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Lipsense Vegan, Cruelty-Free Lip Color

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LipSense® Long Lasting Lipstick by SeneGence is an innovative lip color that does not use waxes and emulsifiers. Because emulsifiers and waxes cause lip color to feather, bleed into lip lines, and stick to teeth, cups, food, and the cheeks of anyone you kiss, LipSense® just doesn’t use them. Instead, the SeneGence team has created a liquid color pigment that has no waxes, moisturizers, or emulsifiers in it.

This cruelty-free and vegetarian lip color pigment goes on dry, then it is covered with a moisturizing gloss made of vegan-friendly shea butter.  Shea butter allows the gloss to “penetrate the color and keep the lips moist, without lifting the color.  The longer you use the LipSense® products the softer, moister, and fuller your lips become.”

LipSense® colors are waterproof, rub-proof, smear-proof and kiss-proof.  In addition to custom shades customers can create themselves, LipSense features more than 50 colors.  LipSense colors include:  Sheer Berry, Fire-n-Ice, Beige Champagne, Currant LipSense, Praline Rose, RoseBerry, Pink Champagne, Dusty Rose, Samon LipSense, Rose Ice, Blu-Red, Persimmon, Brick LipSense and more.

To apply LipSense, please follow the directions below by LipSense Long Lasting Lipstick by SeneGence.  LipSense also offers a few tips to make the process run a little smoother.

Apply in one direction from the outside corner of the mouth in a fluid, sweeping motion.  Let each layer dry for 3-5 seconds before applying the next layer.  The long-lasting properties of LipSense are enhanced by our moisturizing glosses that will keep your lips moist, plump and protected.

Clean lips first – LipSense® Liquid Lip Color must be applied to clean, dry lips.  Define lips – for a more defined, finished look, we suggest first lining your lips, using one of our beautiful shades of LinerSense®.  LinerSense® is designed to blend and compliment all the LipSense® hues.  LinerSense® must be shaken prior to application.  Apply color onto the sable brush, and begin application to the outer corner of your lower lip, moving the color in one direction.  Repeat this process for the upper lip.

LipSense® Layering technique – LipSense® Liquid Lip Color must be shaken prior to application.  LipSense® is applied by using a layering technique.  Three layers is the recommended amount for maximum staying power.  After placing color onto the wand, begin your application at the corner of your mouth, using the longest length of the applicator.

Keep your lips apart, and follow the natural shape of your lips.  Apply the color, moving it in one direction versus going back and forth like you would with lipstick.

Let each layer set for a few seconds before proceeding to the next.  When you have completed the application of the third layer of color and the color has set, apply one of the Moisturizing Glosses over the final layer.

After applying the gloss, you may press your lips together and enjoy the glorious look and feel of this long lasting, advanced color technology!

Tips and hints:

1) Be sure to keep your lips apart while applying LipSense® and resist the urge to press your lips together like you would with regular lipsticks.  Pressing the lips together is not necessary to disperse the color, and it may create a tacky feel to you.

2) You may feel a slight tingling sensation, and if so, it is just an indication that your lips are dry.  Once you apply the Moisturizing Gloss, any tacky or tingling feeling will subside immediately.  After using the products for a few weeks, your lips should become beautifully conditioned and all tingling should subside.  Just be sure to re-apply the gloss product throughout the day to keep the color fresh and your lips conditioned.

3) Create your own custom shades by layering a combination of different colors.  LipSense® Classic Colors, Highlighters and Shimmers blend together so easily and beautifully, you can create a versatile wardrobe of lip color like no other!

If you would like to purchase LipSense® Lip Color, please visit the official LipSense® website at to shop online, or locate a distributor or retailer near you.

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