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oz naturals vitamin c 20 serum with Astaxanthin

Just What the Heck is Astaxanthin or Pro-Astax20? We Explain

Recently Oz Naturals, a vegan skin care line, has reformulated their much-tauted Vitamin C serum to include astaxanthin (which they call Pro-Astax20, and people are wondering just what is astaxanthin? Continue reading [...]
vegetarian vegan infographic

The Vegetarian and Vegan Infographic

People are often confused about what "vegetarian" and "vegan" mean. So we have created this handy infographic to explain, at a glance, what generally speaking the terms vegetarian and vegan mean. Continue reading [...]

Peacekeeper Cause-metics Vegan Beauty Products

Being 100% vegan friendly is just one of the many positive aspects of PeaceKeeper™Cause-metics'™ beauty product line. Founder and CEO Jody R. Weiss has implemented fair wage, slavery-free labor and cruelty-free practices company wide, and Peacekeeper touts being the first cosmetics line to “give all of its after-tax, distributable profits to women’s health advocacy and urgent human rights issues.” Continue reading [...]

The Balm Vegan Cosmetics Company

When The Balm Cosmetics' founder and CEO Marissa Shipman decided to start her line of glamorous yet simple, vegan-friendly beauty products, she went for broke. She hopped over to Amazon, bought herself some books on how to create your own makeup and went to work - she even hired a chemist to help create the formulas in her own kitchen! Continue reading [...]

365 Shampoo

product contains cruelty-free ingredients such as thyme extracts and arnica flower to help balance oily hair. Vegan ingredients such as peppermint essential oil leave the hair clean, with a fresh scent. Continue reading [...]

Sulfate Free Shampoos for Baby

Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, or an individual with skin sensitivities, there are literally hundreds of sulfate free shampoos on the market today. Visit any Whole Foods store and you will find dozens of sulfate-free and cruelty-free shampoos in the personal care aisles—even for baby. Many of the same selections are readily available at your local health food store. Continue reading [...]

Foaming Sea Salt Scrub by Arbonne

the foaming sea salt scrub is a detoxifying scrub that gently exfoliates and cleanses toxins from the skin’s surface. This action helps increase microcirculation, which stimulates skin in order to promote a “softer, smoother” look. The sea salt scrub features sea botanicals and sea salt, which are known bacteria fighters. Continue reading [...]

Arbonne All Natural Skin Care

Arbonne products are made with only pure and safe ingredients. The company never uses animal products or animal by-products, formaldehyde-dinating preservatives, petroleum-based ingredients, PABA, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, cholesterol, saturated fats or trans fats. Many Arbonne products are also gluten-free. Continue reading [...]

Age Spots Removal Using Organic Skin Care Cream

If you are interested in age spots removal using organic skin care cream, look for organic skin care creams that contain effective all natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba, avocado, safflower, aloe vera gel, lavender, peppermint, chamomile, green tea, pomegranate, licoriceroot, and meadowfoam. Vitmains A, E, and C are also effective at helping reduce or eliminate brown spots. Continue reading [...]

Antioxidant Skin Care Products

Most antioxidant skin care products are environmentally friendly, meaning, they utilize all natural ingredients and they are not tested on animals. Many of the companies that manufacture these products also stand behind adn promote sustainable practices. Continue reading [...]

Cspray by Biome Skincare

Fans of Cspray by Biome Skincare say it immediately makes skin look healthier and it makes skin glow. Some even claim that the spray tones the skin and eliminates fine lines, as early as the first application. Continue reading [...]

Biome Skincare Clear X

Adios Acne by Biome Skincare is a gentle, non-chemical acne solution. It does not contain chemical astringents or abrasive cleansers that can lead to redness, irritation, and dryness. Instead, Adios Acne Solution contains a combination of beneficial minerals and botanicals. Continue reading [...]

Vegan/Vegetarian Shampoo for Oily Hair

Vegan and vegetarian shampoos for oil hair typically contain fruit and vegetable extracts, essential oils, herbs, vitamins, and minerals. Just a few common ingredients found in vegan and vegetarian shampoos include aloe vera, black elderberry flower, shea butter, jojoba oil, and coconut. Continue reading [...]

Exposed Acne Skin Care

Exposed Skin Care team consists of dermatologists, chemists, and other skin care professionals that work together with one goal in mind – to help acne sufferers eliminate acne for good. According to the official Exposed Skin Care website, the company's acne treatment system is currently considered one of the worlds most successful. Continue reading [...]

All Natural Skin Care Products

While products that contain mostly all natural ingredients rather than none at all are much better for your skin, some people prefer to use skin care products that contain only natural ingredients. Fortunately, there are many sources of all natural skin care products, and they are quite easy to locate. Continue reading [...]

Elemis Vitamin Rich Body Lotion

Elemis vitamin rich body lotion is made with all natural ingredients that are safe for vegans and vegetarians. Ingredients include carrot seed, wheat germ, sweet almond oil, minerals, phospholipids, and vitamins A, E, and beta-carotene. Continue reading [...]

Fango Brillante Brightening Mud Mask by Borghese

This popular Borghese brightening mask has a soothing and refining effect on skin. It evens out skin tone and “removes dead skin cells and erases the effects of environmental debris,” with the help of citrus unshiu peel extract and potent Vitamin A. Continue reading [...]


Borghese products contain all natural vegan and vegetarian ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba beans, sweet almond seed meal, adzuk bean powder, guarana oil, zedomine oil, and vitamins A, C and E, to name a few. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Cruelty Free Hair Dye

Although there are many vegan cruelty-free hair dye companies available, several seem to be the most popular choices for individuals that want to do their part to keep animals safe and help preserve the environment. These popular cruelty-free companies include Avigal Henna, Atlantis Hair Color, and Herbatint. Continue reading [...]

Vegan and Vegetarian Natural Hair Care

Whole Foods has a wide selection of vegan and vegetarian natural hair care products to choose from ranging from Nature’s Gate to Jason. Continue reading [...]

Organic Body Lotion

Whole Foods has a great selection of Premium Body Care products made just for those looking for organic body lotions, including vegans, vegetarians, and individuals that opt for a cruelty free lifestyle. Continue reading [...]

African-American Hair Care

The types of products you use will depend on your hair texture and whether it is dry, greasy, limp, thick, thin, or thinning. Continue reading [...]

Restructure Firming Cream by Kinerase

Restructure firming cream by Kinerase is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, and paraben-free. It is also safe for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Continue reading [...]

Lucky Tiger Peppermint Shampoo & Body Wash

Scented with pure peppermint oil, Lucky Tiger peppermint shampoo & body wash is made with vegan and vegetarian ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil, and rosemary extract. Continue reading [...]

Lucky Tiger

Lucky Tiger Premium products run the gamut from face moisturizer and scrubs to eye serum and acne soap. Continue reading [...]

Hypoallergenic Mascara

Depending on the manufacturer, mascara may contain vegan and vegetarian friendly ingredients such as linseed oil, castor oil, eucalyptus oil, sesame oil, paraffin, carnauba wax, gum, rayon, and ultramarine blue—a semi-precious stone. Continue reading [...]

Perfecting Water by Laura Mercier

For normal to dry skin or dry to dehydrated skin, perfecting water may be used as a compliment to any Laura Mercier serum or heavier moisturizer. Continue reading [...]

Laura Mercier Cosmetics

Laura Mercier Cosmetics are safe for use by vegetarians and vegans, and they are cruelty-free. Ingredients range from aloe and safflower seed oil to plant derived candelilla wax. Continue reading [...]

Tea Tree Triple Threat Shampoo by Giovanni

The shampoo should be used with the Giovanni’s Triple Tea Tree Treat Conditioner for best results. The conditioner is safe for all hair types and it is made using PureOrganic Technology™. Continue reading [...]

Giovanni Hair Care

line also features all natural and cruelty free wellness conditioners with Chinese botanicals such as sapindus mukorssi fruit and bacopa moniera extract. Continue reading [...]

Sport Clear System by AcneFree Skin Care

The Sport Clear System by AcneFree features two versions: the standard skin care system and the deluxe system. Continue reading [...]

AcneFree Skin Care

Beside Proactiv, AcneFree Skin Care is one of the top acne treatment systems available without a prescription. Continue reading [...]

Olive Nutrient Therapy Treatment Paste by Chi Organics

For desired results, most users leave the Olive Nutrient Therapy Treatment on for at least 15 minutes, while applying heat or by using a hot towel. For less intensive treatments, leave on for 1-3 minutes. Continue reading [...]

What are the Ingredients in Lipstick?

Lipstick ingredients such as carmine (cochineal extract) and beeswax are not vegan friendly because they are derived from insects. Although most beeswax is considered cruelty-free, the process of creating carmine is anything but. Continue reading [...]

Chi Organics

Created by Farouk Systems, CHI Organics hair care products are sulfate and paraben free and contain a number of Certified Organic Essential Oils, natural oils, and a special complex of extracts. Continue reading [...]

Basic Essentials by Keri Lotion

Basic Essentials by Keri Lotion does not contain ingredients such as fragrance. It is hypoallergenic and formulated especially for sensitive skin. Continue reading [...]


This cruelty-free and vegetarian lip color pigment goes on dry, then it is covered with a moisturizing gloss made of vegan-friendly shea butter. Shea butter allows the gloss to penetrate the color and keep the lips moist, without lifting the color. Continue reading [...]

Anti-Aging Shampoo by Phyto Vegetarian Hair Care

Anti-Aging Shampoo by Phyto Vegetarian Hair Care is not a gimmick. Reviewers mention that this vegetarian anti-aging shampoo promotes thickness, stops breakage, and makes hair look less dull. This shampoo contains a combination of botanical ingredients that also help protect hair against further damage. In addition to vegetarian, all natural, cruelty-free ingredients such as walnut and birch extract, Phyto’s anti-aging shampoo also contains Gatuline® age-defense. Continue reading [...]

