredible liquid soaps by the sink, and take the decadent bars with you into the bathtub or shower. Lather up with these luscious cruelty-free holiday soaps, and enjoy smelling and feeling sensational throughout the holiday season.

365 Everyday Value Foaming Hand Soaps

365 Everyday Value Foaming Hand Soaps are part of Whole Foods Market’s 365 Everyday Value line of products. During the holidays, the cheap and no-nonsense (when it comes to ingredients, not smell) soaps take on the magic of the season and come to you in fun scents like Peppermint Vanilla, Pumpkin Caramel, and Fig & Tea. These all-natural soaps are free from artificial ingredients and fragrances. They’re not tested on animals and they’re affordable for large-sized bottles.

Wink Soap

Wink Soap makes an amazing handmade bar of cruelty-free soap for the holidays that we think is great for the house or to give as a gift. Wink Soap’s Juniper Clove bar is natural, and it’s made with yummy ingredients like organic shea butter and luscious vegetable oils. The soap leaves your skin moisturized and soft, while letting you have some fun with the skin-cleansing process. Stay on the lookout this season for Wink Soap’s seasonal Pumpkin Spice soap, which we spotted last year just before the holidays.

Merry Mistletoe Soap from (

You can find Merry Mistletoe Soap in quite a few online natural, cruelty-free soap shops. We found a great deal on a 2-bar pack from Merry Mistletoe Soap is perfect for the holidays because it looks festive and offers a fragrance that most people associate with happy times. This bar soap is made with all-natural vegetable oils like Cedar Leaf, Fir, and Peppermint. It also contains 85% organic ingredients.

Vegan Cranberry Fig Soap

One of the most beautiful vegan holiday hand soaps we’ve seen is the Vegan Cranberry Fig Soap at The Soap Market, which sells via an Etsy shop. This pretty pink soap features intricate designs and details that we absolutely love. But, we especially appreciate the soap’s natural, cold-process production and cruelty-free ingredients like coconut oil and organic coconut milk.

We admit that it can be challenging to find a stunning, super smelling bar or bottle of vegan holiday soap. But, they are out there, so keep searching if you want varieties in addition to the ones we’ve mentioned. Etsy is a great place to find handmade vegan holiday soaps. And, Amazon offers some great choices for the season.

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Cruelty-Free and Vegan Holiday Soaps to Spice Up the Season
There are some incredible cruelty-free and vegan holiday soaps that you can use in the kitchen and the bath to spice up your holidays. We've made a list of them.

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