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What Lanolin is and Why it is Not a Cruelty-Free Ingredient

We were quite surprised recently when we found that several companies who reported being both cruelty-free and vegan not only had products containing lanolin, but did not realize the implications of supporting the wool industry. One company we spoke with directly even stated that lanolin was not an animal-derived product. While we understand that the area of animal welfare is always a learning process, this illustrates how important it is to closely read the ingredients list of products you use, despite the claims made by the company. Continue reading [...]
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5 Animal Ingredients That May Be in Your Beauty Products and Cosmetics; You May be Unpleasantly Surprised

So-called “cruelty-free” cosmetic companies are mighty sneaky in the way that they word things. They either disguise animal-based beauty product ingredients with alternate names (such as calling egg whites, “Albumen”), or use clever wording, “our finished beauty products are not tested on animals” (which usually means the ingredients were). Continue reading [...]
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Beauty Products and Makeup That You Might Think are Vegetarian or Vegan, But Aren’t

It is astonishing how many beauty products aren't vegetarian (let alone vegan); products that you would never in a million years think would have animal products in them. So if you are taking care to use vegan makeup or vegan beauty products (or vegetarian makeup or beauty products), it can be hard to be sure that a particular makeup or beauty product really is vegan or vegetarian. This page contains a list of products that are surpisingly not vegetarian or vegan, both within the article, and in the comments Continue reading [...]