Phyto Hair Care

Phyto Hair Care features systems for each hair type and condition. These systems are extensive, and according to Phyto fans, they are also effective. Continue reading [...]

Are Philosophy Skin Care Products Good?

Philosophy features a number of effective all natural ingredients that help combat skin disorders and improve skin texture, radiance, and elasticity. For example, the Philosophy miraculous anti-aging moisturizer is made with resveratrol, sunflower and rapeseed. Continue reading [...]

Hand Lotion

Some of the most effective hand lotion ingredients for healthy skin and a number of skin conditions include aloe vera, oatmeal, salicylic acid, rosemary, lavender, vitamin C, vitamin E, olive leaf, red clover, gotu kola, zinc, and omega 3 fatty acids. Continue reading [...]

Keri Lotion

In addition, Keri Lotion contains sunscreen and Alpha Hydroxy Complex, which helps renew and protect skin. Keri Lotion is believed to be the only therapeutic all over body lotion with Alpha Hydroxy Complex and sunscreen. Continue reading [...]

Glo Minerals Makeup

Glo Minerals is one of the companies top sellers and the product line has been honored four years in a row by American Spa Magazine. Continue reading [...]

Homemade Shampoo

To begin making homemade shampoo, pick up a bottle of castile soap. There are a number of different aromas available, the choice is yours. Next, purchase a natural preservative such as sage. Continue reading [...]

Best Mineral Makeup

Like most mineral makeup, BareMinerals make-up by BareEscentuals features an SPF rating of 15. This means, mineral makeup can help protect the skin against the suns harmful rays. Continue reading [...]

What Stores Sell Elf Cosmetics?

Elf (e.l.f.) Cosmetics can be found in a number of popular discount superstores across America.  They can be found at Target Stores, Big Kmart, Super K and Meijer.  You may also find Elf Cosmetics at drugstores and select beauty supply stores.  To find the nearest retailer that carries e.l.f., please visit the official Elf Cosmetics website at and use the sites store locator.  All you have to do is enter your zip code and the miles you are willing to travel from your home Continue reading [...]


Nexxus manufactures several specialty products just for salons. These include Phyto Organics, Vitatress, and Serum. Phyto Organics is a natural plant bases hair care system that contains ingredients such as quinoa, exotic botanicals, and rare plant and flower aromatherapy essences from around the world. Continue reading [...]

Ketoconazole Shampoo

Ketoconazole belongs to a class of antifungals called imidazoles. The anti-fungal ingredient ketoconazole is safe and effective, and it is recommend for ultra sensitive skin. Continue reading [...]

Ultra Anti-Itch Cream and Skin Protectant by Sarna

Ultra anti-itch cream and skin protectant by Sarna is the perfect solution for severely dry skin. This steroid-free moisturizer soothes and protects skin with the help of menthol (0.5%), pramoxine hydrochloride (1.0%), and white petrolatum (30%). These Continue reading [...]

Sarna (Stiefel Labs)

In 2000, Stiefel Laboratories introduced Physiogel skin care products. This was the world’s first family of skin repair products based on natural (plant) lipids and emulsifier-free repair technology. Continue reading [...]

Nature’s Gate Organics Natural Results Acne Care

Nature’s Gate products do not contain paraben or phthalate. All ingredients are derived from plants grown in accordance with the California Organic Products Act of 2003. Continue reading [...]

Vegan and Vegetarian Soap

Although there are many vegan and vegetarian soaps to choose from, some are more popular than others. Aunt Ann’s Garden Soap is an industry favorite. Continue reading [...]

Mud Party Anti-Aging by Garden of Eve

Mud Party Anti-Aging products include Eve’s Mud Party for Clearly Lovely, Eve’s Mud Party for Expectantly Lovely, and Eve’s Mud Party for Elegantly Aging. Each product contains a number of all natural vegan and vegetarian ingredients. Continue reading [...]

Vitamin E Products by Fruit of the Earth

Fruit of the Earth products include a number of other ingredients that target everything from acne scars to wrinkles. Other ingredients include: wheat germ oil, sunflower seed oil, sesame seed oil, coconut oil, vegetable oil, water, and mineral oil. Continue reading [...]

Glossy Locks Hair Care by 100% Pure

100% Pure hair care products do not contain synthetic chemicals, harsh detergents, chemical preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial fragrances. These products are not tested on animals, ever. Continue reading [...]

Cellex-C Cellulite Smoothing Complex

Cellex-C Cellulite Smoothing Complex is a botanical gel that has been proven to help smooth resistant cellulite on the hips and thighs. It is also proven to help increase elasticity and resilience if the skin in 5-8 weeks. Continue reading [...]

Glycerin Soaps by Go!Go! Beauty

Go!Go! glycerin soaps do not contain lye, alcohols, and petroleum by-products that are typically found in commercially produced soaps. Continue reading [...]

Gums, Glues & Waxes by got2b

Got2b glue may sound harsh, but it’s not. This gunky glue contains ingredients such as water, corn starch, and limonene (extracted from citrus rind). Continue reading [...]

Acne Health Skin Care

At Last Natural's 15% MSM cream contains Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Lecithin, Methylparaben, and Propylparaben. It is effective against skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, scabies, dermatitis, dandruff, and diaper rash. Continue reading [...]

Baked Collection Cheek Color by Laura Geller

Blush-N-Brighten w/brush is the 2010 Customer Choice Winner. The marbleized pigments come in berry, golden apricot, pink grapefruit, roseberry, honey dipped, sunswept, and tartufo. Blush-N-Brighten ingredients include jojoba seed oil, cornstarch, mineral oil, mica, and iron oxides. Continue reading [...]

Ginger Flower Shampoo: Where to Purchase

The locals extract the sap and mix it with water to create a healthy hair rinse. The sap of the ginger flower is naturally fragrant, so it already smells like shampoo. Continue reading [...]


got2b products have been tested and are considered safe for individuals with sensitive skin. The got2b line includes göt2b magnetik, göt2b smooth operator, göt2b unstoppable, göt2b 2 sexy, göt2b glued, göt2b crazy sleek, and göt2b styl-tini. Continue reading [...]

Greenridge Organics

Greenridge Organics creates only cruelty free skin, hair, and body care products that are safe for use by vegans and vegetarians. In addition to cruelty-free skincare products, Greenridge Organics sells cruelty-free baby care products, soy aromatherapy candles, spa products, and products for men. Continue reading [...]

Go! Go! Beauty

This cruelty-free company also has a number of globally themed collections including Go!Go! Beauty African, Go!Go! Beauty Asian, Go!Go! Beauty European, and Go!Go! Beauty Latin. Continue reading [...]

Fruit of the Earth

Fruit of the Earth also sells sunless tanning products. All suncare products contain pure aloe vera gel. They are hypoallergenic, UVA/UVB protective, and they do not contain paba. Continue reading [...]

Garden of Eve Skin Care

Just about any ingredient combination can be found in Garden of Eve products. A good example is the company’s Wise Woman Emollient. This product contains a combination of rose, jasmine, frankincense, geranium, myrrh, carrot seed, and sandalwood. Continue reading [...]

Laura Geller Makeup

In addition to creating cruelty-free cosmetics that are safe for use by vegans and vegetarians, Laura Geller is involved with Joan's Legacy, Uniting Against Lung Cancer. Continue reading [...]

Best Shampoo for Color Treated Hair

Just a few common natural ingredients in the best shampoo for color treated hair include soy, sunflower, citrus, elemi, orange, ginger, macadamia oil, and organic jojoba oil. Continue reading [...]

Skin Softening Cleanser by Meaningful Beauty

The skin softening cleanser is fragrance free and oil free and it is made with ingredients that are both vegan and vegetarian friendly. The main ingredient, a rare melon cultivated in a remote region of the south of France, contains a “powerful super-antioxidant called superoxide dismutase (SOD).” Continue reading [...]

Acne Body Lotion

In addition to all natural and organic ingredients such as tea tree oil, chamomile, goldenseal, and hamamelis (all help fight acne-causing bacteria), acne body lotions may contain alcohol and either salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, or isotrenion. Continue reading [...]

Cindy Crawford Skin Care (Meaningful Beauty)

The melon extract used in Meaningful Beauty products is cruelty free, and safe for use by vegans and vegetarians. Other vegan and vegetarian ingredients include soy protein, marine botanicals, vitamins C and E, and SPF 20. Continue reading [...]

Green Tea Moisturizer

In addition to helping prevent conditions from acne to skin cancer, green tea is a powerful moisturizer and blemish reducer. In fact, recent studies show that when applied in cream or gel form to the skin, green tea helps lighten dark spots and improves overall complexion. Continue reading [...]

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Along with founding members including the Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow, Friends of the Earth, Women’s Voices for the Earth, the Clean Water Fund, and the Breast Cancer Fund, to name a few, more than 100 endorsing agencies and more than 1,300 companies stand behind the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics by signing with the Compact for Safe Cosmetics. Continue reading [...]

What Does MAC Cosmetics Stand For?

MAC used its success to lend a hand with the fight against AIDS. The two Franks created the MAC AIDS fund in 1994. Continue reading [...]

Free and Clear Shampoo

Free and clear shampoo is cruelty free, and ingredients are safe for vegans and vegetarians. It does not contain perfume, lanolin, dyes, formaldehyde, or parabens. Continue reading [...]

Purifying Facial Mud Mask by Deep Sea Cosmetics

The Purifying Facial Mud Mask is believed to hydrate and moisturize the skin. It also purifies and clears clogged pores. Continue reading [...]

