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Quality Vegan Cosmetics

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If you’re looking for quality vegan cosmetics and you’re not too sure about what qualifies as a truly vegan product, you might want to review the facts first before setting out to shop for truly vegan friendly beauty products.  There are a number of important considerations to keep in mind during your hunt for the perfect vegan eye shadow, foundation or lipstick.  Much like vegan foods, vegan doesn’t always mean that a product is 100% safe for every individual.  For example, vegan cookies are delicious, right?  And they manage to taste like, if not better than, conventional cookies, without the use of harmful chemicals or animal ingredients, correct?  Well, vegan cookies are still loaded with calories and sugar, so assuming that vegan = healthy and/or “safe” is a bad idea!

Vegan Cosmetics and Chemicals

When searching for quality vegan cosmetics, it is important to understand the meaning of “vegan cosmetics”.  Vegan cosmetics are cruelty free cosmetics.  These cosmetics do not contain animal ingredients, nor have they been tested on animals.  This means that the products are safe for vegans and vegetarians under the rules of veganism and vegetarianism.  This does not mean that vegan products do not contain chemicals.  Although not as harsh as the chemicals used in conventional products, some vegan cosmetics may contain certain chemicals, or a combination of natural and chemical preservatives.  Natural preservatives such as essential oils and Vitamin C are commonplace in the world of vegan manufacturing, but glycerin (i.e. glycerol, an alcohol) or sodium benzoate may be used as well.

When purchasing vegan products, simply check the label to find out if the product is “all-natural” vegan or just “vegan”.  If it’s just vegan, it’s best to read through the ingredients list, if you prefer 100% chemical-free vegan cosmetics.  Some labels will also include “cruelty-free” or “cruelty free”.

All Natural Vegan Cosmetics vs. Vegan Cosmetics

High quality vegan cosmetics can be 100% natural, or contain certain chemicals.  The difference between all natural vegan cosmetics and vegan cosmetics is this:  all natural, vegan cosmetics contain no chemicals whatsoever, no preservatives, no artificial coloring and no synthetic ingredients.  These ingredients have not been tested on animals and of course, their product has not been tested on animals.  While vegan cosmetics follow the same standards for animal testing, some vegan cosmetics can (and do) contain some chemicals.

Vegan Certification

High quality vegan products may carry several “certified vegan” seals/logos.  It is important to keep in mind that the certification process may vary slightly between agencies.  For example, some vegan certification agencies will award the certified vegan seal to products that contain trace amounts of contamination. What this means is, although shared machinery may be cleaned between vegan and non-vegan batches of any given product, the products might still contain trace amounts of animal products.  That said, many Vegan certification agencies feel that denying vegan certification based on possible contamination is more harmful to the cause than helpful.  One final thing to consider about the certified vegan seal:  the seal does not mean that the product is 100% safe or 100% natural.

High Quality Vegan Cosmetics

High quality vegan cosmetics are available through more cosmetics companies than you might think.  Brands that continually make the list of best vegan products include:  Beauty Without Cruelty, Apothecary Blend and Sevi Cosmetics, to name just a few.  For a list of additional vegan cosmetics companies and product reviews, continue browsing through our site.

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