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Ageless Fantasy Perfume

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AgelessFantasy® is designed to make a woman smell younger. The fragrance is patent-pending and is the world’s only anti-age perfume. Creators researched and studied the effects of various scents on individuals and those around them to develop a perfume that inspires a youthful feeling along with the impression that a woman is younger than she actually is. Research has shown that men in the presence of woman wearing AgelessFantasy® believe them to be up to 8 years younger than they actually are.

Women speak to the essence of the perfume when they discuss feeling younger when they wear AgelessFantasy®. This is because the scent is designed with a variety of organic and natural ingredients including pineapple, mango, leafy greens, musk, vanilla, jasmine, cherry blossom, pomegranate, and organic citrus. These ingredients work in concert to evoke various sensations and feelings that are associated with youth.

For example, pineapple, mango, and leafy greens are common scents that inspire feelings of comfort, which is commonly associated with childhood memories. Other ingredients create feelings of being energized and excited, also youthful feelings that combat the perception of age.

AgelessFantasy® is made from natural and organic ingredients. Harvey Prince & Co. created the product as a part of its mission to provide socially responsible scents that positively influence social interactions. The company is a GREEN company that creates environmentally friendly products in an environmentally friendly atmosphere.

All products are cruelty-free making them perfect for those who wish to protect the safety of all living things. AgelessFantasy® is a rare find for a vegan or vegetarian as many perfumes and scents are not developed with their unique needs in mind.

AgelessFantasy® was inspired by the writings of Chandler Burr, New York Times perfume critic. Burr is the author of The Perfect Scent and the Emperor of Scent. His writings explored the connection between scents and feelings or experiences. For example, “if there is a fragrance that induces one to have a migraine there had to be a fragrance that alleviated the migraine (the scent of green apple has been shown to relieve headaches).”

With this line of thought came the idea that there had to be scents that men and woman associated with youth. These scents would inspire feelings and perceptions of youth in those who wore the scent and those who were in the presence of it. With this as a starting point, AgelessFantasy® was born.

To purchase AgelessFantasy®, the world’s first anti-aging perfume, suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike, visit the official website at

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