Deep Sea Cosmetics

Deep Sea Cosmetics, Inc. formulates Dead Sea products for the face, body, and nails, as well as anti-aging products and complete line of products for men. Continue reading [...]

Aloha Tanning Lotion

Aloha tanning lotion features a number of ingredients that encourage the production of melanin. These ingredients offer natural protection from the sun, as well as other benefits to the skin. Continue reading [...]

Hair Regrowth Shampoos

For example, the hair regrowth treatment Rogaine contains ethanol, propylene glycol, and purified water. The active ingredient in Rogaine is minoxidil. Minoxidil contains retinoids, which are chemically related to all natural Vitamin A. Continue reading [...]

Jane Cosmetics

Founded in 1994, Jane Cosmetics features makeup products for women of all ages from all walks of life. The line features dramatic colors such as bright green and sparkly gold as well as earthy tones such as café, mocha, and cinnamon. Continue reading [...]

Raw Minerals Makeup

In addition to being popular among individuals with acne-prone or sensitive skin, raw mineral makeup is also popular among vegans, vegetarians, and individuals interested in maintaining a cruelty-free lifestyle. Continue reading [...]

Bronzers by NYX Cosmetics

Tango with Bronzer Powder features five different compacts with different patterns that provide various shades of bronze. Choose Confessions of a Tanaholic for a dark bronze look Continue reading [...]

NYX Cosmetics

While NYX does not sell moisturizers and treatments for the face, the company does sell lip treatments. NYX’s Tinted Lip Spa is made with Vitamin E and other moisturizing ingredients such as olive wax. Continue reading [...]

Organic Cosmetics

These products may still contain ingredients found in nature or prepared according to strict standards, but the manufacturer may use a 50/50 method (50 percent organic, 50 percent traditional) or maybe a 70/30 method. Continue reading [...]

Does Make-Up Cause Cancer?

Studies show that the ingredients listed here can cause everything from acne, rashes, and bronchitis to cancer, hormonal imbalances, and fetal abnormalities. Continue reading [...]

Enhancers by Cellex-C

Enhancers are made with all natural products that are vegan and vegetarian friendly as well as cruelty free. Ingredients run the gamut from evening primrose oil and Vitamin A to milk thistle seed extract and lemon oil. Continue reading [...]

Cellex-C Skin Care Products

Cellex-C Enhancers include eye balms, hand creams, and moisturizers. Ingredients run the gamut from evening primrose oil and Vitamin A to milk thistle seed extract and lemon oil. Continue reading [...]

Organics by Origins

The Organics by Origins line consists of soothing lip balm, nourishing face lotion, foaming face wash, purifying tonic, massage oil, hydrating body lotion, refreshing body powder, cleansing body bar, silkening body spritz, totally pure deodorant, and conditioning hair oil. Continue reading [...]


Origins also uses recycled materials wherever possible and it is recognized as one of the top 20 Retail partners by the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership. Continue reading [...]

Shampoo Ingredients

When it comes to vegan and vegetarian friendly shampoos most do not contain wheat, gluten, parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances or colors, animal ingredients, phosphates, silicones, EDTA, glycol, or petroleum-based ingredients. Continue reading [...]

Acne Skin Care Treatments and Products

Severe cases of acne are rarely treatable with products that can be purchased without a prescription – no matter what the product website might say. Severe acne conditions must be treated from the inside out, beginning with killing and controlling problem bacteria. Continue reading [...]

Earth Friendly Cosmetics Bags

Earth friendly cosmetic bags such as hemp bags can be found at just about any vegan grocer, health food stores, Whole Foods, and online. Some of the most recognized names in the hemp bag business include Earth Diva, Artisan Gear, Sativa, and Simple Shoes. Continue reading [...]

Cruelty Free Lice Shampoo

cruelty free lice shampoos contain natural ingredients such as rosemary, aloe vera, and chamomile, but some are not exactly infused with other ingredients such as fruit extract, and vitamins for shiny, bouncy hair. Continue reading [...]

Labor Day Ends, Countdown to Halloween Begins (Makeup Tips)

For families with small children, funhouses and apple bobbing abound, and for true Halloween fans, crazy costume creations are the name of the game. Continue reading [...]

Restorative Beauty Products by Obagi

Restorative beauty products by Obagi utilize ingredients such as sapinins, apricot kernel oil, sage leaf extract, aloe and sodium lauroyl oat amino acids to smooth, firm, hydrate, and even skin to improve the damage done by the sun, stress, and pollution. Continue reading [...]

Obagi Skin Care

Obagi skin care products address issues such as premature aging, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, acne, photodamage, rosacea, and fine lines and wrinkles. Continue reading [...]

Stila Slate Eyeshadow Review

Stila Slate Eyeshadow has an average product rating of 4.4. This means, roughly 84 percent of all reviewers would buy the product again. Continue reading [...]

Corrective Concealers by Iman

Iman concealers are also cruelty free. They contain other ingredients such a Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Seed Oil, Roman Chamomile, and Water. Continue reading [...]

Hair Loss Shampoo

Hair loss shampoos such as Rogaine and Progaine Volumizing Shampoo, Nioxin, Folicure, and Folica are some of the most effective hair loss shampoos on the market. Continue reading [...]

Iman Cosmetics

Iman cosmetics and skin care products contain a number of vegan and vegetarian friendly ingredients ranging from Aloe Vera to Vitamin E to Shea Butter. Continue reading [...]

Sulfate Free Shampoo

Most sulfate free shampoos contain all natural ingredients obtained from the earth. Sulfate free shampoos may contain ingredients such as coconut, ginger, pomegranate, and white tea. These ingredients leave hair feeling lighter, softer and smoother. Continue reading [...]

Make Your Own Lip Gloss

Vegans and vegetarians may use the oils listed above without having to incorporate honey and beeswax. You may replace beeswax with paraffin wax, soy wax, or palm wax. The choice is yours. Continue reading [...]

Skin Care Tips

In addition to choosing all natrual and cruelty-free products whenever possible, you should always use a moisturizer to help keep skin soft and supple. Using a moisturizer also prevents dryness. Continue reading [...]

Nizoral Shampoo

Nizoral only contains ingredients that are used to control skin conditions. These ingredients have not been tested on animals and they are safe for sensitive skin. Continue reading [...]

Shampure by Aveda

Shampure by Aveda accomplishes this by utilizing all natural, vegan and vegetarian friendly ingredients such as Coriander oil, Eucalyptus oil, Lavender oil, Orange oil bitter, Wheat conditioners, and Babassu. Continue reading [...]

LUXIVA Changing Skin Treatment by Merle Norman

The LUXIVA Changing Skin Treatment is made with vegan and vegetarian friendly ingredients such as clover, soy, and wild yam botanical extracts. These ingredients help hydrate and firm the skin. Continue reading [...]

Sheer Cover Makeup

Sheer Cover makeup is available in light, light/medium, medium/tan, and tan/dark. To select the correct shade, you should visit the website to review the instructional video and color images. Continue reading [...]

When Hope is Not Enough Treatments by Philosophy

Made with all natural products such as sunflower seed oil, olive fruit oil, and rice bran wax, When Hope Is Not Enough replenishing oil is gentle enough to use twice a day to hydrate the skin and help protect against toxins in the environment. Continue reading [...]

Merle Norman Cosmetics

An excellent representative of the entire Merle Norman product line is the booster hydrator “LUXIVA Changing Skin Treatment.” This product is a top choice for individuals with sensitive skin, although it is effective on all skin types. Continue reading [...]

Egyptian Makeup

The green eyeshadows used by Egyptians were made from malachite. Malachite is a cooper ore and mineral characterized by a rich green color. Dating back to antiquity, malachite was imported from the Sinai Desert. Continue reading [...]

Natural Rosacea Skin Care

In many cases, your physician will recommend an all natural, mild, non-abrasive skin cleanser to be used with lukewarm water and a thick cotton towel. Continue reading [...]

Philosophy Cosmetics

One of Philosophy’s top sellers is the miraculous anti-aging moisturizer. This product claims to help replenish skin's natural moisture barrier. By utilizing a major ingredient, resveratrol, this product is believed to help promote skin's vitality for firmness and radiance. Continue reading [...]

Calamine Lotion

Calamine lotion may also help treat bites and stings, sunburn, blisters, and acne. Made with active ingredients Calamine and Zinc Oxide, calamine lotion is also considered a skin protectant. Continue reading [...]

Pink Lipstick

There are more than 100 different shades of pink lipstick from the darkest shades of pink such as mountbatten pink to the lightest shades such as blossom pink and tea rose. So you see, anyone can wear pink lipstick, you just have to match the correct shade to your skin tone. Continue reading [...]

Tea Tree Shampoo

When used in shampoo, tea tree oil helps cleanse the hair and scalp, reduce dandruff, and soften and condition the hair and scalp. Continue reading [...]

Indoor Tanning Lotions

You should make sure the skin is clean and exfoliated before application. Do not apply indoor tanning lotion in a steamy room. If you do, you can get sweaty which can cause streaking and spotty areas. Continue reading [...]

Blush Crush Baked Blush by Hard Candy

Blush Crush Baked Blush bakes for eight hours, resulting in a texture that’s easy to blend, with a natural finish. Continue reading [...]

Hard Candy Makeup

Hard Candy sells makeup for the face, nails, eyes, and lips. It also sells body spray, body glitter, sparkling body crayons, and flavored body powder. Continue reading [...]

How to Apply Kiss Makeup

No matter which KISS bandmember you choose to replicate, you must start with clean skin. Moisturize if your skin is particularly dry. You don’t want the makeup to cake and roll. Continue reading [...]

