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Are Philosophy Skin Care Products Good?

Philosophy features a number of effective all natural ingredients that help combat skin disorders and improve skin texture, radiance, and elasticity. For example, the Philosophy miraculous anti-aging moisturizer is made with resveratrol, sunflower and rapeseed. Continue reading [...]

When Hope is Not Enough Treatments by Philosophy

Made with all natural products such as sunflower seed oil, olive fruit oil, and rice bran wax, When Hope Is Not Enough replenishing oil is gentle enough to use twice a day to hydrate the skin and help protect against toxins in the environment. Continue reading [...]

Philosophy Cosmetics

One of Philosophy’s top sellers is the miraculous anti-aging moisturizer. This product claims to help replenish skin's natural moisture barrier. By utilizing a major ingredient, resveratrol, this product is believed to help promote skin's vitality for firmness and radiance. Continue reading [...]