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Soprano Labs Offers Handmade Vegan Luxury For Your Entire Body

Every now and then, a line comes along which offers luxurious products that smell so fresh, you'd swear they were made yesterday by a local outlet. Soprano Labs is one such company. Based in New York City, Soprano Labs is a two-person operation, run by Inna Los and her husband Vlad. Its plethora of offerings is 100 percent vegan, gluten-free, and free from phthalates, parabens, mineral oils, and petroleum. Products are lovingly made in small batches, and none of the ingredients are ever tested on animals. Continue reading [...]

Avalon Organics Offers Quality Vegetarian Body Care Products at a Reasonable Cost

If you shop at a health food store or co-op, you've noticed Avalon's products on the shelves. They're colorful and ubiquitous, packaged inside alluring bottles of various shapes and sizes. However, you may not realize that Avalon is a vegetarian, cruelty-free company. In fact, most of their products are vegan, with the exception of their four lip balms. They contain beeswax that is obtained with minimal disruption to beehives. The company is proud of the fact that their products do not contain any products that have been cruelly obtained. Continue reading [...]

Pura d’Or: Elegant Vegan Hair Care Products For Luxurious Hair

Let's face it -- you love to splurge sometimes, and you're worth it. And what part of your body is more splurge-worthy than your hair? Fortunately, splurging doesn't have to come at the cost of animals. Pura d'Or manufactures products that are vegan, gluten-free, and manufactured without the use of sodium lauryl sulfate, mineral oils, chlorine, parabens, or artificial colorings. In fact, almost all of the ingredients in these concoctions is derived from nature. Continue reading [...]

SoapBox Soaps is a Vegan, Cruelty-Free Hair and Skin Care Company With a Global Mission

If you're looking for a body care company that is vegan, cruelty-free and dedicated to the stewardship of each individual on our planet, you don't need to search any further than SoapBox Soaps. These folks are passionate about product quality and determined to give back generously to the global community. Every time you buy a product from SoapBox, the company gives a bar of soap to somebody in need. This includes people in homeless shelters, folks in underdeveloped countries, etc. As of this writing, in September, 2018, Soapbox has donated nearly three million bars. Continue reading [...]

Tom’s of Maine: A Cruelty-Free, Vegetarian Company With Nearly 50 Years of Experience

Tom's of Maine will turn 50 in 2020. You've undoubtedly seen their ubiquitous products on the shelves of your local supermarket, perhaps for many years. You may have purchased a tube of their toothpaste, or several. Lots of people have enjoyed Tom's products, without knowing that they have always been vegetarian, cruelty-free, and manufactured without the use of artificial colors, flavors, fragrance, or preservatives. Though the company was acquired by Colgate/Palmolive in 2006, it remains true to its organic roots. Continue reading [...]

Alaffia: Fair-Trade, Vegetarian Hair and Body Care Products, Not Tested on Animals

Alaffia is a great choice for folks who want economy, ethnic diversity, and positive social change to be part of their body care regimen. The company's products utilize all-vegetarian ingredients, and do not test on animals. In addition, their commitment to social justice is unparalleled in the beauty care industry. Continue reading [...]

Nature’s Gate: Premium Vegan Body Care at an Incredibly Low Cost

Holistic self-care shouldn't cost a fortune. If you're looking for high-quality, economical vegan body care products, Nature's Gate delivers the goods. The company manufactures a wide array of personal care items, running the gamut from hand soap to toothpaste. Continue reading [...]

Desert Essence: Economical Vegetarian, Cruelty-Free Goodness

Often, folks shy away from purchasing organic vegetarian, cruelty-free products because of the prohibitive cost. It's exciting to discover a high-quality line whose offerings won't cause you to go into debt while you're trying to be clean, ethically responsible, and healthy. For this reason, we were thrilled to discover Desert Essence. Continue reading [...]

Full Moon Rising Body Care: Soothing Cruelty-Free, Vegetarian Products Made With CBDs

If you've been paying attention to the news, you may have noticed an uptick in body care products manufactured with the addition of CBD oils. CBD is derived from the hemp plant, but contains no THC. The result is a high-quality. organic offering, free from intoxicating effects, yet soothing and medicinal. Full Moon Rising mixes CBD oil with arnica to create an elixir that sinks into sore muscles, gently easing aches and pains and promoting an overall sense of well-being. Continue reading [...]

