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Cspray by Biome Skincare

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Cspray by Biome Skincare, is one of the company’s most unique products.  Cspray is a fruit and herb extract based spray that is used to fortify and provide nutrients to the skin.  Cspray can be used anytime of the day to “replenish, protect, and hydrate skin”.  Fans of the spray say it immediately makes skin look healthier and makes skin glow.  Some even say the spray tones the skin and eliminates fine lines, as early as the first application.

Cspray was created to help “nutrify to fortify” the skin.  This product helps refresh tired skin, as well as moisturize and replenish skin that has been exposed to chemical cleansers, pollution and the sun.  The ingredients used in Cspray help encourage brighter, moisturized, and fresher looking skin.  Ingredients include:

– Distilled Water
– Distilled Aloe Vera
– Tea Extract
– Citrus Extract
– Water Soluble Vitamin E
– 50 Mineral Complex

Cspray is available in a 2 oz. spray bottle for $24.95.  To order Biome Cspray, call 800-606-3410, or you may purchase it in online at (

About Biome Skincare

In addition to Cspray Skin Protectant and Enhancer, Biome Skincare is the creator of the bestselling “Adios Acne Solution”, also known as “Clear X” – Fire+Ant (bite and sting relief), and Sun+Aid (after sun spray).  All Biome Skincare products are preservative-free, vegan and cruelty-free.  The company never tests any products on animals.

Biome Skincare is a global, holistic company committed to providing natural and organic skincare solutions to consumers.  It even provides one of the few all- natural acne solutions that work.  Adios Acne is a gentle, non-chemical acne solution.  It does not contain chemical astringents or abrasive cleansers that can lead to redness, irritation and dryness.  Instead, Adios Acne Solution contains a combination of beneficial minerals and botanicals.  According to the official Biome Skincare website (, these minerals and botanicals provide nutrients to distressed and blemish-prone skin, which help skin achieve a natural balance.

This oil-free solution contains a 70 mineral complex, distilled water, distilled pink rose water, distilled aloe vera, citrus peel, pulp and seed extract, olive leaf extract, and white willow bark extract.  Customers say that this solution works within 2 weeks, it helps skin breathe, it doesn’t make your face oily, and it’s light, refreshing and fragrant.

According to the company website:

All solutions developed by Biome’ are safe for use on all skin types, for all ages, because they are created from the purest and highest-quality plant extracts.  We are committed to sustainable practices and only use 100% natural biodegradable substances.  Our products are only tested on humans.

At Biome’, we believe it’s possible to experience the nourishing and nutritive properties of these solutions in their original state, without chemical intrusion, as nature intended.  By maintaining a state of purity, we achieve holistic skincare that is good for the workers at Biome’, our families, you and the planet.  Naturally, all of our products are biodegradable.

Biome Skincare is a global, holistic company that is committed to providing all natural and organic skincare solutions to consumers.  The company is so committed to holistic and environmental issues that it donates a portion of profits from sales to “propel research and further education at the community level and the Web”.  If you would like more information about Biome skincare, visit the official website at, or write, call, or email:

Biomé Skincare
802 E. Potter Avenue
Bay View, WI 53207
Local: 414-248-5541
Toll Free: 800-606-3410

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