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MOOM Vegan Hair Waxing

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With summer upon us, now is the perfect time to start getting your body ready for bathing suit season.  Enter MOOM vegan body hair removal system – an organic, gentle and effective alternative to harsh waxes, depilatories and razors.  MOOM is dedicated to not only providing a hair removal system that is animal-friendly and all natural, but to providing a hair removal option that doesn’t tear up your skin.  The ingredients in MOOM are all natural, gentle and moisturizing to the skin so that the skin is not irritated during hair removal.

MOOM utilizes the ancient art of sugar waxing, which dates back to ancient Egypt, and uses all-natural ingredients for hair removal.  A paste of sugar and other ingredients, such as lemon and essential oils, are used to make a paste that removes hair.  What is different about sugar pasting, as opposed to waxing, is that the paste is peeled off in the same direction of hair growth which makes the process less painful.  It also results in less hair breakage, and a smoother finish.

MOOM has a strong commitment to the environment, and ensures that they take every step they can to keep the environment in mind in the manufacturing and distribution of their products.  They are members of both the Beauty Without Cruelty organization and the Member of Natural Nutrition Food Association.  They refuse to use any sort of chemicals, dyes or synthetic materials in their products, and do not perform animal testing.  They also ensure that all of their containers and jars are made from recyclable materials.

MOOM is very upfront about the ingredients of their product, and it only contains: chamomile, lemon juice, tea tree oil, sugar and water. Further, MOOM hair removal system is USDA certified organic. Chamomile is used for its antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.  The lemon juice is also used to aide in keeping the wax site clean and free of bacteria.  Tea Tree Oil offers mild local anesthetic properties, and sugar offers natural preservatives.  Because these ingredients are so basic, the MOOM hair removal system is extremely water soluble, easily washing off after your session is complete.

MOOM is dedicated to finding skincare solutions that provide desired results, without sacrificing the health of your skin.  Because shaving can cut the surface of the skin, and depilatory creams are usually made of harsh chemicals, they are not the ideal product for the health-conscious consumer.  Further, the hair grows back fast, and because it is shaved off at a blunt, straight edge, it can appear even more coarse when it grows back.  Waxing curbs the coarse-looking grow back, but rips the skin and can cause severe inflammation and damage.  MOOM Hair Removal System holds on to the unwanted hair, not the surface of your skin, to remove the hair safely and without damage.  An exciting prospect indeed, for those who want to be bikini-ready without sacrificing their well being!  To learn more about MOOM, check them out here!

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