Best Mascara

First, what could possibly cause eye irritation, clumping, and everything else? Chemicals, of course! Some of the best mascaras are made without or with very limited amounts of the following chemicals or ingredients. . . Continue reading [...]

Acne and Oily Skin Care Treatment

Depending on the severity of acne or oily skin (a major cause of acne), it may be treated internally with antibiotics such as tetracycline and/or externally with prescription strength soaps or creams. Continue reading [...]

How Much Money Do Makeup Artists Make?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, makeup artists working in Motion Picture and Video industries and Performing Arts Companies, earn the highest salaries in the entire industry. Continue reading [...]

Fine Line Fighters by DHC Skincare

The eye wrinkle stick is formulated to fight under-eye dryness and fine lines. It contains ingredients such as castor oil, rice germ oil, fruit oil, ginseng, and aloe. Continue reading [...]

What Exactly Is Tanning Lotion?

Tanning lotions that contain M.A.P. speed up the skins' reaction to tanning while protecting it from sun damage and discoloration. M.A.P. is also believed to control allergies and other conditions within the skin that may arise from the usual tanning process. Continue reading [...]

Makeup and Hair Dress Up Games

In today’s world, the Internet allows girls to play many different hair and makeup games online. These games are very popular and they cover every topic a girl could imagine: fashion, hair, makeup, nails and wedding. Continue reading [...]

Homemade Acne Treatment

Tea tree oil (left on skin overnight) as well as yellow dock, burdock, and sarsaparilla can be used to treat mild to moderate acne. Continue reading [...]

Witch Makeup

At the most basic level, individuals wanting to employ the witch makeup technique should decide if they want to be perceived as a good witch or a bad witch. Continue reading [...]

Cat Eye Makeup

Find a picture of the cat eyes you want to create. Celebrity gossip and girl magazines are great for getting ideas. Online research and Halloween books or back issues of magazines provide plenty of suggestions and ideas for exotic cat eyes. Continue reading [...]

Geisha Makeup

Geisha’s are a popular form of entertainment for business, tourism, and novelty. Women who want to become a member of this elite profession must go through training that can take anywhere from six months to three years. To effectively look like a Geisha, you will need to practice. Applying the makeup takes time and skill. Continue reading [...]

Fantasy Makeup

Fantasy makeup comes in many forms. Some women like to add interesting items to their face or eyes such as feathers or jewels. Others simply want to create an interesting and exotic look through the use of cosmetics without adding other objects. Continue reading [...]

Makeup Tips Smoky Eyes

Make sure you use a concealer or base before applying eye makeup. You want to apply the concealer both under your eye and to the entire lid. This step is essential to creating an even look and keeping eye shadow intact. Continue reading [...]

Skin Care Products

For many people, the best skin care products comes down to the ingredients used, the impact these ingredients have on the environment, and whether or not the ingredients have been tested on animals. Continue reading [...]

Luminess Airbrush Makeup

Luminess developed a precise air stylus, air compressor, and makeup. Many compare the air pressure when using Luminess makeup to what you would feel if someone whispered close to your face. Continue reading [...]

Proactiv Skin Care

The skin care system is an easy-to-use three step system that should be applied twice a day. The basic Proactiv system is made up of three different products: a cleanser, a toner and a conditioning lotion. Continue reading [...]

Discontinued Lipstick

If your lipstick has been discontinued, chances are it’s not coming back. What you can do is contact a custom makeup retailer and they will be more than happy to duplicate the color for you. Continue reading [...]

Natural Skin Treatment for Acne

There are a number of cosmetics companies that sell natural skin treatments for mild acne. Some of these treatments may or may not work for mild to moderate acne, but for those that prefer to avoid harsh chemicals, it may be worth a try. Continue reading [...]

Red Lipstick

In England in the late 1700s, red lipstick was considered evil. Any woman that wore red lipstick was considered a witch. Parliament reinforced this belief by enacting a law which made it nearly impossible to wear red lipstick without being persecuted. Continue reading [...]

Eyeshadow for Hazel Eyes

Colors such as dark purple or dark brown work well. Light brown eyes and hazel eyes work well with yellow highlights and dark colors in the creases of the eyelids. Continue reading [...]

Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

The one color to avoid is what else? Blue! Blue eyeshadow can make your blue eyes fade, so be careful. You may chose very dark blue, but if you apply too much, it can look harsh. Continue reading [...]


Lush creates cruelty-free products for the skin and body. Since 1994, Lush has opened more than 600 stores in 43 countries around the world. Continue reading [...]

Discount Cosmetics

These types of retailers are known for slashing prices on cosmetics, lotions, and other beauty products on a weekly basis. If you prefer to shop in person, drug stores, beauty supply houses, and Target are great places to buy discount cosmetics. Continue reading [...]

1920s Makeup

When you think of 1920s makeup, what immediately comes to mind? Heavy liner? Long, fluttering lashes? Pale skin? Tan skin? How about dark lipstick? If any of these trends come to mind, you’re definitely on track. Not only this, but lipstick was packaged in small tubes, so for the first time women began to take it with them for a quick touch up on the go. Continue reading [...]

Emulsion Lip Exfoliant by Smashbox Cosmetics

The lip exfoliant is cruelty free making it a great choice for vegetarians. Smashbox is listed with the Leaping Bunny organization and works to support many causes including the creation of better environment through an active use of recycled materials, certified paper and soy ink. Continue reading [...]

Smashbox Cosmetics

Smashbox Cosmetics focuses on “finding beauty solutions and quick fixes to demystifying makeup application” for women. The company is also listed with Leaping Bunny. Continue reading [...]

Makeup for Green Eyes

Warm colors are often the best choice for green eyes. Deep purples, mauves, coppers and browns work well. Lighter colors such as medium pinks and peaches are also considered warm and will complement green eyes throughout the day and night. Continue reading [...]

Zap&Hide Concealer by Jane Iredale

The Jane Iredale cosmetic line is wonderful for vegetarians and vegans alike. The products are cruelty free as they are never tested on animals and made with natural ingredients. Continue reading [...]

Jane Iredale Cosmetics

According to the official Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics website, Iredale was the first to supply the aesthetics industry with a full-line of makeup based on minerals and the first to see the potential of offering physicians a makeup that was good for skin. Continue reading [...]

Natural Skincare

Instead of using animal ingredients, Clarins uses plants – the key component of the Clarins brand. The use of plants has benefited many animal species as well as the environment. Clarins sells cruelty-free cosmetics, face and body care products, and fragrances. Continue reading [...]

Beauty Products and Makeup That You Might Think are Vegetarian or Vegan, But Aren’t

It is astonishing how many beauty products aren't vegetarian (let alone vegan); products that you would never in a million years think would have animal products in them. So if you are taking care to use vegan makeup or vegan beauty products (or vegetarian makeup or beauty products), it can be hard to be sure that a particular makeup or beauty product really is vegan or vegetarian. This page contains a list of products that are surpisingly not vegetarian or vegan, both within the article, and in the comments Continue reading [...]

All Natural Airbrush Makeup

If you are unsure about the nature of the ingredient, visit for a list of cruelty-free, vegan, and vegetarian ingredients as well as ingredients that have been tested on animals and ingredients that are considered non-vegan and non-vegetarian. Continue reading [...]

Homemade Mascara

It is important to note that this homemade mascara recipe has not been approved by the FDA, but users – even users with sensitive skin and eyes, have reported success. If you are a little skeptical, simply use the mascara on a few outer corner lashes for several hours. Continue reading [...]

Makeup Tips

the fall months, earthy tones reign supreme and when spring rolls around, the fresh look becomes the name of the game. This means, go light on the lips, cheeks, and eyes and leave the heavy eyeliner and mascara at home. Continue reading [...]

Airbrush Makeup

If you are interested in airbrush makeup, but you would like to look as natural as possible, you should consider purchasing an airbrush kit along with high-quality liquid makeup from trusted names in the industry such as Sephora (est. 1969) or Dinair (est. 1981). Continue reading [...]

Cruelty Free Dramatic Eye Makeup

Although permanent eye makeup is the most dramatic type of eye makeup of them all, it might not be for everyone. Continue reading [...]

Hair Repair Mask by Wen Hair Care

The Wen repair mask adds moisture, body and shine to help restore hair after common treatments such as coloring or after having a perm, or when hair has suffered damage from exposure to the sun, chlorine or other elements. Continue reading [...]

Wen Hair Care

In recent years, Chaz developed the Wen Hair Care system that offers consumers a new approach to cleansing and maintaining hair. The main difference in this system is the lack of an ordinary shampoo. Instead, the system’s main product is a cleansing conditioner that both cleans and conditions locks. Continue reading [...]

Hair Care Products

Some of the more well-known hair care companies that offer cruelty free hair care products include Arbonne, The Body Shop, ELON, Herbal Choice Mari, Nature’s Clean, Paul Mitchell and Pureology. Continue reading [...]

Tinted Moisturizer by Stila Cosmetics

Some of the cosmetic cases the company produces are refillable and some of them are recyclable as well. Stila understands that every little bit helps. Continue reading [...]

Stila Cosmetics

by a celebrity makeup artist, Stila is a sophisticated color brand that is regularly featured in top fashion magazines such as Allure and InStyle. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Lotion

Vegan lotion can be found at just about any health food store, at Whole Foods, at Mother’s Market, and many other natural food stores. What some might find surprising is that you can also find lotion for vegans and vegetarians at your local grocery store or at department stores. Continue reading [...]

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Ingredients

Bobbi Brown ingredients run the gamut from Vitamins C and E to grapefruit and geranium. In addition to creating cosmetics and skin care products for all skin types, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has worked with Dress for Success, and the Jane Addams High School for Academic Careers. Dress for Success helps women in need. Continue reading [...]

