Fantasy Makeup

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Fantasy makeup is not just for Halloween anymore. More and more women are experimenting with unique and interesting makeup ideas throughout the year and fantasy makeup is no exception. Fantasy makeup comes in many forms. Some women like to add interesting items to their face or eyes such as feathers or jewels. Others simply want to create an interesting and exotic look through the use of cosmetics without adding other objects.

The popular smoky eye look made commercial by Cover Girl cosmetics is one reason fantasy makeup is reentering the daily makeup scene. More likely to appear in the evening, women who want to grab the attention of others with their stunning or strange makeup applications will find the following information useful as they experiment with or expand their fantasy makeup skills.

Fairy Makeup
Use bright, bold colors combined with subdued pastels to create a stunning fairy look. For the most part, fairy makeup focuses on the entire face. You can create vines and flowers that flow down your cheeks; large flower like eyes that start on the lids and sweep upwards to your hairline; bright, pink lips; and wispy hair all play into the innocent fairy look. Of course, you can create darker fairies of the forest, butterfly fairies, princess fairies and any other type of fairy you can imagine.

Gothic Makeup
Gothic makeup tends to focus on the eyes to create the dramatic and dark look associated with the night. This simple, yet powerful makeup technique is an exaggerated version of the smoky eye look. Or maybe, the smoky eye look is a toned down version of it. Gothic makeup has been around on the metropolitan club scene for ages. It is easy to apply and will focus attention on your eyes.

Face Painting
Using makeup to create simple face painting designs is a great way to enhance your makeup, create unique looks and keep it simple. Any design, object or animal can be drawn on your face with makeup. Many women like to add simple flowers or bugs such as butterflies to their checks. Others get more abstract with vines and leaves. Nature is popular source of inspiration for face painting.

Fantasy Makeup Application Tips
Find pictures of the look you are trying to create. You can clip pictures from magazines, find them online, or visit your local book store or library for ideas. Once you have a picture for reference, you can practice creating the look.

Make sure to use a makeup primer before beginning application. A primer is an advanced form of foundation. It sets an even canvass for makeup application and helps makeup last longer and retain its color.

Mineral makeup offers the most variety when it comes to colors. It also lasts longer and is better for your skin than traditional cosmetics. Consider using feathers, jewels, sticks or other objects to create an even more unique fantasy makeup look. Also, consider fake tattoos and the use of colored contact lenses to give you even more options.

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