We Bet You Didn’t Know That Seventh Generation Manufactures Vegan Body Care Products!

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You’ve probably purchased Seventh Generation’s toilet paper, detergent, or household cleaners. Still, you most likely don’t realize that they also manufacture a small line of organic, vegan body care products. We were surprised, as well! Products are cruelty-free, natural, and made without animal ingredients. This 30-year-old company is on a mission to be a steward of the earth. They’re certified by the Rainforest Alliance and a leader in the Come Clean Fight for Ingredient Disclosure. You can bet they’re extremely scrupulous about their own ingredients.

Read more about Seventh Generation on their website, www.seventhgeneration.com, as their achievements are too numerous to list here. Throughout your search for environmentally sustainable household products, you’ll find links to vegan body care items. Please note that you will not be purchasing directly through the site, but from brick-and-mortar stores and third-party vendors. The company website will direct you to the location of local stores and the sites of online vendors. You’ll be delighted by the reasonable prices!

Seventh Generation offers six different types of hand washes, including an unscented variety, at approximately $4.00 for a 12-ounce container. The scented ones are tantalizing and exotic. You’ll love the Hibiscus and Cardamom variety, which sources honest ingredients like bergamot and orange peel oil. No dyes or triclosan are used in this product. Great for your entire family!

The company’s popular Coconut Care Body Wash retails for about $20.00, depending upon which outlet you use. It’s great for babies, but can pamper any kind of skin. This sudsy elixir is clinically tested and made from coconut oil, so you know it’s super mild! Reviews of the product are effusive. One customer wrote, “Not only does it smell amazing and tropical, but it’s so easy to use on my sons during bath time! It lathers up nicely and best of all, it washes off easily and doesn’t leave any greasy, oily type of residue! Both of my sons’ skin smelled wonderful all day and night long.” We think you’ll agree!

When you purchase products from Seventh Generation, you’re supporting a company with a long track record of integrity. Their products do not contain synthetic dyes or fragrances. They utilize packaging developed from recycled materials. One of their statements says it all: “We consider our products’ entire life cycle, and work to minimize our impact on people and planet.” All ingredients are 100% plant-based, and none of the ingredients are ever tested on animals. You really can’t go wrong with such an ethical company!

We Bet You Didn't Know That Seventh Generation Manufactures Vegan Body Care Products!
Article Name
We Bet You Didn't Know That Seventh Generation Manufactures Vegan Body Care Products!
Seventh Generation is more than just toilet paper and detergent! The company also manufactures a few high-quality, vegan body care products. Check them out!

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