Cruelty-Free Beauty Brush

Cruelty-Free Beauty Brushes

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If you’re vegan, you probably check every cosmetic you buy to make sure it doesn’t contain animal ingredients. You likely also research the company to be certain it doesn’t test its products on animals.

While you’re making sure all of your beauty products are animal and cruelty free, are you also analyzing your beauty brushes?

Synthetic is Better

Did you know that while many beauty brush companies who manufacture with animal hair say their products are more effective, and more luxurious, they’re actually not? Synthetic beauty brushes are really top of the line. Aside from allowing animals to stay free from harm, buying a synthetic beauty brush is better for your health and more worth your money.

Here’s why…

  • Synthetic beauty brushes repel bacteria better than those made with animal hair (animal hair is porous and traps bacteria)
  • Synthetic brushes are easier to clean
  • Synthetic brushes shed less bristles, if they do at all
  • Synthetic beauty brushes are better for people with allergies

Synthetic beauty brushes work well on cream and powder makeup products. In fact, many beauty professionals prefer using synthetic brushes because they don’t absorb as much makeup, which can stain and ruin the brush.

Cruelty-Free Brush Companies

Wondering which beauty brush companies manufacture brushes that are cruelty free and made without animal hair? Here are a few of the top ones.

Some of you might be wondering if companies who manufacture animal hair beauty brushes actually kill the animal. We’re not completely sure of the process that these companies go through to obtain the animal hair, but we’re pretty sure the animals did not approach them and request a haircut.

We want animals to be left alone and their body parts not be used for our pleasure. We believe animals’ right to life is more important than humans’ love of wearing makeup.

To support our animal friends, and to look beautiful with your makeup, please shop from one of the cruelty-free makeup brush companies we mentioned the next time you need a new brush.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Brushes
Article Name
Cruelty-Free Beauty Brushes
We want to encourage you to choose synthetic options the next time you go shopping for makeup brushes. We would love for you to help us build up the market for cruelty-free beauty brushes, so that animals can keep their hair and we can benefit too.

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