EO: Affordable, Cruelty-Free Body Care Products, Made From Plant Extracts

If you are a connoisseur of body care products, like we are, you've undoubtedly encountered EO (short for "everyone") in the aisles of your favorite co-op or specialty store. However, if you don't want to hunt for the products, you can find all of them on their lovely website, Continue reading [...]

Alba Botanica: A Time-Tested Vegetarian Body Care Line With a Mission

If you are the sort of person who likes a venerable skincare line with nearly 40 years experience, Alba Botanica is for you! The company was founded in 1979 to create an earth-friendly brand, free from animal testing. Continue reading [...]

Pacha, a High-Quality Soap Line With a Social Conscience

The Pacha Soap line is wonderfully diverse, offering a variety of cleansing products that range from bar soaps to froth bombs. The company's founders visited Peru and experienced a "lightbulb moment." They noticed that the Peruvian people had a deep connection to the earth, yet had little access to clean water or jobs that paid a living wage. This inspired the CEO to develop a product that would generate money for underserved communities. Every purchase of Pacha helps fuel clean water initiatives Continue reading [...]

Mad Hippie Vegan Skincare Line Not Just for the Counterculture!

Are you an unrepentant hippie who likes to donate money to charitable causes while giving some love to your own skin? If so, this delightful product is for you! We were instantly drawn to this line when we first saw it on the grocery shelf. The packaging is cheerful and fun, with funky lettering, hand-drawn hearts, and 60’s-style flowers. Mad Hippie’s website is equally appealing, featuring more flowers, sliced fruit and peace signs. Their vibe is organic, and so are Continue reading [...]

6 Vegan Perfumes to Smell as Pretty as a Flower This Spring

Flowers will have nothing on you when you step out this spring wearing a pretty-smelling vegan perfume. There are more choices than ever for cruelty-free perfumes with beautiful scents. Many companies are coming into both the moderate and luxury vegan perfume market, which means you have so many options including quite a few that feature all-natural Continue reading [...]

2017 Vegan Beauty Products Holiday Gift Guide

You still have time to shop for some great vegan beauty products to give as gifts this holiday season. We came up with a little list of helpful resources in case you’re searching for that last minute present or want to add something special for someone. Continue reading [...]

Search Sephora and ULTA Beauty for Vegan Beauty Products from These Lines

The popularity of cosmetic stores like Sephora and ULTA Beauty lies in a large selection of cosmetics and beauty products. But, sometimes, vegans can feel lost in shops like these, when they want to be having fun. Continue reading [...]

How to Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally

Cellulite can be stubborn. And, it can be unpredictable. So, it’s understandable that those who have cellulite would want to turn to a miracle cream to make it go away forever. Just when you think you’ve worked out enough or eaten the right foods to keep the dimples away, you take a peek at your bottom or thighs and find that the bumps and dents just aren’t disappearing. Continue reading [...]

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Makeup for Halloween

Halloween is almost here! If you’re going to need makeup for your Halloween costume, you’ll want to start searching for it now. Unfortunately, vegan and cruelty-free makeup in crazy colors is a bit hard to find. But, with us here to point you in the right direction you can choose what you need quickly and have it shipped to you with time to spare. Continue reading [...]

The Korean 10-Step Beauty Method: How to Do it as a Vegan

Open up a glamour magazine or visit a beauty website and you’ll probably see the Korean 10-Step Beauty Routine mentioned. This extensive process for keeping your face in beautiful condition relies on using a lot of products. While we certainly love the idea of addressing beauty with concern for cleansing, exfoliating, masking and the 7 other parts of the famous Korean routine, it doesn’t sit well with us that many people who embrace the method don’t look at animal cruelty. Continue reading [...]

Top 20 Vegan Beauty Products to Buy from Thrive Market

If you haven’t ordered from Thrive Market yet, you should. Get yourself over to the website right now (or, better yet, after you see our list of must-buy vegan beauty products below), and then purchase something vegan and wonderful to be shipped directly to your door. Continue reading [...]

