Dr Bronner's Liquid Soap

18 Ways to Use Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soaps

Since Dr. Bronner’s “18-in-1” soaps claim to be good for as many uses, we wanted to find out how we could capitalize. We already the company’s Pure Castile Soap in Peppermint to wash our hair, cleanse our face, clean our hands and launder our clothes. The all-purpose, all-vegan and all-natural liquid concoction does wonders for brushing teeth (so we’ve heard) and it’s got to be perfect for other things (so we think, as dos the brand). Continue reading [...]

3 Vegan Mineral Makeup Foundations and Bases to Check Out

If you lighten up your makeup routine like we do when the weather starts to get heavy and hot, we think you’ll love the mineral bases we recently found. They’re vegan and all natural, and many of them are made with organic ingredients. And, they go on just like a feather, providing coverage without cake. Continue reading [...]

Eco Bella Vegan Spring Makeup Must-Haves

Spring has made us want to renew our makeup collection and routine, so we set out to discover some vegan beauty brands for inspiration. What we found was an eco and animal friendly cosmetics line that offers all we need to look and feel refreshed. This was exactly what we wanted for a new season. Continue reading [...]