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos are not just popular among the vegan and vegetarian set. Dry shampoos are used in hospitals for the sick or injured that cannot get out of bed. It is also popular for extended camping trips and emergency situations, such as plumbing problems. Continue reading [...]

Mineral Foundation Makeup

Mineral foundation makeup does not contain synthetic dyes, fragrances, and preservatives. It’s non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores. Continue reading [...]

Permanent Makeup

In some cases, permanent makeup may involve the use of cruelty-free inks made from a combination of vegetables, fruits, and plants. Others may use parts of trees, such as bark. Continue reading [...]

Prescriptives Cosmetics

The parent company of Prescriptives is Estée Lauder, which was founded in 1946 with the founding principle that all women should have the opportunity to look and feel beautiful. Continue reading [...]

Elf Cosmetics Cucumber Melon Line

The Cucumber Melon product line creates a light and refreshing experience. A body lotion, hand soap, hand cream, bath gel and body butter is available with the refreshing Cucumber Melon scent. Continue reading [...]

Elf Cosmetics

In addition to the traditional product line, Elf offers an entire line of mineral based cosmetics that includes eyeshadow, eyeliner, concealers, primers, lip gloss, lipstick, lipliner, foundation, powder and blush. Continue reading [...]

Mineral Makeup

Founded in 2006 by Tara Burner, College of Healthcare Sciences graduate and "Green Coach," Affordable Mineral Makeup is a new cosmetics company that sells affordable eco-friendly cosmetics. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Skin Care

You can even find cruelty-free, vegan products at discount superstores such as Target and Wal-mart. Yes, it’s true, vegan skin care seems to be going mainstream, and cruelty free products are already there. Continue reading [...]

Acne Scar Skin Care

Acne scar skin care treatments such as hydroquinone may also be used raw material of herbicides, dyestuffs, and rubber antioxidants. This is obviously something that you do not want to use on your already vulnerable and sensitive skin. Continue reading [...]


Becoming a vegetarian is one way to help the anti-cruelty movement. If no one purchased eggs, milk and meat from these farm factories, then they would not exist. One reason for the overcrowding problems and lack of empathetic care is the commercial need to produce eggs, milk and meat quickly and inexpensively to meet the growing demands of an ever-increasing worldwide population. Continue reading [...]

Mary Kay Cosmetics

In addition to being an excellent business opportunity for women, Mary Kay makes it a priority to keep customers happy by providing top-quality products that meet high standards of excellence, performance and safety. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Lipstick

Environmentally conscious women can find vegan lipstick at popular cosmetics retailers such as Clarins and Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC). Continue reading [...]


One great resource for discovering who makes cruelty free cosmetics is the Leaping Bunny organization website. Visitors to the site can acces the cruelty-free guide to learn about who makes cosmetics, animal care products, personal care products and household products that are not tested on animals. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Living

Vegans do not eat beef, chicken, turkey, fish, seafood, or pork. In addition, these individuals do not consume edible products derived from any type of animal source. Continue reading [...]

Pureology Essential Repair System

The Essential Repair System is comprised of six products: shampoo, hair condition, split end correcting treatment, color max, restorative hair masque, and instant repair. Each product has different ingredients but they are all guaranteed vegan and cruelty free. Continue reading [...]


Pureology products are available in salons around the world, so they are easily accessible to vegans, vegetarians, and environmentally conscious individuals alike. To contact the company directly, it is best to use the contact form provided on the official company website. Continue reading [...]

Cruelty Free Moisturizing Bar Soap

The soap is handcrafted with vegetable-based ingredients. Save Your World soaps are made from all natural and organic ingredients that meet the needs of vegetarians and vegans alike. Continue reading [...]

Cruelty Free Companies

The Clarins Group prides itself on consumer safety and the protection of both the environment and animals. Since 1994 the French company has not used any ingredients of animal origin in its formulas. This move cemented Clarins’ place in history as the first cosmetics company to end the use of ingredients derived from animals. Continue reading [...]

Organic Lotion

Organic lotions are an excellent solution to skin problems and help reduce dry skin, eczema, and acne issues that can be worsened by the ingredients found in the many lotions available at local retail outlets. Continue reading [...]

Cruelty Free Toothpaste

The company’s cruelty-free toothpaste line includes five choices. All five toothpastes are made with Aloe Vera, but they focus on addressing different customer needs. Continue reading [...]

World Vegetarian Day

World vegetarian day begins a month-long celebration that features parties, presentations, potlucks and much more. The celebrations and educational awareness events are varied depending on who plans them and where they live Continue reading [...]

Animal Rights

Animal rights and the fight to end animal testing go hand in hand. Animal rights or “animal welfare” is the ethical responsibility of ensuring animal well being. Continue reading [...]

Skin Care That Is Not Tested On Animals

Cruelty free skin care can be found at companies ranging from veteran beauty products companies such as Almay (est. 1931) to ShiKai (est. 1970). Continue reading [...]
not tested on animals

Animal Testing and What are Animal Rights?

Animal testing can be used for everything from drugs to food products to makeup. It is estimated that worldwide anywhere between 50-100 million animals or vertebrates are used each year in experiments and testing. Continue reading [...]

How Can We Stop People From Ignoring Animal Rights?

If you are comfortable with participating in peaceful protests you can march with animal rights organizations, boycott, or attend protests at or near known companies or entities that ignore animal rights. Continue reading [...]

Nail Polish Not Tested on Animals

Cruelty free nail polish is safe for vegans and vegetarians alike, and it can be found through companies such as Almay, Beauty Without Cruelty, and Bonnie Bell. Continue reading [...]

Cruelty Free Soap and Shampoos

Cruelty free soaps and shampoos are pretty easy to find if you look at ingredients, labeling and check company websites for information on the products. Many companies will advertise that they are cruelty free in order to gain business from the vegan and vegetarian population. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Gray Hair Shampoo

Vegan gray hair shampoo is an excellent alternative to traditional shampoos that are generally not cruelty free. Many common hair care products are tested on animals and do not fit the lifestyle of vegans and vegetarians. Continue reading [...]

Corn Huskers Lotion Ingredients

Corn Huskers Lotion was originally developed for dry hands but it can be used anywhere on the body where you are experiencing dry skin. In fact, the creators of the lotion originally wanted to help Iowa corn huskers relieve their dry hands as a result of their work. Continue reading [...]

Cruelty Free Deodorants

Are you a vegan, vegetarian, or simply someone interested in using products that are not tested on animals looking to find a deodorant that will fill this need as well as match your personal body chemistry? Cruelty free deodorants, anti-perspirants and deodorant stones exist if you know where to find them. You may also choose to make your own deodorant at home. This is not only a simple way to ensure your deodorant is cruelty free, but it is a cost effective option as well. Many of today’s available Continue reading [...]

Herbal Foot Cream by Elon Hair, Nails & Skin

The Elon Herbal Foot Cream can be applied as-needed and should be massaged into foot surfaces until the cream is absorbed. Ingredients include chinese angelica root extract, green tea extract, and bisabol. Continue reading [...]

Elon Hair, Nails & Skin

Elon products are all natural and frequently recommended by dermatologists and podiatrists. Products are cruelty free, and vegan and vegetarian friendly. The company has over 30 product offerings that cover everything needed for nails, skin, feet and hair. Continue reading [...]

Spotlight Skin Tone Perfector by Estee Lauder

Spotlight Skin Tone Perfector is dermatologist-tested, ophthalmologist-tested and non-acnegenic. This is a perfect product for vegans, vegetarians and others committed to a cruelty free world. Continue reading [...]

Estee Lauder

Estée Lauder has a large selection of products available. Most products are safe for use by vegans and vegetarians. And, the company is committed to the elimination of animal testing to create a cruelty free beauty industry. To this end, the company “fully supports the development and global acceptance of non-animal testing alternatives.” Continue reading [...]

Cruelty Free Olive Oil Body Lotion

Olive oil lotions provide a cruelty free option for vegans and vegetarians as well as anyone who is interested in creating a cruelty free world. Popular brands can be purchased online or at your local retail outlets with a large variance in pricing. Continue reading [...]

Cosmetics That Are Not Tested On Animals

Cosmetics that use animal testing are pretty much a thing of the past. Popular cosmetics companies such as Beauty Without Cruelty and historic cosmetic companies such as Almay (est. 1931) sell cosmetics that are not tested on animals as well as skin care products, perfumes, treatments, and more. Continue reading [...]

Lotion Bars by Galena Candle & Bath Company

In addition to its Lotion Bars, The Galena Candle & Bath Company has a large variety of all-natural products including soy candles, ECO Dotz candles, reed diffusers, custom scented body products, soaps, bath beads, bath fizzies, bath salts, perfume and essential oils, and lip balms. Continue reading [...]

Galena Candle & Bath Company

Galena Candle & Bath Company candles burn longer than traditional paraffin candles, which are made from petroleum. Soy candles are better for the environment and they are healthier for your lungs. Continue reading [...]

Peppermint Wash Active Lifestyle Shampoo by AG Hair Cosmetics

Peppermint Wash Active Lifestyle Shampoo is recommended for individuals with an active lifestyle as well as those with oily hair and oily scalps. The product is cruelty-free as AG Hair Cosmetics has a strict anti-cruelty policy. Continue reading [...]

AG Hair Cosmetics

AG Hair Cosmetics are professional salon products that provide many benefits that are difficult, if not impossible, to find in retail store products. They are not watered down, nor are they thickened with sodium chloride or common table salt. Continue reading [...]

Harvey Prince & Co.