7 Vegan Beauty Products to Try

It’s time for another vegan beauty products roundup. Our newest collection of cruelty-free options includes shampoos, hand lotions, beauty brushes and more. It’s a selection of some of the best brands out there that are putting out amazing goodies we want to fill our cosmetics bags and bathrooms with now. Continue reading [...]
Dr Bronner's Liquid Soap

18 Ways to Use Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soaps

Since Dr. Bronner’s “18-in-1” soaps claim to be good for as many uses, we wanted to find out how we could capitalize. We already the company’s Pure Castile Soap in Peppermint to wash our hair, cleanse our face, clean our hands and launder our clothes. The all-purpose, all-vegan and all-natural liquid concoction does wonders for brushing teeth (so we’ve heard) and it’s got to be perfect for other things (so we think, as dos the brand). Continue reading [...]

Eco Bella Vegan Spring Makeup Must-Haves

Spring has made us want to renew our makeup collection and routine, so we set out to discover some vegan beauty brands for inspiration. What we found was an eco and animal friendly cosmetics line that offers all we need to look and feel refreshed. This was exactly what we wanted for a new season. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Deodorants to Keep You Fresh for Summer

For many people, summer’s heat leads to sweating, which leads to armpits that don’t smell so fresh. If you’re one of the folks that can use a bit of help keeping your underarms smelling nice, or at least not bad, thankfully you can turn to any of the following vegan and cruelty-free deodorants. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Perfumes for Summer

During summer, it’s fun to have a variety of light and airy vegan perfumes to wear. Sunny days and idyllic nights call for fragrances that bring thoughts of coconut, the tropics, and beautiful flowers. Continue reading [...]

Natural Vegan Teeth Whitening Products

Shiny white teeth are possible without putting dangerous chemicals in your mouth and without harming animals. The dentist might not tell you so, but the following products were made by companies who want to believe the possibility. And, to embrace it by purchasing their vegan, cruelty-free, and natural teeth whiteners. Continue reading [...]

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Natural Bug Repellants for Summer

Getting bitten by bugs? Visiting somewhere where you anticipate the bites? Keep those critters away and off of you with a vegan and natural bug repellant. Continue reading [...]

Heal Rashes and Pimples with these Vegetarian Natural Balms

When skin breaks out, it can be temping to turn to a treatment that makes big promises about maximum effects. But, often those products that say they’ll zap a pimple in an instant or immediately get ride of a rash are harsh treatments that damage human skin further and have been tested on animals (which doesn’t always even ensure their effectiveness or safety). Continue reading [...]

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Self Tanners

Want a summer glow on your body but don’t want to lie out in the sun? Consider one of the following vegan and cruelty-free tanning products that you can purchase either at a local health or beauty store, or online: Continue reading [...]

Eco Lips Mongo Kiss Vegan and Cruelty-Free Lip Balms

Summer is almost here, so treat your lips to some moisture with fun summertime flavors. Try a Mongo Kiss Lip Balm from Eco Lips in tropical banana, fruity pomegranate, or refreshing blood orange. Continue reading [...]

Is Hyaluronic Acid Vegan?

As you look through beauty products and cosmetic labels, you may notice that quite a few of them contain hyaluronic acid as an ingredient. You might also wonder what this ingredient is, and whether or not it's vegan. Continue reading [...]

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Sunburn Remedies – Moisturizers and Mists

The weather has been warming up and the sun has been a bit more intense over the last month or so, which means we’ve had to watch how much time we spend outdoors. Getting outside and soaking up some vitamin D is a good thing, but overdoing it in the sun can be bad news for the skin. It’s sometimes hard to strike a balance between receiving what we need from the sun and covering up to protect ourselves from damaging UV rays. When you’ve accidentally errored on the side of exposing yourself too much, thankfully there are some vegan and cruelty-free lotions that can help put your skin at ease. Continue reading [...]

