Beauty Without Cruelty: Vegan Aromatherapy For Over 50 Years!

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Beauty Without Cruelty has serious staying power. This vegan, cruelty-free company began in the UK, and has existed for over 50 years! BWC has been US-based since 1989. Founded in 1963 by the trustees of the BWC charitable trust (an animal welfare organization), the company manufactures a huge variety of body care and cosmetic products, from shampoo to lip gloss. It’s certified by the Vegan Society, so vegans can use every item with confidence. Vegetarians will love this outfit, as well!

Take a peek at BWC’s website,, and you’ll be bowled over by the sheer volume of their offerings. You won’t know where to begin. Start with their Aromatherapy Hair Care Daily Benefits Conditioner ($13.95). It’s free from parabens and synthetic fragrances. This cleansing elixir is fortified with such ingredients as sage, chamomile, and rosemary extracts, as well as aloe vera leaf juice. You can use this pH balanced product on a daily basis. For best results, follow with the Aromatherapy Hair Care Moisture Plus Conditioner ($13.95). You’ll love the excellence and affordability of both products.

We all need a good, go-to daily body lotion, and you can’t go wrong with BWC’s Body Care Sweet Lavender ($12.95). This premium aromatherapy product features — you guessed it — sweet lavender. Who can resist the scent? Not us! Other ingredients include the rich emollients shea butter, jojoba, and kukui nut oil. Aloe vera completes the mix, making for an exceptional product. You’ll love the feel of this lotion on your body as it helps create smooth, supple skin. You can use it anywhere on your body. Like all of the company’s products, this offering is vegan, and its ingredients are never tested on animals.

BWC offers a full complement of cosmetics, including an impressive, affordable lipstick line. Their Infusion Lipsticks ($23.95) will wow you with their luxurious combination of vegan waxes and gorgeous colors, all made without carmine or other animal-based ingredients. These 14-ounce tubes come in such dynamic shades as Reckless Ruby, Wild Watermelon, and Warm Pecan. Pick a variety of colors to complement your moods!

As previously noted, everything this company offers is vegan-friendly. BWC is one of the pioneers of the modern movement towards plant-based, animal-friendly companies. Its commitment to animal welfare has helped to change the course of history. If you have special skin care needs, be sure to check out the “Frequently Asked Questions” tab. You can also feel free to write the company if you have questions or concerns.

Beauty Without Cruelty: Vegan Aromatherapy For Over 50 Years!
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Beauty Without Cruelty: Vegan Aromatherapy For Over 50 Years!
Beauty Without Cruelty is true to its name! Vegan body care and cosmetic offerings of the highest quality, made to pamper and nourish your body. The company's attention to aromatherapy makes these products a standout!

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