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DEVA Nutrition Vegan Beauty and Health Supplements

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Most who care enough about green, vegan beauty products also want to make sure that what they are putting in their body is as safe and cruelty-free as what they put on their body. DEVA Nutrition vegan beauty and health supplements offer all of the vital nutrients and minerals in which we can be deficient from our hectic lives, but without the cruel animal testing and animal parts that are commonly found with other products.

Many members of the vegan community were reeling after the news that New Chapter, a whole food, natural vitamin and supplement company, sold themselves to notorious animal-testing corporate giant, Proctor & Gamble. With P&G also having ties to the notorious Monsanto, an agricultural biotechnology corporation known for developing and marketing genetically modified seeds and bovine growth hormone, those who are long conscious-consumers of New Chapter are left scratching their heads over where to turn for truly cruelty-free supplements. Luckily, truly ethical and socially-conscious companies, like DEVA Nutrition, can step in to save the day!

DEVA Nutrition vegan beauty and health supplements began in 2003 and have since quickly expanded, with distribution worldwide. All of their products are completely vegan, having been certified by the Vegan Society, and DEVA is truly committed to a cruelty-free policy. Taking it a step further, DEVA is a member of Green America, a non-profit organization for businesses who are committed to socially responsible principles, such as sweatshop-free labor, organic farms, fair trade and anti-cruelty.

DEVA Nutrition vegan beauty and health supplements offers a slew of beauty and nutrition supplements in the areas of joint health, bone health, weight management and liver support. Notable in the beauty area are their supplements for hair, nails and skin.

Their popular “Hair, Nails & Skin” Supplement contains nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera, and extracts of rosemary, sage, fungreek and horsetail plant. Important vitamins contained within the supplement includes vitamins C, D2, E, and B’s 1-12. The vegan supplements also contain healthy doses of calcium, iodine (by way of kelp), zinc, copper and choline. They also include biotin, an ingredient that many health experts agree is important for hair growth.

For those looking to target their skin and improve its appearance and health, DEVA has recently released their “Skin Support” supplement, which offers their vegan ceramide formula to support skin and healthy hair. Ceramides have recently proven to be a big benefit to supporting skin health, especially for those with common skin afflictions that are caused by having a “leaky” skin barrier. Those with these types of afflictions often experience dehydrated skin and chronic itching due to the skins lack of being able to protect itself. The ceramide found in DEVA’s Skin Support supplement aides in the repairing and support of this barrier.

For more information on DEVA Nutritional vegan beauty and health supplements, their website.


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