Vegan Deodorants to Keep You Fresh for Summer

For many people, summer’s heat leads to sweating, which leads to armpits that don’t smell so fresh. If you’re one of the folks that can use a bit of help keeping your underarms smelling nice, or at least not bad, thankfully you can turn to any of the following vegan and cruelty-free deodorants. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Perfumes for Summer

During summer, it’s fun to have a variety of light and airy vegan perfumes to wear. Sunny days and idyllic nights call for fragrances that bring thoughts of coconut, the tropics, and beautiful flowers. Continue reading [...]

Natural Vegan Teeth Whitening Products

Shiny white teeth are possible without putting dangerous chemicals in your mouth and without harming animals. The dentist might not tell you so, but the following products were made by companies who want to believe the possibility. And, to embrace it by purchasing their vegan, cruelty-free, and natural teeth whiteners. Continue reading [...]