Sparitual Vegan Nail Polishes and Nail Care Products

Sparitual’s motto is “Slow Beauty for a Fast World.” We love that. We love the fact that in today’s mass-produced and mass-marketed society, we can find easy, gentle, and calming products that treat our bodies, and the bodies of animals, with respect and care. Shel Pink created Sparitual in 2004. She launched the brand with a clear mission in mind, to enlighten the consumer about natural and vegan skincare. From the beginning, she made many heads turn in the spa industry with her innovation and forward thinking. The intention for Sparitual was to offer products that honored the collective body, mind, and spirit. Apparently, the masses agree that a busy and complicated world doesn’t need to include mindless, and unsafe, skincare and beauty products. Continue reading [...]
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SpaRitual Vegan Nail Polish and Nail Care Products

SpaRitual vegan beauty care is an eco-conscious beauty and spa product company that offers more than just your run-of-the-mill potions and lotions that promise to make you prettier. They are a lifestyle company that is committed to offering enlightenment to all of its devoted customers. Continue reading [...]