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The 5 Top Rated Vegetarian and Cruelty Free ‘Too Faced’ Products in the Makeup Community

Now that Tarte Cosmetics is no longer a cruelty free company, many former Tarte cosmetic users are jumping to Too Faced vegetarian and cruelty-free cosmetics. Too Faced was founded by husbands Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson, 15 years ago. Both men got their start in the cosmetic and fashion industry, before coming together to create Too Faced, so named for Jerrod's pet name for the women who would go from sweet to stressed whenever he was out of their favorite makeup product. Continue reading [...]
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Animal Testing and What are Animal Rights?

Animal testing can be used for everything from drugs to food products to makeup. It is estimated that worldwide anywhere between 50-100 million animals or vertebrates are used each year in experiments and testing. Continue reading [...]