Leaping Bunny-Approved Beauty and Skincare Brands – And a 2 Birds Feather Summary

Looking for vegan and cruelty-free beauty, and skincare, companies that are on PETA’s Leaping Bunny Approved List? Want to get your hands on only natural products as well? Any of the following brands will be good for you if you want to keep your beauty regime kind and keep your skin healthy. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Oral Care: Top Mouthwashes and Dental Flosses

We recently told you about some great vegan and cruelty-free toothpastes you can get in Whole Foods markets or online. Today, we want to help you add to your vegan oral care regimen by giving you some choices for excellent mouthwashes and dental flosses. Having a healthy and happy smile depends on using a few great products, so consider the following vegan selections. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Toothpaste Roundup

Did you know that some toothpaste isn’t vegan? It’s weird to think that toothpaste would contain animal ingredients or be tested on animals. But, it’s a fact that most conventional toothpastes do involve animals in their formulation in some way. Sometimes, these toothpastes contain glycerin from animal fat, which is unfortunate because this ingredient can easily be sourced from plants. Also, many of these toothpastes have flavorings that come from animals. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Lanolin Alternatives to Use in Homemade Skincare Products

For those of you who like to make your own skincare products, such as soaps and lotions, but are having trouble finding alternatives to lanolin (an ingredient sourced from sheep’s wool and one that’s used as a moisturizer), we have a few solutions for you. Homemade and handcrafted soaps, lotions, and even lip balms can easily made by opting for some readily-available plant-based oils and butters to use as a base or additive. Which moisturizing oils and butters are best, and where do you buy them? Continue reading [...]

4 Elements Vegan and Organic Bath Products

If you love pure, handcrafted bath products, try something from 4 Elements. 4 Elements is a company that makes soaps, bath bombs, massage oils, and even facial masques out of all-natural, primarily organic ingredients. Continue reading [...]

Getting Inked? What You Need to Know to Make Sure Your Tattoo is Vegan

We talk about a lot of vegan and cruelty-free beauty products on this website, but today we want to bring attention to a beauty issue that many people don’t know might not be vegan. If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, do you know that most tattoo process involve animal products and aren’t cruelty free? When you get a tattoo, you need to be extra careful to make sure that you choose a tattoo parlor that offers vegan ink, cruelty-free tattooing materials, and vegan after-care products. Continue reading [...]

3 Great Vegan and Cruelty-Free Tattoo Balms

Getting inked and looking for a vegan tattoo balm to help you heal faster? There are some great choices out there, many that will also help your art stay more vibrant. There’s absolutely no reason for an animal to be harmed in the making of a tattoo balm or salve, or any beauty product at all. So, we’re grateful for the companies that are making these necessary tattoo products in a way that keeps animals safe. We also love companies that manufacture these balms and salves with ingredients that are safe for humans, using all natural butters and oils as bas ingredients. For your next tattoo after-care, we recommend you consider the following natural, mostly organic, and cruelty-free tattoo products. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Coffee Body Scrubs Help Get Skin Ready for Summer

Want to get your skin in amazing condition for summer? Start using one of the vegan coffee body scrubs listed below. These cruelty-free scrubs all contain coffee to stimulate blood flow in the skin and help it look radiant. In addition to getting the blood moving, the coffee in the scrubs is thought to help bloated skin come to a place of balance and appear firmer. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Cuts Vegan Beauty Box

Have you heard about the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box? If not, you should check it out because it gives vegan beauty lovers, and those who simply want cruelty-free essential skin care products, a way to try new items from many brands and to get a range of products for a great price. Continue reading [...]

All-Natural, Safe, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free Face Paint by Natural Earth Paint

Do your kids love to get their face painted when they go to parties and amusement parks? Many kids do, but for vegan parents there’s sometimes a concern that the face paints the artists use aren’t cruelty-free. If you’re not sure about the source of the face paint a makeup artists uses, or if you’re throwing a party where kids’ faces will be painted, you can turn to Natural Earth Paint for a face paint that’s definitely vegan and cruelty free. We can’t guarantee a face paint artist other than yourself will agree to use your paints, but if you explain your concern, hopefully they will and they’ll begin using these paints on all of their customers. Continue reading [...]

