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Discover Ecco Bella Vegan Makeup

Enjoy luxurious feeling vegan makeup from Eco Bella, a company offering beautiful beauty products to protect people, animals and the planet. Ecco Bella is a top vegan makeup brand because, of course, it’s cruelty free. But, it’s also a rich line with superior quality. Continue reading [...]

Eco Bella Vegan Spring Makeup Must-Haves

Spring has made us want to renew our makeup collection and routine, so we set out to discover some vegan beauty brands for inspiration. What we found was an eco and animal friendly cosmetics line that offers all we need to look and feel refreshed. This was exactly what we wanted for a new season. Continue reading [...]
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Water Free Herbal Lotions by Ecco Bella Botanicals

Water free herbal body lotion by Ecco Bella is available in vanilla herbal, grapefruit herbal, lavender herbal, and lemon verbena. This vegan lotion treats dry skin, flakiness, and irritation with gentle ingredients such as safflower oil and calendula. Continue reading [...]
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Ecco Bella Botanicals

Established in 1992, Ecco Bella Botanicals is a cosmetics, skin care, and hair care company that does not use animal testing for its products. Ecco Bella Botanicals also uses organic materials in its cosmetics and the company also supports ethical farmers. Continue reading [...]