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Cruelty-Free Products for Acne

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Skin care for acne prone skin is much different than caring for other types of skin.  Acne prone skin may be sensitive to chemicals, oil and other ingredients that can trigger flare-ups.  Fortunately, there are a number of skin care products that target acne without affecting skin health.  In fact, many of these products, which are typically all natural and cruelty-free, encourage healthy, glowing skin.

Acne skin care products can be found at beauty supply houses, drugstores and even grocery stores.  However, some of the best all natural acne products can be found in health food stores, such as Whole Foods and Mother’s Market.  You can also purchase them directly from various cruelty-free skin care companies online.  Many of these products are also vegan and vegetarian friendly.

There are literally hundreds of acne skin care products available.  Following is a list of several top cruelty free companies and what they have to offer.  Let’s start with At Last Naturals.

In business for more than 35 years, At Last Naturals sells natural products that help improve overall health and wellness.  According to the At Last Naturals website, the company is “dedicated to improving general health and wellness by combining the principles of natural healing with the benefits of modern science”.  At Last Naturals sells toiletries, natural alternative products, health and beauty care and over the counter pharmaceuticals.
The company also sells MSM cream.

At Last Natural’s 15% MSM cream contains Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Lecithin, Methylparaben, and Propylparaben.  It is effective against skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, scabies, dermatitis, dandruff and diaper rash. At Last Naturals MSM cream is most effective when used with MSM soap. If you would like to purchase At Last Naturals acne skin care products, you can purchase them online through the company’s official website at

While At Last Natural’s MSM products may be effective against acne, there are a number of other ingredients that are effective as well, such as black currant, burdock, dandelion root, evening primrose, red clover, sarsaparilla, starflower and yellow dock.  You can find products that contain these ingredients at places such as Whole Foods or other health food stores.

If the acne treatments that you find at Whole Foods, Mother’s Market or any other health food store are out of your price range (yes, herbal remedies can be very expensive), there are other alternatives.  Many of the world’s oldest cruelty free beauty and cosmetics companies sell vegan and vegetarian acne treatment products either online or at one of hundreds retailers that carry their products.  Try Almay or Beauty Without Cruelty.

In business since 1931, Almay uses pure, hypoallergenic ingredients that are safe for even the most sensitive skin.  Almay is the world’s first hypoallergenic cosmetics brand, and the first brand to make 100% fragrance-free products.  It is also one of the first cosmetics companies to disclose all ingredients used, the first brand to perform safety testing for allergy irritation, the first brand to formulate for contact lens wearers and the first brand to create cosmetics regimens for specific skin types.  Almay does not test on animals and it uses natural ingredients such as soybean, rosehips, licorice and aloe, to name just a few.  Almay products can be purchased online through the official website or at any beauty supply house, cosmetics retailer or drug store.

Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC) was founded in 1963 in England. The trustees of BWC Charitable Trust, an animal welfare organization, came together for a common goal – to manufacture and distribute natural, color cosmetics that were not tested on animals and products that did not contain any animal ingredients.  Beauty Without Cruelty offers a full line of cruelty-free vegetarian, skin and body and hair care products made from natural ingredients and organic aroma-therapeutic essential oils.  Beauty Without Cruelty’s full line of color cosmetics reaches across all lines in order to meet the beauty needs of all women.

Beauty Without Cruelty Products may be purchased from your local natural foods retailer, and at some drug stores and vitamin shops.  You can also purchase BWC products online directly from the Beauty Without Cruelty website:


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