3 Great Vegan and Organic Hand Creams

Does dry skin leave you with itchy or painful cracked hands? Dry skin is a challenge for a lot of people, for many reasons. Sometimes, washing hands a lot strips the hands of moisture. Often, super hot or cold weather can turn hands into less than glowing visions of what they should be. Whatever the cause, there’s something that can be done to keep hands feeling good while animals stay safe.. There are plenty of vegan and cruelty-free hand creams that you can use to make itchiness and pain go away, and have soft pretty hands Continue reading [...]

Going Out for Valentine’s Day? Skin, Beauty, and Hair Products for a Big Valentine’s Day Date

Are you going out for a Valentine’s Day date this year? If so, check out the following list of vegan and cruelty-free products that will help you look, smell, and feel amazing for your special soiree. The products we’ve listed will help you with a complete Valentines’ Day skin, hair, and beauty routine so read up and figure out which ones you want to use. Then, get yourself to a Whole Foods or order the products today for tomorrow delivery. Trust us. You’ll be glad you did, because these goodies are going to have you feeling the beauty love long after Valentine’s Day is done. Continue reading [...]

Our Favorite Hippie Heaven Vegan Skincare Products

We recently told you about Hippie Heaven, a vegan beauty company that makes natural skincare products out of Victoria, Australia, a region that's lush and perfect for sourcing ingredients like yummy botanicals, oils, and herbs for our skin's pleasure. Hippie Heaven formulates skincare products that give consumers real results, at a price point that lets nearly everyone enjoy cruelty-free and natural beauty. Since Hippie Heaven’s beginning, the company has chosen to craft its range of products with 100% vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. It’s always held this commitment as a priority, even when it expanded its initial line of natural skincare. Continue reading [...]

Are Your Razors Vegan?

Did you know that some razors are not vegan? We didn’t, until we started doing a bit of research on vegan and cruelty-free shaving products. If you’re currently shaving with a razor that has any kind of gel strip, or moisturizing, strip on it, your razor may not be vegan. Many of these razors’ strips contain animal ingredients or contain ingredients that are tested on animals. Some companies, like Gillette (a Proctor & Gamble company), sell razors that contain animal ingredients and ingredients tested on animals. Continue reading [...]

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Massage Oils and Creams

Whether you like to massage your body yourself, or have someone else do it for you, it’s important to use a vegan and cruelty-free massage oil. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite massage oils for soothing and calming muscles, ones that don’t contain any animal ingredients or synthetic ingredients. We love finding vegan and cruelty-free products that are also natural, so that animals and people can stay safe, so we’re thrilled that all of these massage oils are all natural. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Dental Floss

Did you know that not all dental floss is vegan? We didn’t, up until a few years ago. It seems absurd to us that a dental floss would have animal products in it or be tested on animals. How do you even test dental floss on an animal? Forget it, we don’t want to know. We just want to hear about more companies that are making vegan and cruelty-free flosses. It seems easy enough to us to leave animals out of the dental floss equation. Their lives are more important than our flossing needs, and we can create floss that doesn’t have animals in it. Enough said. Continue reading [...]

Natural Vegan Mouthwashes

Vegans often find it hard to believe that a product one would think should be animal free actually isn’t. Many times, a product you’d assume was vegan and cruelty fee contains weird animal ingredients or it’s for some reason been tested animals. We ran into this situation when searching for mouthwash. We thought we’d find a lot of simple, animal-free solutions made with antibacterial and refreshing plant essences. These ingredients are all we thought was needed to keep the mouth fresh and clean. But, when it was time to buy our mouthwash, we saw less than a handful of suitable products for a vegan and compassionate person. We should mention that we were also looking for an all-natural mouthwash. But still, we were surprised at the lack of choices in our local store. It seems so silly to us to have to designate a mouthwash as vegan, but since we must, the following are the standout vegan products that you can buy in your local Whole Foods market. Continue reading [...]

