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Where to Find Cruelty-Free Vegan Hair Dye

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Vegan cruelty-free hair dye can be found through an impressive number of cruelty-free hair care and cosmetics companies.  These products are made without harm to animals or the environment.  Although there are many vegan cruelty-free hair dye companies available, several seem to be the most popular choices for individuals that want to do their part to keep animals safe, and help preserve the environment.  These popular cruelty-free companies include:

  • Atlantis Hair Color
  • Avigal Henna
  • Herbatint

Although they are vegan, cruelty-free, and of course, vegetarian-friendly, some hair coloring products may still contain chemicals that may not agree with all consumers. For example, Herbatint is much less harsh on the hair than conventional hair dye, but it may still contain a peroxide, emulsive agents and number of preservatives.  One of the few types of hair color that does not contain chemicals is Henna.  One of the top Henna hair coloring products is Avigal Henna.

Avigal Henna products are cruelty free, and they are made from 100% henna.  Henna comes from the henna tree (Lawsonia inermis).  The tree grows in North Africa, India and in other hot, arid regions.  The foliage from the henna tree has been used for centuries to dye cloth and the skin.  Today, companies like Avigal Henna use henna to create hair dyes that do not include the harmful chemicals that many conventional hair color products use.  It is believed that the chemicals used to manufacture conventional hair color products can cause everything from brain tumors to neurological problems.  Avigal prides itself on using only 100% henna to produce a 100% all natural hair color line.

Avigal Henna uses the new shrubs of the Lawsonia plant to create natural hair coloring and highlights.  When mixed with hot water and applied to the hair in a paste mixture, the leaves, roots, and stems of the Lawsonia plant create subtle and natural highlights without chemically altering the structure of the hair, and without the drying effects harsh chemical dyes can have.  Avigal Henna products are safe to use on all hair types, whether bleached, permed, tinted or virgin.  Besides using 100% all-natural, chemical-free henna, Avigal Henna has a number of other benefits.  Avigal Henna products:

Add body, texture, and bounce
Condition dull hair that has been abused by chemicals
Help maintain a clean scalp
Control split ends
Add overall glow
Help neutralize excessive oiliness
Strengthen hair
Contain no food dyes

Avigal Henna is available in twelve shades, plus natural.  The product color line includes:  hazel, champagne, strawberry blond, brown, copper, burgundy, topaz, cognac, mahogany, red, auburn and black.  Natural can be used on any hair color, including gray, for a shiny, highlight effect.

Avigal Henna is available for purchase online through the official Avigal Henna website. You can also order write, fax or order Avigal Henna products by phone:

Avigal Henna
PO Box 1904
Long Island City, NY 11101
Phone: 718-361-3123
Fax: 718-786-3291
Toll Free: 1-866-O-AVIGAL (1-866-628-4425)

All Avigal Henna products come packaged in airtight canisters to retain the freshness of the natural henna powders.

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