Neom Organics Natural and Vegan Beauty Products

Neom Organics offers vegan perfumes and body care products of the luxurious sort. These fragrances and bath items are all natural too, making them a great discovery amidst a sea of things that are either not good for us or not good for animals. Continue reading [...]

Top 20 Vegan Beauty Products to Buy from Thrive Market

If you haven’t ordered from Thrive Market yet, you should. Get yourself over to the website right now (or, better yet, after you see our list of must-buy vegan beauty products below), and then purchase something vegan and wonderful to be shipped directly to your door. Continue reading [...]

2 Vegan Ingredients to Look For in Skincare

As you're scouring the labels of skincare products to make sure they're all vegan, you might as well check for some good-for-you vegan ingredients. Some lotions, cleansers and hair care products contain plant-based add-ins that actually help keep your body nourished and thriving. Continue reading [...]