Natural, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free Diaper Wipes

Finding an all-natural diaper wipe that’s gentle on your baby’s bottom is sometimes hard. Finding a natural baby wipe that’s also vegan, and cruelty-free, can be especially difficult. Babies’ skin is extremely sensitive, which means it makes sense to only put gentle, natural products on it. We wish this made sense to more companies. And, we wish that these companies realized that animals are also sensitive. Animals don’t like having their parts being used in products, like wipes, and they don’t want to be tested on so that a baby’s buns can be cleaned. Thankfully, there are some companies that make natural and vegan diaper wipes that keep everyone happy. We love them because they make babies’, animals’, and parents’ needs as a priority. We thought you might love them too. Continue reading [...]
vegan foot soak

Vegan Foot Soaks

Sometimes, it can seem like summer is the hardest season on feet. Summer begs one to either go barefoot or to wear flip-flops, which exposes feet and does a real number on them. But, when fall and winter come around, feet are bound up in boots and in closed-toe shoes. Which means they’re often neglected. So, if you’re like us, you may find that you’re in need of a good, comforting, and softening foot soak all year long. Thankfully, there are some amazing vegan and cruelty-free foot soaks out there that you can dip your feet into, so that all stress feet are under floats away. Continue reading [...]
vegan facial serum

Vegan Facial Serums

Sometimes applying a nourishing plant-based serum to your face can be exactly what’s needed to hydrate or soften the skin. When your skin is calling out for a serum made with healing botanical essences or moisturizing natural oils, due to extreme weather or just life, you can turn to the following vegan facial serums. Continue reading [...]
Blissoma Vegan Skincare

Blissoma Natural Vegan Skincare

Blissoma Natural Vegan Skin Care is skin care that marries form and function. It’s great-smelling and luxurious skin care that was conceived in the mind of a scientific artist. Blissoma is indulgent and healing. It’s decadent and effective. Continue reading [...]
Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Skin Care from Dr. Dennis Gross

Dr. Dennis Gross Cruelty-Free SKINCARE is PETA-approved. It’s a line of skin care products that commits itself to being transparent and promising that no animals have been tested on, or will be tested on, during the manufacturing process. This is a commitment that we appreciate, considering that Dr. Dennis Gross SKINCARE is a skin care line based on science. The products in the line many have undergone extensive research to make sure they’re effective, but research never involves animals. Continue reading [...]
vegan perfume

Top Cruelty-Free Perfume Brands

If you’re like a lot of ladies, a dab of perfume on the neck and wrists can set you up for a fabulous day, or night. A fragrance applied as an accompaniment to the perfect outfit, or as your something sensual when you’re sporting jeans and a tee, can put a sultry smile on your face or a perk in your step. It’s nice to feel confident and good about yourself, and let animals keep feeling good too. Which is why we love to find vegan and cruelty-free perfume brands that we can turn to for any occasion. Continue reading [...]
Ladybug Jane

Ladybug Jane

There are a lot of great vegan skin care brands, but one of the best ones we’ve come across lately is Ladybug Jane. Ladybug Jane is a fun and fabulous line of lip balms and moisturizers that’s cruelty free and natural. The company is named after founder Jane May Graves, a former scientist, model, and actress. Ladybug Jane was inspired by a dream that Jane had when her mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Continue reading [...]
Vegan Nail Polish

5 Awesome Vegan Nail Polishes

Vegans like pretty nails. They just don't like the animal testing that takes place with many nail polish brands. So, what’s a vegan to do when she wants to dazzle with colorful fingers and toes? Turn to one of these awesome vegan nail polishes. Continue reading [...]
Vegan Lipbalms

Top Vegan Lip Balms

There are plenty of ways to keep your lips soft and moisturized without using balms containing animal ingredients. If you shop at natural stores or health food shops, you’ll probably find tons of options for vegan lip balms. But, even if you don’t have a health market close to you, you can find some great products to buy online. Continue reading [...]
Vegan Halloween Makeup

Guide to Vegan and Cruelty-Free Halloween Makeup

It’s that time again. Thoughts and activities are turning from summer fun to fall festivals, which means Halloween costumes and makeup may be on your mind. If you’re dreaming about dressing up as something bright, colorful, quirky, or chameleon-like for Halloween, we want you to have the vegan makeup you need. We’ve put together a guide to the top vegan and cruelty-free Halloween makeup products, so that you can cover your face without dealing with a potential cover-up of animal ingredients. Continue reading [...]

