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EcoBella’s Leave-On Invisible Exfoliant and Blemish Remedy for Pimples

All of the posts on this blog focus on vegan and cruelty-free skincare, but we always try to find natural and organic skincare products to share with you too. We love taking care of animals and keeping them safe, and we want to help you keep yourself healthy by telling you about gentle cleansers, moisturizers, and the like that you can put on your skin. Today we want to talk to you about EcoBella, a vegan and cruelty-free brand that makes a range of natural products. In particular, though, we want to rave about EcoBella’s Leave-On Invisible Exfoliant and Blemish Remedy. This 100% cruelty-free blemish treatment contains powerful, certified organic ingredients that help you banish pimples and keep your face in healthy condition so that they don’t come back. And, it helps animals stay safe, because there is no testing done whatsoever on this product. Continue reading [...]
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Natural Vegan Acne Products

For people who suffer from acne, finding the right product to keep pimples under control is a top priority. But, many of these people, like you, make keeping animals safe a priority too. Thankfully, if you have acne you can get the relief you need without buying a product that contains animal ingredients, or harms animals. There are dozens of vegan and cruelty-free acne cleansers, astringents, and lotions that will help your skin and help animals keep their lives. Continue reading [...]
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Vegan Skincare for Acne

If you need an acne product for your skin, and you’re vegan, take comfort in knowing that there are some amazing products out there that can help you. Vegans often have a challenging time finding the specialized beauty products that they need. Which is sad, but we’re seeing so many cruelty-free companies jump into the market that we’re encouraged too. People from teens to adults often deal with skin conditions like acne. It doesn’t matter if you’re vegan or not. We’ve dealt with our share of skin difficulties too. We know that taking care of our skin is essential, but it needs to be approached with a mindset that also takes care of other living creatures. These needs are why we’ve put together a list of top cruelty-free acne products. We want you to have what you need to take care of your face and also to keep living your life cruelty free. Continue reading [...]
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Mullein and Sparrow: Luxury Beauty Products that are Vegan and Cruelty Free

Anyone who says you compromise luxury when you only use vegan and cruelty-free beauty products has clearly never heard of Mullein & Sparrow luxury vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. Mullein & Sparrow is a Brooklyn-based skin, body and hair care company that makes small batches of high quality products with high quality ingredients. Continue reading [...]
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Exposed Acne Skin Care – Cruelty-Free Skin Care for Acne

Exposed Skin Care team consists of dermatologists, chemists, and other skin care professionals that work together with one goal in mind – to help acne sufferers eliminate acne for good. According to the official Exposed Skin Care website, the company's acne treatment system is currently considered one of the worlds most successful. Continue reading [...]