The fragrances developed by Harvey Prince & Co. focus on improving social interactions, especially those between men and women. Ageless Fantasy® is an anti-aging fragrance that is believed to take years off a women’s true age. Continue reading [...]

Ageless Fantasy Perfume

Ageless Fantasy is made with a variety of organic and natural ingredients including pineapple, mango, leafy greens, musk, vanilla, jasmine, cherry blossom, pomegranate, and organic citrus. Continue reading [...]

Cruelty Free Acne Treatments

If you have a mild case of acne and you have sensitive skin, there are a number of all natural, cruelty free acne treatments on the market today. Continue reading [...]

Cruelty Free Body Powder

Cruelty free body powder can be found through many beauty and skin care companies such as Urban Decay, Hailey’s Dragonfly Garden, and more. Cruelty-free body powders do not contain talc and most contain all natural and organic ingredients that are safe for use by vegans, vegetarians, and individual’s with sensitive skin. Hailey’s Dragonfly Garden, a well-known producer body powder, sells a long line of scented, cruelty-free powders. These include Lavender, Chamomile, Geranium, Bergamot, Dragons Continue reading [...]

No Animal Testing Nail Polish

Cruelty free nail polish is safe for vegans and vegetarians alike, and it can be found through a number of renowned cruelty free cosmetics companies such as Avon, Almay, Beauty Without Cruelty, and Bonnie Bell. Continue reading [...]

Cruelty Free Makeup

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of cruelty free makeup and retailers across the globe that cater to vegans and vegetarians from all walks of life. Continue reading [...]

Vegetarian Living and How to Become a Vegetarian

Vegetarians and vegans have a variety of different reasons why they have chosen a lifestyle that eliminates most or all animal byproducts. Some wish to live a cruelty-free lifestyle, while others may choose the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle for health reasons. Continue reading [...]


BeautiControl products feature everything from anti-aging formulations to products for acne and stretch marks. Bath & body products run the gamut from body cleansers and moisturizers to anti cellulite and firming solutions. Continue reading [...]

Not Tested on Animals Logo

If the “not tested on animals logo” does not appear on the packaging, but the ingredients list appears to be safe for vegans and vegetarians, you may contact the product company and request the ingredients list and/or the company’s policies on animal testing. The vast majority of product manufacturers will send the information to you via email or snail mail. Continue reading [...]

How Do You Define Animal Rights?

Animal well-being is the condition in which animals experience good health, are able to effectively cope with their environment, and are able to express a diversity of species-typical behaviors. Continue reading [...]

Makeup Not Tested on Animals

If you want to be sure you are using makeup that has not been tested on animals, stick to vegan makeup manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers. Vegan makeup companies never test on animals nor do they use ingredients that have been tested on animals. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Body Jewelry

Vegan body jewelry is readily available from hundreds of online retailers and even popular eco-friendly food stores. Also, vegan body jewelry doesn’t have to be sparkly to be pretty. Cruelty-free vegan body jewelry can be made from hemp, cotton, linen, bamboo, plastic, rubber, metal, cloth, or wood. Continue reading [...]

Animal Rights MAC Makeup

Most MAC products are safe for vegans, vegetarians, and individuals with sensitive skin. This cruelty free make-up line includes mostly vegan products with the exception of several formulations that include lanolin, beeswax, and carmine. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Gifts

Just a few offerings available at vegan gift stores include all-vegan, cruelty-free, and sweatshop-free shoes, belts, bags, wallets, guitar straps, t-shirts, faux fur, and makeup. Continue reading [...]

Spot Eraser by Fair & Flawless

Although it is unknown just how long Fair & Flawless Spot Eraser takes to work, customer reviews mention the word “powerful,” and comments like “it gave me the results they promised.” According to the Fair & Flawless website, Spot Eraser “helps fight hyperpigmentation. The light, oil-free formula contains sepiwhite msh to gradually fade discoloration, brown spots, age spots, and sun spots. Continue reading [...]

Fair & Flawless

Fair and Flawless has been in business for more than 10 years. The company sells skin whitening and skin bleaching creams that help even skin tone, minimize the look of scars and acne spots, fade age sots, and lighten other marks and blemishes. Continue reading [...]

Cruelty Free Products

Pangea Vegan Beauty Products has been in business since 1995. The company states that it was the first company to offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality, completely cruelty-free vegan products. Continue reading [...]

Becoming a Vegetarian

Motivation is an important part of your dive into the vegetarian world. It helps to have support, a plan and a good understanding of what you want to accomplish. Continue reading [...]

USDA Personal Care Collection by Eminence Organics

Each product is safe for all skin types and all products contain natural ingredients free from preservatives and chemicals. Eminence Organics contain only organically grown herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Fashion

A large percentage of vegans limit their use of animal products to food, while a small percentage have managed to avoid animal consumption altogether -- right down to their socks and shoes. Continue reading [...]

Eminence Organics

All Eminence Organics products are handmade in Hungary-no mass production-without any heating or hydrogenating processes. Continue reading [...]

Quality Vegan Cosmetics

There are a number of important considerations to keep in mind during your hunt for the perfect vegan eye shadow, foundation or lipstick. Much like vegan foods, vegan doesn’t always mean that a product is 100% safe for every individual. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Essentials

Vegan Essential products are offered both online and at its retail location in Waukesha, WI. The retail location also has the largest selection of cruelty-free items under one roof. Continue reading [...]

Synergy Blends by Essential Three

Each Synergy Blend is made with a number of all natural ingredients ranging from lavender and cypress to rosewood and frankincense. Continue reading [...]

Essential Three

Essential Three creates vegetarian and vegan friendly aromatherapy solutions such as Synergy blends that are believed to stimulate, invigorate, cleanse and revitalize. Synergy blends’ aromatic properties are also believed to enhance the well being of body, mind, and spirit. Continue reading [...]

Psssssssst by Freeman Beauty

Psssssst instant spray shampoo is perfect for use between shampoos. It can be used after sports, on camping trips, or when you just need a quick “fresher-upper” for your hair. Continue reading [...]

Freeman Beauty

Established in 1915 as "Standard Beauty Supply Company," which distributed beauty products to salons, Freeman Beauty supply company has grown from a small distributor across the Eastern Seaboard to a worldwide company. Continue reading [...]

Rosemary & Wheat Volumizing Shampoo by Avalon Organics

Rosemary & wheat volumizing shampoo is certified by quality assurance international and it is made with consciousness in cosmetics, meaning it does not contain parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, or other harsh preservatives or chemicals. Continue reading [...]

Baths & Soaks by Garden Botanika

Unwind also features subtle scents of pink lotus flower, vanilla, and amber. Blue lotus flower is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and aloe vera juice is used as a moisturizer. Unwind Gentle Foaming Bath Syrup a lighter version of the Unwind Foaming Bath Syrup. Continue reading [...]

Garden Botanika

Garden Botanika skin care products run the gamut from cleansers and tonics to moisturizers and masks. Body care products include cleansers, moisturizers, hand & foot, hair care, and bath & soaks. Continue reading [...]

Treatments by Grateful Body

Grateful Body's Clear Skin treatment helps heal and prevent acne breakouts. It also clears pore congestion and it is also believed to “control hormonal and bacterial imbalances without drying skin.” Continue reading [...]

Grateful Body Organic Skin Care

Founded in 1998, Grateful Body Organic Skin Care sells an extensive line of skin care products for the face, eyes, and body. All products are 100% natural and chemical free, certified cruelty free, and certified vegan. Continue reading [...]

Vanilla Granola by Fresh Body Market

Vanilla Granola products include vanilla granola body buff, body lotion, body wash, bath bombs, and vanilla granola body cream. Continue reading [...]

Fresh Body Market

Fresh, natural, and vegan certified, Fresh Body Market creates unique body care products using real fruits and vegetables. All Fresh Body Market products are paraben free. Continue reading [...]

Natural FX Water Based Foundation by Cover FX

Cover FX cosmetics feature a “global palette” of more than 30 shades for women of all different ethnicities and skin tones. In addition to providing a healthy cover up for numerous skin conditions, Cover FX products also help protect skin against the damaging effects of the sun and environmental pollutants. Continue reading [...]

Cover FX

In addition to providing a healthy cover up for numerous skin conditions, Cover FX products also help protect skin against the damaging effects of the sun and environmental pollutants. Continue reading [...]

Water Free Herbal Lotions by Ecco Bella Botanicals

Water free herbal body lotion by Ecco Bella is available in vanilla herbal, grapefruit herbal, lavender herbal, and lemon verbena. This vegan lotion treats dry skin, flakiness, and irritation with gentle ingredients such as safflower oil and calendula. Continue reading [...]

Ecco Bella Botanicals

Established in 1992, Ecco Bella Botanicals is a cosmetics, skin care, and hair care company that does not use animal testing for its products. Ecco Bella Botanicals also uses organic materials in its cosmetics and the company also supports ethical farmers. Continue reading [...]

Bottom Balm by Earth Mama Angel Baby

Bottom Balm by Earth Mama Angel Baby is formulated with the ingredients needed to cool and soothe suffering skin. Bottom Balm is made with organic olive oil, St. Johns wort, yarrow, witch hazel, calendula, and shea butter. Continue reading [...]

Earth Mama Angel Baby

Earth Mama Angel Baby sells pregnancy, childbirth, and baby products made with certified-organic or organically grown herbs. roducts are 100% toxin-free, cruelty-free, certified vegan, kosher, and free from all artificial preservatives, fragrances and dyes. Continue reading [...]

Mustard Bath by Dr. Singha’s Natural Therapeutics

Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath also contains essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, wintergreen & thyme and gum benzoin in a base of sodium carbonate. Continue reading [...]