Top Cruelty-Free Kids Hair and Bath Products

Kids need baths. Lots of them. With each kids’ hair and bath product that you buy for their cleaning routines (and there will likely be tons of them in your child’s lifetime), you have the opportunity to support companies that are making good ingredient decisions and are going cruelty-free. We’ve put together a list of some of the top cruelty-free kids’ hair and bath products, so that you can opt for kind versions of shampoos, sunscreens, lotions, and even skin wipes. Continue reading [...]

Purrfect Pineapples Cruelty-Free and Vegan Lingerie

While we typically focus on cruelty-free and vegetarian beauty and personal care products, every so often a brand catches our eye that is just too great to not spotlight. This is the case with Purrfect Pineapples Lingerie; a combination of ethics and fun, flirty design. Continue reading [...]

3 Ingredient Cruelty-Free, Vegan Edible Fake Blood Recipe for Halloween

Of course, aside from the fact that many Halloween makeup kits are full of yucky chemicals, there is no telling whether a lot of these generic kits are tested on animals, and certainly the red blood is gamble as to whether it is vegan, given that red dye often comes from crushed beetles. Continue reading [...]

GUNAS Luxury Vegan Handbags With a Mission

While this blog is typically devoted to vegan and cruelty-free personal hygiene and beauty products, we occasionally like to bring attention to other vegan beauty brands that are worth mentioning. One of those brands is GUNAS cruelty-free and vegan handbags. GUNAS is committed to cruelty-free and ethical handbags, down to every aspect of their manufacturing. Even their adhesives are vegan and cruelty-free, and their bags are manufactured in establishments that are certified sweat-shop free. Continue reading [...]

Hello Products, the Vegan, Gluten-Free Alternative to Tom’s Corporate Sell Out

Many people love Tom's of Maine. They also stopped loving it when they sold out to Palmolive-Colgate, Luckily, Hello Oral Care is a vegan and cruelty-free option to the corporate sell-outs of Tom's of Maine. With toothpaste, mouth wash, toothbrushes, and breathspray gracing their line, Hello is providing a fun and cruelty-free way to keep your breath kissable-fresh. Continue reading [...]

Ask Aveda to Stop Supporting Cruelty to Roosters by the Feather Hair Extensions Industry

We were dismayed when the feather hair extension craze began. While we knew that the way that the feathers were harvested would likely fly under the radar for awhile, we also knew that it wouldn’t be long until the truth finally started to circulate. Many people mistakenly believe that the feathers fall naturally off of the bird, but sadly, this is just not true. Continue reading [...]

Five Natural Beauty Product Companies that are Owned by Big Corporations Who are not Cruelty Free or Environmentally Ethical

Did you know that it is not uncommon for natural beauty product companies to be owned by big corporations who are not cruelty free or environmentally ethical? According to the Nutrition Business Journal, consumers in the US spent over $8 billion on natural and organic personal care products in 2010, including vegan, cruelty-free beauty products. This constitutes a 6% increase in sales over the year before. Needless to say, large corporations have been sitting up and taking note of the fact that consumers are trending towards healthier and organic beauty products, and are quickly snapping up small natural beauty product companies to stake their claim in a portion of these profits. Continue reading [...]

Pirouette Professional Cruelty-Free, Vegan Makeup Brushes

We absolutely love it when we come across vegan, cruelty-free makeup brushes. We are often surprised when we find companies that boast about their vegan cosmetics, but then sell makeup brushes that contain animal fur. Many people believe that the fur is simply cut off of the animal, but in many cases it is fur that is considered too poor quality for clothing. In cases when it is simply trimmed off of the animal, such as horse hair tools, there is no reliable way of knowing the life that the animals lead. Continue reading [...]

DEVA Nutrition Vegan Beauty and Health Supplements

Most who care enough about green, vegan beauty products also want to make sure that what they are putting in their body is as safe and cruelty-free as what they put on their body. DEVA Nutrition vegan beauty and health supplements offer all of the vital nutrients and minerals in which we can be deficient from our hectic lives, but without the cruel animal testing and animal parts that are commonly found with other products. Continue reading [...]

EcoTools Vegan and Vegetarian Beauty Products

You have your collection of vegan and vegetarian beauty products all set, now you just need a bag in which to keep them, and tools with which to apply them! Enter EcoTools, a company that makes and sells eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic and body tools. Continue reading [...]

