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Vegan and Cruelty-Free Products to Treat Kids’ Eczema

Kids get eczema for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, something in the diet is causing the rashing and itchiness. At other times, stress or the environment surrounding the child (household cleaners, pesticides on lawns, and detergents) leads to breakouts. If you have a child who suffers from eczema, it’s best to work with a health professional to determine the cause of the condition. While you’re trying to get your child healthy, you can turn to the following vegan and cruelty-free products to soothe your little one’s skin. Continue reading [...]
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Hair & Bodywash by California Baby

California Baby shampoos & bodywashes are also tear-free (naturally) and they can also be used for the face. All California shampoo & bodywash varieties come with hair conditioners. Continue reading [...]
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California Baby

California Baby has a wide range of essential oil blends that are pure “aromatherapy quality” essential oils. The oils are pesticide free, and thoroughly tested for purity. Continue reading [...]