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Fun Vegan Beauty Products for Spring

Welcome, Spring! While winter was fun, it’s now time to step out into the sunshine and show our vibrant faces. And healthy, glowing skin. What better way to do this than with help from some vegan beauty products? Continue reading [...]
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3 Amazing Vegan Luxury Perfumes

Even though there’s a nice selection of vegan perfumes on the market, sometimes it can be challenging to find a luxury fragrance. Many of the health markets don’t carry these products, but thankfully, companies selling on the Internet do. Continue reading [...]

Going Out for Valentine’s Day? Skin, Beauty, and Hair Products for a Big Valentine’s Day Date

Are you going out for a Valentine’s Day date this year? If so, check out the following list of vegan and cruelty-free products that will help you look, smell, and feel amazing for your special soiree. The products we’ve listed will help you with a complete Valentines’ Day skin, hair, and beauty routine so read up and figure out which ones you want to use. Then, get yourself to a Whole Foods or order the products today for tomorrow delivery. Trust us. You’ll be glad you did, because these goodies are going to have you feeling the beauty love long after Valentine’s Day is done. Continue reading [...]

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Gifts to Give for Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for a last-minute gift to give to a vegan for Valentine’s Day? If so, we have some ideas for you. We’ve put together a list of a few of our favorite vegan and cruelty-free skincare products, and all of these products will leave your loved one feeling, looking, or smelling loved and well cared for. Continue reading [...]

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Perfumes for Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking for a romantic perfume to wear this Valentine’s Day, or a sensual perfume to give to a special someone, consider the following vegan and cruelty-free fragrances. These perfumes let you, or your beloved, enjoy feeling loved and cared for while animals get to stay lovingly safe and protected. Continue reading [...]

‘Ohana Organics Vegan Body Butters, Tattoo Creams, and Solid Perfumes

We love the idea that all beautiful things come from love. This is true in so many circumstances in life, including in the making of ‘Ohana Organics skin care products. ‘Ohana Organics is a boutique skin care company that lovingly crafts body butters, salves, and solid perfumes that represent the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and draw from them as inspiration. It’s a line of products as pure as the Islands, one that hopefully will inspire you to seek out more beauty in your life. Continue reading [...]

Body Crystal of California Vegan Skincare and Beauty Products

Body Crystal of California is a vegan and cruelty-free company that we recently discovered, and we’re happy we did. This company sells animal-free, all-natural body splashes, fragrances, and deodorant stones that smell amazing and look cool too. Continue reading [...]

Lucy B. Apothecary Vegan Fragrances

Lucy B. Apothecary sells a vegetarian and cruelty-free line of perfumes (many are vegan) that gives you an outstanding selection of yummy-smelling scents. These fragrances are intoxicating, enticing, and luxurious. They’re made with natural ingredients that promote wellness on a physical, spiritual, and mental level. The Lucy B. Apothecary line offers holistic healing perfumes made with organic essential oils, which can be used to help balance your energies. Continue reading [...]
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Vegan Beauty Products for Holiday Parties

Looking for a vegan beauty product to spice you up a bit for an upcoming holiday party? We know some great ones. We thought you might want to hear about a glamorous body glitter, a heavenly hair product, and a perfect perfume that will leave you looking and smelling incredible for your holiday gatherings. Continue reading [...]
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Grasse Roots Perfumery Vegan Perfumes

Are you looking for a great vegan perfume? Turn to Grasse Roots Perfumery. Grasse Roots Perfumery manufactures lovely perfume oils and perfume balms in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. The company’s name comes from Grasse, France, which has long been thought of as the center of the perfume world. Continue reading [...]
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Vegan Perfumes to Give as Holiday Gifts

Are you thinking about giving a vegan perfume as a holiday gift this year? We’re considering it, even for our friends and family members who aren’t vegan. There are some amazing and luxurious perfumes on the market that anyone could love, whether they know about vegan beauty products or not. For vegans, receiving one of these cruelty-perfumes would be a double gift. They would have a sweet-smelling fragrance to wear and the animals they love wouldn’t be harmed. If you’re giving a vegan perfume to someone who doesn’t yet know about the cruelty involved in manufacturing most beauty products, perhaps your gift will be just what’s needed to prove that luxury and enjoyment can be had without hurting a living creature. Continue reading [...]
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2015 Vegan Beauty Product Gift Ideas

Have you begun shopping for holiday gifts? Whether you’re almost done or have yet to start, we think you might want to consider the following vegan beauty products for gift ideas. We’ve put together a little list of some of our favorite cruelty-free beauty items that we think your loved ones will adore as much as we do. Continue reading [...]
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Vegan Stocking Stuffers: Small-Sized, Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

Do you have a vegan that you’re celebrating Christmas with? One that loves yummy cruelty-free beauty products? We thought you might, so we put together a list of some vegan beauty and skin care items that are small enough to stuff into a stocking and fantastic enough to draw big smiles from your giftee. Continue reading [...]
Tsi-La Vegan Perfume

Tsi-La Vegan Perfume

If you think it’s important that your vegan fragrances are made with organic ingredients, you might want to take a look at Tsi-La. Tsi-La is a luxury perfumery that combines vegan and organic flower oils, and essences, with true Parisian-style artisanship. This company uses a proprietary blend of beneficial plant ingredients to give consumers perfumes that are good for the body, great smelling, and ultra high end. Continue reading [...]
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Vegan Beauty Products You Can Buy at Target

Even though it’s sometimes challenging to find vegan beauty products, we’re thrilled with the effort that many retailers are making to stock more vegan fragrances, cleansers, makeup, and other items for the skin. In particular, we love that Target now offers a fair amount of vegan beauty products, which means that we can get affordable things we need without having to wait for them to arrive in the mail. Continue reading [...]
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Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Products Box

