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7 Vegan Beauty Products to Try

It’s time for another vegan beauty products roundup. Our newest collection of cruelty-free options includes shampoos, hand lotions, beauty brushes and more. It’s a selection of some of the best brands out there that are putting out amazing goodies we want to fill our cosmetics bags and bathrooms with now. Continue reading [...]
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3 Amazing Vegan Luxury Perfumes

Even though there’s a nice selection of vegan perfumes on the market, sometimes it can be challenging to find a luxury fragrance. Many of the health markets don’t carry these products, but thankfully, companies selling on the Internet do. Continue reading [...]

Essential Oils to Harmonize the Mind and Body

Using essential oils is a great way to bring harmony to the mind and body. This type of healing, called aromatherapy, can promote a peaceful mental and physical state and offer balance for the body’s systems. As we breathe in certain scents that have distinct harmonizing properties, we can facilitate a positive change in the mind and body. Continue reading [...]