Dr. Singha’s Natural Therapeutics

Dr. Singha's herbal supplements or “travel tonics” are formulated to relieve stress caused by disrupted sleep patterns, high speeds, general apprehension, and poor eating habits. Continue reading [...]

Divine Green C Cleanser by Afrumos

By protecting the skin against free radicals, the green c formula also helps protect the skin against aging. Made with vitamin E, green clay, and vitamin C esters, Afrumos Divine Green C Cleanser is safe for all skin types. Continue reading [...]


A member of the Organic Trade Association, Afrumos’ mission is to "provide the most effective products possible, using high quality essential oils, natural & organic ingredients." Continue reading [...]

Hemp Seed Hand & Body Lotion by Earthly Body

Hemp Seed Hand & Body Lotion by Earthly Body is an “extract and nutrient-rich” formula made with hemp seed oil and 12 pure botanicals.  These products are formulated to absorb into the skin quickly and without greasiness.  Hemp Seed Hand & Body Lotions are available in a wide variety of scents. These include: Body Lotions Dreamsicle (Tangerine Plum) Moroccan Nights (Sweet & Earthy) Melon (Cucumber Honeydew) Mannish (Sexy Men's Cologne) Tropicale (Pineapple Coconut) Lavender Hand Continue reading [...]

Earthly Body

Earthly Body products do not contain petroleums or mineral oils and they are drug-free and cruelty free. Earthly Body products are 100% vegan and the company is on PETA’s “No Test List.” Continue reading [...]

Alima Pure Nourishing Lipbalm

Alima Pure Nourishing Lipbalms are 100% natural, cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians. Because the products contain natural beeswax, they may not be suitable for strict vegans. The beeswax is cruelty-free. AP lipbalms are also made with plant oils and natural butters. Continue reading [...]

Alima Pure

According to the official Alima Pure website (, Alima Pure creates “mineral makeup using only the purest cosmetic-grade mineral pigments. There are no additives, fillers or fragrances that can irritate your skin or clog your pores. Continue reading [...]

Shampoo Bars by Coastal Classic Creations

Shampoo Bars by Coastal Classic Creations lather up just as much as regular shampoos and they do not require excessive use of conditioners after washing. Continue reading [...]

Resort Collection by Aloe Up

Resort Collection Spa Formulas by Aloe Up have a 35% Aloe Vera Gel base with 4 active sunscreens. These sunscreen lotions have a light tropical fragrance; they are biodegradable, and hypoallergenic. Continue reading [...]

Aloe Up

Aloe Up skin care products contain more pure Aloe Vera Gel than most other similar products on the market. The site mentions that similar products range from 25%-96.9% by volume. Continue reading [...]

Hot Pore Cleansing Scrub by Collective Wellbeing

Hot Pore Cleansing Scrub by Collective Wellbeing is formulated to clear excess oil, make-up, and impurities from the skin. In addition to active charcoal, the cleansing scrub includes retinal, salicyclic acid, tea tree oil, and coneflower. Continue reading [...]

Collective Wellbeing

Collective Wellbeing is a natural skincare company. In addition to selling natural beauty products , Collective Wellbeing raises funds for a variety of non-profit organizations. Collective Wellbeing has been featured in Redbook Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and Allure. Continue reading [...]

Body Volume Shampoo & Conditioner by Colure Hair Care

Colure Hair Care Body Volume Shampoo & Conditioner helps rebuild and strengthen hair with a high concentration of vegetable proteins. Continue reading [...]

Colure Hair Care

Colure Hair Care is an environmentally conscious hair care product company that specializes in hair coloring and the special products required to help maintain color and healthy hair. Continue reading [...]

Wrinkle Reduction by Dermectin

When used with Dermectin’s Intensive Wrinkle Reduction & Stretch Mark Repair, Wrinkle Reduction provides 24-hour wrinkle repair and prevention for skin. Continue reading [...]


Dermectin sun care products include water resistant sunscreen cream and the oil-free sunscreen spray. All Dermectin products are hypo-allergenic, dermatologist tested, and cruelty free. Continue reading [...]

Peppermint Vanilla Lip Treatment by Coola Suncare

All LIPLUX lip treatment products contain USDA certified organic natural flavors, they are hypoallergenic, long-wearing, non-staining, and made in the USA. Continue reading [...]

Coola Suncare

Coola Suncare products feature ingredients such as peppermint, vanilla, cucumber, rose hips, aloe vera, yarrow, arnica, and comfrey. Continue reading [...]

Leave-In Hair Treatment by Coastal Classic Creations

Safe Harbor features moisturizing and smoothing ingredients such as USDA certified organic avocado, kukui, jasmine, and coconut oils. Continue reading [...]

Coastal Classic Creations

Coastal Classic Creations uses pure liquid vitamins and all masks are made from water-washed clays. Continue reading [...]

Aromatherapy Bath by Dr. Hauschka Skin Care

Aromatherapy Bath by Dr. Hauschka Skin Care features lavender bath, lemon bath, sage bath, spruce bath, and rosemary bath. Continue reading [...]

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care

All Dr. Hauschka products contain natural botanical preservatives and they never test ingredients or products on animals. Continue reading [...]

Gentle Cleansing Bodywash by Dropwise Essentials

The gentle cleansing body wash is made with olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and aloe to moisturize and soothe the skin. It does not contain SLS or other chemicals that can dry or strip the skin. Continue reading [...]

Dropwise Essentials

Dropwise Essentials sells pure aromatherapy and all-natural personal care products. All products are handcrafted and include hand & body lotions, body washes, moisturizing body oils, aromatic spray misters, and aromatherapy lip balms. Continue reading [...]

Sunflower Body Wash by Ely Organics

Made with cold-pressed organic sunflower oil, the Miessence organic sunflower body wash can be used daily to help maintain moisture and healthy skin. Continue reading [...]

Ely Organics

Ely Organics' skin care product line features organic facial cleansers, exfoliants, masks, skin conditioners, treatment gels, moisturizers, serums, and mists. Continue reading [...]

Skinbiotics Treatment Oil by Derma e

Skinbiotics Treatment Oil by Derma e (derma e), is a Best of Beauty Awards winner for 2008.  Made with ingredients such as tea tree oil and organic oregano oil, this treatment oil combats bacteria and fungus that can wreak havoc on the skin.  The eco friendly tea tree and oregano oils have antiseptic properties that have proven effective against organisms as powerful as E Coli and Staphylococcus. Skinbiotics Treatment Oil may be purchased online through the official Derma e website at, Continue reading [...]

Derma e Natural Bodycare

Derma e sells facial care products and body care products that contain key ingredients such as acai berry, alpha lipoic A, astaxanthin, cranberry and DMAE. Continue reading [...]

Skin Resurfacer by Dermalogica

The daily resurfacer is safe for all skin types, but it should not be used on skin being treated with medically-prescribed exfoliating products. Continue reading [...]


Dermalogica products are made in the USA and the company has never taken part in animal testing. Dermalogica products are vegetarian friendly and most are safe for vegans. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Lotion Alternatives by Earthlight Organics

Arrival Lotion Alternatives are 100% vegan and they do not contain fillers, parabens, solvents, or alcohol. The products do contain essential fatty acids, cold pressed cranberry, organic lavender, Continue reading [...]

Earthlight Organics

Earthlight Organics uses a wide variety of natural culinary/nutritional oils that are safe enough for sensitive skin and those susceptible to serious allergic reactions. Continue reading [...]

Body Scrubs by DaLish Cosmetics

Body scrubs by DaLish Cosmetics are made with Dead Sea salts along with a variety of vitamins and fruit extracts. Continue reading [...]

DaLish Cosmetics

DaLish cosmetics uses only fully recyclable product canisters and the inks on each canister are free of elemental chlorine. The inks contain post-consumer recycled content as well. Continue reading [...]

Anti-Aging Creams by Color Me Beautiful

Color Me Beautiful anti-aging creams contain ingredients such as evening primrose, malt extract, aloe, ivy, flower extract, seed oil, hazel, and vitamin A. Continue reading [...]

Color Me Beautiful Cosmetics

Color Me Beautiful Cosmetics allows customers to determine their season by taking the Color Me Beautiful "seasons test." By answering a few questions about your hair color, the system can determine your season/palette for you. Continue reading [...]

Gumball Lip Balms by Crazy Rumors

Gumball lip balms by Crazy Rumors are cruelty free, 100% natural, vegan, and eco-friendly. The gumball lip balms contain organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil, biodegradable soy wax, and a dash of natural stevia. Continue reading [...]

Crazy Rumors

Crazy Rumors manufactures and packages its products according to the highest standards in order to minimize waste. The company uses and reuses recycled and recyclable boxes and packing peanuts in all shipments. Continue reading [...]

Alchemy Cleanser & Toner by Cosmic Tree Essentials

The alchemy toner by Cosmic Tree Essentials contains organic white tea and cranberry extracts which help limit sun damage to the skin. Black willowbark has been added for its natural anti-microbial properties. Continue reading [...]

Cosmic Tree Essentials

Cosmic Tree Essentials is a cruelty-free cosmetics company that sells a variety of botanical skin care & body care products as well as mineral cosmetics. The Continue reading [...]

Hair & Body Fragrance Mist by CocoaPink

CocoaPink’s “Ends With Benefits” hair & body fragrance is packed with protein and natural oils that nourish and moisturize the skin. Continue reading [...]

Voluptuous Body Butter by CocoaPink

Voluptuous Body Butter is made fresh daily with a combination of over 30% organic refined shea butter. Continue reading [...]


CocoaPink’s offerings include cruelty free bath scrubs and soaps, face products, custom scented perfume, custom scented body butter, and an impressive line of hair care products Continue reading [...]