How would you like to receive a box of beautiful, luxurious, vegan and cruelty-free beauty products on a regular basis? All products would be vetted for quality and ethical manufacturing. And, they would be some of the hottest, prettiest, and most nourishing products that you and your skin would ever see? This can be your reality when you sign up for a Petit Vour Beauty Box subscription. Want to know more? We thought you would. Continue reading [...]
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5 Natural Vegan Oils for the Body You Should Know About

If you’re looking for natural, vegan skin care products, some of the best are pure essential oils. Essential oils are usually single-oil or multi-oil products that are just that: oil. They don’t typically contain any other additives like parabens, synthetic ingredients, preservatives, or other lab-created substances. They’re almost always straight from nature (plants only) and they’re not tested on animals, unless you come across some funky product from a questionable brand. Essential oils are sourced from flowers, trees, shrubs, and other plants that offer beneficial properties for the skin. They’re essences that are good for you, so you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals (again, make sure they’re from a company that sells pure products). Continue reading [...]
Vegan Men's Fragrances

Top Vegan Men’s Fragrances

A good-smelling man is something to treasure, as is a man who cares about animals. For the delicious and caring man in your life (or for yourself, if you shop for your own scents), consider purchasing one of the following fabulous and cruelty-free men’s fragrances we’ve found. You can buy some of these scents at bigger natural health stores and often at beauty stores. But, if you can’t locate what you want near you, it’s easy to order them online. These cruelty-free fragrances are so amazing that we hope you’ll give one a try, and spice (or mint or vanilla) up your personal care routine while keeping animals safe. Continue reading [...]
Pacifica Beauty

Pacifica Beauty

Pacifica Beauty products are exactly what they’re advertised to be. All about beauty. They’re beautiful, cruelty-free products that are some of our favorites because they dispel the myth that natural, vegan products are by nature boring and simply utilitarian. The Pacifica Beauty line is one of our favorites because it offers amazing vegan beauty products that are beautiful themselves. From the colors of the line’s and eye shadows to the product’s packaging, Pacifica Beauty creates a stunning aesthetic that anyone, vegan or not, will surely go crazy over. Continue reading [...]
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Top Cruelty-Free Perfume Brands

If you’re like a lot of ladies, a dab of perfume on the neck and wrists can set you up for a fabulous day, or night. A fragrance applied as an accompaniment to the perfect outfit, or as your something sensual when you’re sporting jeans and a tee, can put a sultry smile on your face or a perk in your step. It’s nice to feel confident and good about yourself, and let animals keep feeling good too. Which is why we love to find vegan and cruelty-free perfume brands that we can turn to for any occasion. Continue reading [...]
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Level Naturals Vegan and Cruelty-Free Beauty Subscription Box

We recently wrote about how the Petit Vours Vegan and Cruelty-Free Subscription Makeup Box would be the perfect holiday gift for the vegan fashionista in your life. We found another excellent subscription box that, like Petit Vour, is vegan and cruelty-free, but is more focused on bath and body products; Level Naturals. Continue reading [...]
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The Perfect Holiday Gift for the Vegan Fashionista in Your Life: The Petit Vour Vegan and Cruelty-Free Monthly Makeup Box

Shopping for someone who is committed to a vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle, if it's not a lifestyle that you live, or if it's for someone who seems to have everything, can be difficult. Enter the Petit Vour box: a monthly box subscription of curated vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. The owner of Petit Vour, Madeline Alcott, is a vegan and self-described beauty enthusiast. She created Petit Vour after her own frustrating journey trying to find luxury beauty products that were both vegan and cruelty-free. Continue reading [...]
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Our 5 Most Coveted Vegan Beauty Items from The Orange Owl for Fall

We love The Orange Owl cruelty-free and completely vegan beauty product line, and not just because of the cute name. We also love it because founder Akshata Nayak started the company with being kind to animals and the environment in mind. Akshata practices what she preaches, literally. She currently owns a holistic health practice with her husband in Vermont. Continue reading [...]
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Lavanila Shows That Perfume Can Be Both Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Anyone who is vegan and/or a consumer of only cruelty-free products knows that it is difficult to find a fragrance that is both vegan and cruelty-free. So when we find products that meet the full criteria, such as Lavanila, we literally jump for joy. Continue reading [...]
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Our Favorite Cruelty Free Stocking Stuffers

Is cruelty-free Christmas shopping at the top of your "to do" list? Holiday shopping for the compassionate consumer is easier than ever, as compassionate companies produce holiday specific items, and smaller items that are perfect for popping in the stocking of your favorite animal lover. Continue reading [...]
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Holiday Home and Body Fragrance Products From the Always Cruelty-Free V’TAE

Whether we like it or not, the holidays are coming fast and we can tell by the fact that virtually every retailer out there is already putting out Christmas products. We can't deny that many diligent shoppers start their holiday shopping this early, so we thought we would bring you a few of our favorite stocking stuffer ideas from the company V'TAE. V'TAE offers vegetarian and cruelty-free products that feature the most delectable and sumptuous smelling products for which you could ask. Continue reading [...]
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Yummy Suds Vegetarian and Cruelty-Free Aromatherapy Mists

We love finding small businesses that make vegetarian and cruelty-free beauty products. Supporting small businesses is important to us because they know the importance of honoring their ethical commitments to their customers. They understand that this is how they keep their customers! Yummy Suds vegetarian and beauty products is one such company that exemplifies this philosophy. Continue reading [...]
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Dolma Vegan Perfume and Aftershave

While there seems to be an increase of options for vegan and vegetarian cosmetics, there seems to be less thought given to vegan fragrances. Dolma vegan perfumes and aftershaves promises products that are both vegan and cruelty-free. Continue reading [...]