Renpure is a Vegan Drugstore and Department Store Line That Will Cleanse Your Body But Not Clean Out Your Wallet!

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Renpure believes in plant-based beauty, and they offer an extensive line of all-vegan, cruelty-free products to enhance your loveliness! These offerings are manufactured without the use of gluten, dyes, propylene glycol, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or formaldehyde. Instead, they’re comprised of such ingredients as tea tree oil, coconut, mint, argan oil, and shea butter. We guarantee you’ll be in heaven when you slather your body with these wholesome ingredients!

The company’s attractive website,, showcases a wide variety of products. Keep in mind that you can’t order directly from Renpure, but they’ll direct you to stores that sell the items showcased on their website. WalMart, Target, Walgreen’s, CVS, and Amazon offer Renpure’s products, as do several other outlets. You can find them almost anywhere, which is unusual for an all-vegan line.

We’re big fans of the Lavender Cleansing Conditioner, which retails for about $7.00, depending on store location. We love the soothing fragrance of lavender, as well as the smooth consistency of this product. It’s great for curly hair but can be used by everyone. This elixir tames frizz and helps replenish oils that can be lost due to environmental stresses. Your tresses will feel soft, healthy, and full.

If you like the invigorating scent of tea tree oil, you’ll love Renpure’s Tea Tree Mint Body Wash. A 24-ounce bottle retails for about $7.00, depending on which store you visit. The combination of mint and tea tree oil invigorates your senses while it cleanses your body. Your skin will retain the natural oils it needs to stay moisturized. A little dab will do you — this bottle will last forever!

Renpure also showcases a slightly more expensive, advanced line of products. Our favorite is the Extra Strength Argan Oil Shampoo. The price is only about $12.00 for a 16-ounce bottle. This terrific, vegan product is great for repairing split ends. It’s rated 5 stars on the company website, and you’ll soon be a fan, as well. Customers love the scent, the texture, and the overall effectiveness of this shampoo. It won’t irritate your scalp, and can even be used for your child’s hair.

Renpure offers many other products, as well, so be sure to check out their website. The company is socially conscious, as it partners with the Salvation Army to offer body care products for folks in need. In 2018, they donated over 80,000 personal care items to the Salvation Army, and they’re committed to giving even more in the event of a national disaster. This is an impressive vow, one we hope they won’t need to keep! Meanwhile, check out their vast array of offerings in the store of your choice.

Renpure is a Vegan Line That Will Cleanse Your Body While Helping the Planet
Article Name
Renpure is a Vegan Line That Will Cleanse Your Body While Helping the Planet
You'll love Renpure! It's all-vegan, gluten-free, inexpensive, and available in all of your favorite stores! This company is committed to high-quality offerings that won't harm you or the planet.

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