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Intenze Vegan and Cruelty Free Tattoo Ink

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Did you know that many inks used for tattooing are not vegan and cruelty free? In fact, most black tattoo ink contains charred animal bones. Others contain glycerin which are made up of, among other things, animal fat. Many who are both tattoo and anima lovers wouldn’t stop to consider the ingredients contained within the their tattoo ink, but as consumers are becoming more intent on educating themselves about what goes into their bodies, the demand for vegan and cruelty free tattoo ink is rising.

Intenze vegan and cruelty free tattoo ink takes their job of making high quality, vegan and cruelty free ink very seriously. To ensure their inks are of the highest quality, they work with a slew of biochemists from two independent labs. Under their advisement, Intenze ensures that their inks are produced using the best techniques and facilities available to ensure that the ink meets strict sterility standards. The sterility process, as Intenze explains it, ensures that the ink is free of mutagenic toxins (toxins capable of changing genetic material within an organism) called, “amines.” Under consultation of their teams of independent biochemists. Intenze ensures that their tattoo inks are manufactured in clean facilities and sterilized to ensure no amines are present. After that, the ink is tested by another lab to verify that the sterilizing procedures were successful.

In terms of being vegan and cruelty free, Intenze is intentional in their claims. They state right on their website that, “Intenze as a brand in general does not do any animal testing, does not support animal cruelty of any kind, and certainly does not contain any animal product in its inks, pigments, or tattoo ink mixtures.”

Perhaps what is most striking about Intenze vegan tattoo inks is that their knowledge and interest in the animal cause goes beyond just tattooing. They touch on topics such as feed lots, antibiotics in food animals and how animals are treated in general. They are by no means “vegan by accident,” or cruelty-free to be hip, as we have seen so many other companies proclaim. They are truly proud of their status as a vegan and cruelty-free tattoo ink supplier.

To learn more about Intenze vegan and cruelty-free tattoo inks, including which suppliers carry the ink, visit their website. And remember, next time you decide it is time for a new tattoo, look for an artist who uses Intenze.


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