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Vegan Products for Your Face and Skin

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Vegan products for your face and skin can be purchased through a large number of cruelty-free, vegan companies around the world.  There are literally hundreds of vegan companies and vegan retailers to choose from, so it would be impossible to list them all here.  What we can do is list some of the most popular vegan companies around the world.  Just a few of the most popular vegan, cruelty-free companies are:  Beauty Without Cruelty, Avalon Organics, and Pangea Vegan Beauty Products.

Beauty Without Cruelty
Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC) was founded in 1963 in England.  The trustees of BWC Charitable Trust, an animal welfare organization, came together for a common goal – to manufacture and distribute natural, color cosmetics that were not tested on animals and products that did not contain any animal ingredients.  Beauty Without Cruelty offers a full line of cruelty-free vegetarian/vegan skin, body and hair care products made from natural ingredients and organic aroma-therapeutic essential oils.  Beauty Without Cruelty’s full line of color cosmetics reaches across all lines, in order to meet the beauty needs of all women.

Beauty Without Cruelty Products may be purchased from your local natural foods retailer, and at some drug stores and vitamin shops.  You can also purchase BWC products online directly from the Beauty Without Cruelty website:

Avalon Organics
Founded in 1989, Avalon Organics is a producer of bath and body care products.  Formerly called Avalon Natural Products, Avalon Organics creates pure bath and body care products without compromising the health and safety of animals or the environment.  The company is inspired by organic agriculture and the ongoing cause of sustainability.  Avalon Organic uses only 100% vegetarian ingredients and it rejects all animal testing.

Avalon Organics products are formulated without parabens, harsh preservatives, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates, formaldehyde donors (e.g., diazolidinyl urea), known carcinogens, mutagens and teratogens or grapefruit seed extract.  The company offers the following argument for its decision to exclude grapefruit extract from all of its products.

In addition to a long list of vegan products for face and skin such as fragrance free body care lotions, cleansers, toners, moisturizers and intensives, Avalon Organics also sells bath and shower products, soaps, shave products and a line called “COQ10,” “Lavender” and “Vitamin C.”  The company also produces shampoos, conditioners and fragrance free hair care products, as well as products for babies such as cleansers, moisturizers and skin protection.

Avalon organics is mostly vegan.  The vegetarian ethic allows for the use of humanely derived milk, honey, beeswax and lanolin, but only a very limited number of Avalon Organics products contain one of these ingredients.  This means that the following Avalon Organics products do not meet vegan guidelines:

Lipcare 18 SPF: Beeswax, Lanolin
Terra Tints: Beeswax
Sugar Cane Body Polish: Honey

Natural Lip Balm: Beeswax, Lanolin
Multi-Purpose Jelly: Beeswax

Pangea Vegan Beauty Products

Pangea Vegan Beauty Products has an extensive list of vegan products and lotions for face and skin ranging from extract lotions and organic treatments to dry skin therapy and cellulite oil.  Pangea sells NOW Neem oil and Shea Butter, ShiKai products, Dessert Essence Organics, Birch products, Avalon Organics, Glitter Girl Body Lotion, Beauty Without Cruelty Renewal Moisture Lotion and Malcolms Miracle Treatment.  Just a few top sellers include ShiKai, NOW and Dessert Essence.

Pangea Beauty Products may be purchased online through the company’s “Vegan Store.”  Customers can shop for vegan cosmetics by type or by brand.  You may also order from The Vegan Store by phone by calling 1-800-340-1200.

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