Why Your Skincare Must Be Natural in Addition to Being Vegan

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Do you know if your skin care products are good for you? They might be vegan, but are the keeping you safe while they keep animals safe? Some people don’t know if the ingredients in their skincare products are harming them.

Most people use some sort of products on their skin, whether it’s soap, cleanser, moisturizer, oil, or something else. Many times, these skin care products are toxic. If you want to treat your skin and your entire body well, make sure you’re using natural skin care products.

A lot of the bottles and jars of lotion, cleanser, facial serums, and even deodorants that are advertised as healthy really aren’t. They’re filled with chemicals that may lead to serious health issues. And, some of them are actually giving your skin the exact problems you might be trying to avoid.

In order to protect your skin and your body from damage, while staying committed to a vegan lifestyle, look at every beauty product you own and make sure it’s all natural and free from toxic ingredients. Here’s why:

Toxic Chemicals Add up With Everyday Use

There are hundreds of exfoliating scrubs, wrinkle creams, eye potions, masks, and other products out there that don’t belong anywhere near human skin. They’re sitting on shelves and they’ve passed some sort of criteria, but that doesn’t mean they’re good for you.

Every day, the average consumer puts at least 10 products on her skin. Which means if she’s not choosing her products right, she could be taking in more than 120 chemicals within just 24 hours. That’s a lot of junk food ingested topically in a short amount of time.

Our skin is like a sponge. It absorbs everything that’s put into it. It’s alarming to know that the FDA actually states that some of the ingredients in beauty products are only deemed safe in “small doses.” A lifetime of using these products doesn’t seem like a small dose to me.

What About Wrinkles and Dry Skin?

Quite often, a consumer chooses a beauty product because it makes a certain claim. Some lotions are supposed to moisturize dry skin. Creams are touted as miracle cures for wrinkles. Many facial toners are advertised as the best products to heal acne or remove impurities from the skin.

But, often people don’t realize that beauty companies don’t have to prove any of this. And, some consumers don’t look to see if ingredients in these products will be doing more harm than a wrinkle or pimple every could.

So, what do you do when you want to have healthy, radiant skin?

You opt for natural skin care products. And, you allow them to work naturally with your skin to maintain proper oil balance and suppleness. You drink lots of water and eat healthily.

What is Natural Skin Care?

Using natural skin care products is the best way to have healthy skin. Natural products are made from ingredients from the earth, and they’re gentle. Typically, a natural skin care product will include plant essences and oils, fruit and vegetable extracts, maybe some clay, and a few other easy-on-the-skin goodies.

A plant-based natural skin care product will gently clean your skin and hydrate it slightly, in case it’s been dried out from harsh weather. It will not do more damage that what may have existed in the first place.

Since the FDA does not regulate the words “natural” and “all natural,” you have to do your own research to make sure that the beauty products you choose really are what they say they are. You have to check the ingredient label of everything you buy. A natural product should not have anything synthetic in it. Use the Internet or your smartphone to help you look up ingredients if you need to.

Why Use Natural Skin Care?

Our skin is a living, breathing organ. And, just like any other organ, the it needs proper nourishment in the form of vitamins, minerals, and other phytonutrients. These “foods” are abundant in nature. They’re available to you in natural skin care.

Scientific research proves that natural skin care products have tangible benefits that support and restore the skin’s natural function.  Human skin has the incredible capacity to take care of itself, if given the right conditions and tools.

The primary goal, when using any skin care product or cosmetic, must be to support and encourage the body to heal itself. It can, if coached.

The skin care products we put on our body have the capacity to sustain health or hinder it. When you choose a product because you want to feel and look your best, make sure your choice is not working counter to your original intention.

What goes on our skin interacts with our bodies at a cellular level. Opt for products from nature that have no way of harming you. I have never heard of an apple orange doing damage to anyone, internally or externally. Do these fruits work to strip away dead skin when you need them to? They sure do. And, they smell great.

How Natural Skin Care Works

The skin’s needs are actually pretty basic.  The only products that it requires to stay healthy is water, a gentle plant-based cleanser, and a bit natural lotion on occasion. Depending on lifestyle, extra hydration might be needed or you might want a scrub to slough off hardened dead skin.

Most everything else that beauty companies sell is simply wasted money. Many beauty products actually take away the skin’s ability to keep itself in balance and healthy.

An important thing to remember when choosing skin care products is that there are no quick fixes. In nature, things take time. Issues with the human body take time to improve. So ignore any fast paths to wellness when it comes to beauty products. And, keep in mind that constant and consistent nurturing of your skin, with gentle products, is all it takes to turn around many adverse conditions.

Natural skin care products encourage the skin to strengthen its own remarkably-effective processes over time. They don’t mask imbalances for immediate gratification.

Natural skin care products gently lift dirt and substances accumulated on the skin, and then they provide the precise amount of hydration the skin needs until it can relearn to hydrate itself.

Natural skin care products don’t do work that the skin knows how to do by itself. And, they don’t create an addiction pattern in which skin becomes reliant on something unnatural. That’s what happens with many cleansers.

Harsh cleaners strip natural oils from the skin, leaving it dry, and then the dry skin overcompensates by producing a lot of oil. Which in turn leads many people to think they have oily skin and they need to start using more drying cleansers. It’s an unhealthy pattern that won’t occur with most natural skin care products.

Natural skin care products allow the skin to balance and renew itself. If your skin is older and has a few wrinkles, there are a couple of great natural helpers that can make lines look less prominent. But, I see wrinkles as a sign of a full life lived. I’ll take a wrinkle here or an occasional blemish there any day, over poisoning my skin with harsh chemical ingredients.


Why Your Skincare Must Be Natural in Addition to Being Vegan
Article Name
Why Your Skincare Must Be Natural in Addition to Being Vegan
Do you know if your skin care products are good for you? They might be vegan, but are the keeping you safe while they keep animals safe? Some people don’t know if the ingredients in their skincare products are harming them.

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