Skinvac Vegan Cleansing Cloth System

Skinvac vegan skincare is the answer to quality skincare in these tough economic times. For under $10, you can get a skincare system that is reusable, non-comedogenic, chemical free, and residue free. Skinvac is the vegan cleansing cloth system, the cloths are so effective that you don't even need to use any cleanser! Continue reading [...]

OSEA Vegan Skin Care

With a simple philosophy of, "Safe cosmetics are a consumer's right and our earth's rightful due", OSEA brand vegan skincare line draws from the invigorating and healing properties of the ocean. Proudly proclaiming their line as both certified vegan and cruelty free, the company is also a fervent protector of the environment. Continue reading [...]

365 Shampoo

product contains cruelty-free ingredients such as thyme extracts and arnica flower to help balance oily hair. Vegan ingredients such as peppermint essential oil leave the hair clean, with a fresh scent. Continue reading [...]

Vegan/Vegetarian Shampoo for Oily Hair

Vegan and vegetarian shampoos for oil hair typically contain fruit and vegetable extracts, essential oils, herbs, vitamins, and minerals. Just a few common ingredients found in vegan and vegetarian shampoos include aloe vera, black elderberry flower, shea butter, jojoba oil, and coconut. Continue reading [...]

All Natural Skin Care Products

While products that contain mostly all natural ingredients rather than none at all are much better for your skin, some people prefer to use skin care products that contain only natural ingredients. Fortunately, there are many sources of all natural skin care products, and they are quite easy to locate. Continue reading [...]

Glo Minerals Makeup

Glo Minerals is one of the companies top sellers and the product line has been honored four years in a row by American Spa Magazine. Continue reading [...]

Ketoconazole Shampoo

Ketoconazole belongs to a class of antifungals called imidazoles. The anti-fungal ingredient ketoconazole is safe and effective, and it is recommend for ultra sensitive skin. Continue reading [...]

Laura Geller Makeup

In addition to creating cruelty-free cosmetics that are safe for use by vegans and vegetarians, Laura Geller is involved with Joan's Legacy, Uniting Against Lung Cancer. Continue reading [...]

Green Tea Moisturizer

In addition to helping prevent conditions from acne to skin cancer, green tea is a powerful moisturizer and blemish reducer. In fact, recent studies show that when applied in cream or gel form to the skin, green tea helps lighten dark spots and improves overall complexion. Continue reading [...]

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Along with founding members including the Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow, Friends of the Earth, Women’s Voices for the Earth, the Clean Water Fund, and the Breast Cancer Fund, to name a few, more than 100 endorsing agencies and more than 1,300 companies stand behind the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics by signing with the Compact for Safe Cosmetics. Continue reading [...]

Purifying Facial Mud Mask by Deep Sea Cosmetics

The Purifying Facial Mud Mask is believed to hydrate and moisturize the skin. It also purifies and clears clogged pores. Continue reading [...]

Does Make-Up Cause Cancer?

Studies show that the ingredients listed here can cause everything from acne, rashes, and bronchitis to cancer, hormonal imbalances, and fetal abnormalities. Continue reading [...]

Earth Friendly Cosmetics Bags

Earth friendly cosmetic bags such as hemp bags can be found at just about any vegan grocer, health food stores, Whole Foods, and online. Some of the most recognized names in the hemp bag business include Earth Diva, Artisan Gear, Sativa, and Simple Shoes. Continue reading [...]

Restorative Beauty Products by Obagi

Restorative beauty products by Obagi utilize ingredients such as sapinins, apricot kernel oil, sage leaf extract, aloe and sodium lauroyl oat amino acids to smooth, firm, hydrate, and even skin to improve the damage done by the sun, stress, and pollution. Continue reading [...]

Obagi Skin Care

Obagi skin care products address issues such as premature aging, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, acne, photodamage, rosacea, and fine lines and wrinkles. Continue reading [...]

Fantasy Makeup

Fantasy makeup comes in many forms. Some women like to add interesting items to their face or eyes such as feathers or jewels. Others simply want to create an interesting and exotic look through the use of cosmetics without adding other objects. Continue reading [...]