Natural Soaps by Crabtree & Evelyn

Natural soaps by Crabtree & Evelyn are mild vegetable and herbal soaps that are safe enough for sensitive and dry skin. The soaps are made with a 20% grapeseed oil base, along with almond and olive oils. Continue reading [...]

Crabtree & Evelyn Cosmetics

Although Crabtree & Evelyn was founded by Cyrus Harvey in 1972, the company was inspired by a 17th Century Englishman by the name of John Evelyn. Evelyn was one of the world’s first conservationists and naturalists. Continue reading [...]

Signature Scents by Diva Soaps

Signature scents by Diva Soaps may have any number of fragrance notes such as jasmine, cedar, pine, almond or even black pepper. Continue reading [...]

Organic Lotions by Dr. Bronner’s

Organic lotions by Dr. Bronner include lavender coconut, lavender lotion, patchouli lime, and peppermint. All lotions are certified organic and made with pure organic oils “free of petrochemically modified ingredients and preservatives.” Continue reading [...]

Dr. Bronners Magic Soaps

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps are a well-known vegetarian and cruelty-free soap company that has family soap-making roots dating back 150 years, with Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap dating back 60 years. Known for its trademark busy labels full of Dr. Bronner's musings about his moral and religious views, Dr. Bronner's offers one of the most famous and widely-used soaps around. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps are certified under the USDA National Organic Program and Fair Trade. Dr. Bronner and his soaps are so acknowledged, that there was even a documentary filmed about them, that went on to win several awards. Continue reading [...]

Diva Soaps

Diva uses vegetable and nut oils for their moisturizing and soothing properties and signature scents to calm and invigorate. Continue reading [...]

Hair & Bodywash by California Baby

California Baby shampoos & bodywashes are also tear-free (naturally) and they can also be used for the face. All California shampoo & bodywash varieties come with hair conditioners. Continue reading [...]

California Baby

California Baby has a wide range of essential oil blends that are pure “aromatherapy quality” essential oils. The oils are pesticide free, and thoroughly tested for purity. Continue reading [...]

Buff Face and Body Polish by Climb on Products

With ingredients such as green tea and lemon & orange peel, Climb On Products' Buff Face and Body Polish softens and helps draw impurities out of the skin. Continue reading [...]

Climb on Products

Climb On Products inventory consists of products that are 100% non-toxic and biodegradable. The products are paraben and preservative free and they do not contain artificial colors, fragrances, or detergents. Continue reading [...]

Mama & Baby Body Butter by Dimpleskins Naturals

Mama & Baby Body Butter by Dimpleskins Naturals is a rich skin conditioner made from a blend of organic oils and butters. It can be used by moms for pre and post natal skin care (perfect for the belly) and as a massage oil for baby. Continue reading [...]

Dimpleskins Naturals

Dimpleskins Naturals has promised to avoid chemicals “that are known or strongly suspected of causing cancer, mutation or birth defects.” In addition, the company’s association with the Green Products Alliance comes with a pledge to conduct business with the goals of sustainability in mind. Continue reading [...]

Premium Soap Line by Cheeky Maiden Soap Company

The premium soap line includes harmonie soap, chamomile luxe, alendula and comfrey castile soap, and botanica soap. Ingredients run the gamut from palm, olive, and avocado oil to basil, orange and lime oil. Continue reading [...]

Cheeky Maiden Soap Company

Cheeky Maiden has a line of 100% natural soaps that have moisturizing and exfoliating properties as well as fresh and invigorating scents. The most popular Cheeky spa product is the “Zoe Bar.” Continue reading [...]

Thai Crystal Deodorants by Deodorant Stones of America

The Thai deodorant line features the Thai deodorant stone, Thai deodorant stick, Thai deodorant spray, Thai deodorant roll-on, and even a Thai body powder deodorant. Continue reading [...]

Anti-Aging Products by Borlind of Germany

The LL Regeneration Series features products that have proven to increase skin smoothness by 40%, increase skin hydration by 22%, decrease wrinkle depth by 65%, and increase skin firmness by 40%. Continue reading [...]

Deodorant Stones of America

Deodorant Stones of America sells aluminum-free crystal deodorant stones, non-aerosol spray mists, chemical free roll-ons, push-ups, stick deodorants, and talc-free powders. Continue reading [...]

Borlind of Germany

Borlind of Germany is a natural skincare company dedicated to producing high quality, all natural skincare products. Borlind of Germany sells eye-care products, skin treatments, moisturizers, products for men, and cosmetics Continue reading [...]

Vegan-Care Shampoo & Conditioner by Bayse Natural Care

Bayse Natural Care vegan-care conditioner contains macadamia oil, organic jojoba oil, organic lavender, lime, and French rosemary essential oils. Continue reading [...]

Organic Eco Lip Balm by Baby Bear Shop

The company has just introduced a new pomegranate flavor as well. All eco lip balms are USDA certified organic, 100% cruelty free, and 100% all natural. Customers may purchase the lip balm in .25 oz. singles or gift “kits.” Continue reading [...]

Bayse Natural Care

Bayse Natural Care sells hair, bath, and shower products that are 100% biodegradable and grey water friendly, meaning they are safe for your garden. Continue reading [...]

Mama Belly Oil by Baby Bear Shop

Mama Belly Oil offers expectant mothers protection against stretch marks and it is also an excellent oil to add to your bath. All it takes is three capfuls and warm water to create a relaxing and soothing experience. Continue reading [...]

Essence Hand Soaps by Baudelaire

Some of Baudelaire's bestsellers include Essence hand soap sea loofah, Provence Sante linden liquid soap, Provence Sante shampoo, and Provence Sante bath bar. Continue reading [...]


Baudelaire soaps contain all natural and organic ingredients such as palm oil, coconut oil, white clay, seaweed, and shea butter. Continue reading [...]

Baby Bear Shop

Baby Bear Shop products are also safe for individuals with allergies and other sensitivities and most products are vegan friendly as well. Continue reading [...]

African Shea Butter Soap by Carrot Tree Soaps & Essentials

African shea butter soap by Carrot Tree Soaps & Essentials is made with goat's milk, shea butter, and Alata soap produced by a Women's Cooperative Group in Ghana. Alata soap also known as anago soap, black soap, or African black soap has been used for centuries on Ghana to help relieve oily skin, acne, and clear blemishes. Continue reading [...]

Carrot Tree Soaps & Essentials

Established in 1999, Carrot Tree Soaps & Essentials sells a wide variety of cleansing soaps that are easy on both the skin and the environment Continue reading [...]

Multi-Purpose Powders by bareFaced Mineral Cosmetics

bareFaced Mineral Cosmetics multi purpose powders are available in shades such as adobe (soft tan shimmer), ashlynn (deep peachy with red undertones), bordeaux (magenta shimmer with golden undertones), turquiose (aqua blue with silver undertones) and whisper (light neutral pink). Continue reading [...]

bareFaced Mineral Cosmetics

bareFaced Mineral Cosmetics creates products without harm to animals and without perfumes, chemicals, dyes, preservatives or talc. Continue reading [...]

White Tea & Shea Ultimate Moisture Shower Cream by Bath Island

The white tea & shea moisture shower cream is one of Bath Island’s custom scented body care products. Enriched with lotion, the white tea & shea moisture shower cream is believed to comfort and revitalize the skin, thanks to pure shea butter. Continue reading [...]

Vanilla Mandarin Whipped Shea Butter by Bath by Bettijo

Bath by Bettijo recently added vanilla mandarin to it’s whipped shea butter line. According to the Bath by Bettijo website, the scent was originally developed exclusively for the renowned Phoenician Spa & Resort. Continue reading [...]

Pineapple Enzyme Facial Peel Mask by 100% Pure

The pineapple enzyme facial peel mask by 100% contains powerful anti-aging ingredients such as vitamin C and antioxidants, as well as papaya enzymes, which are excellent skin smoothers. Continue reading [...]

Bath Island

Located in Ringwood, New Jersey, Bath Island is a cruelty-free skin care company that sells a wide variety of products that nourish the skin and soothe the senses. Continue reading [...]

Bath by Bettijo

Bath by Bettijo sells a wide variety of vegan products ranging from spa soap and body wash to foot polish and tub tea. Bath by Bettijo products contain a unique blend of essential oils, vitamins, salts, acids, and aromas. Continue reading [...]

Eucalyptus Sea Therapy Organic Body Scrub by 100% Pure

Eucalyptus sea therapy organic body scrub is 100% natural and 100% vegan, so there are no harsh chemicals or animal ingredients involved in the making of this product, right down to the packaging. Continue reading [...]

100% Pure

The 100% Pure ingredients list includes everything from apricot and avocado to Vitamin E and white tea. Please review the full 100% Pure ingredients list at the end of this article. Continue reading [...]

Sunscreen Orange by Sun Star Organics

Sun Star Organics’ sunscreen orange protects skin against the sun’s damaging rays without the use of harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances. Continue reading [...]

Sun Star Organics

For more than 16 years, Sun Star Organics has provided customers with pure, high-quality MSM products and supplements that are also cruelty and chemical free. Continue reading [...]

Yaoh Organic Hemp Products

Yaoh sells hemp seed oil for use in everything from skin care products to textiles. It also sells hemp shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, bubble bath, and liquid soap as well as hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, raw food hemp bars, and “the world’s first hemp milk maker.” Continue reading [...]


Aromaland essential oils are carefully sourced from reputable farmers and distillers located in 44 countries around the world, according to the Aromaland website. Continue reading [...]

MSM Skin Care by At Last Naturals

MSM skin care by At Last Naturals includes MSM soap and MSM cream (15%). This two-step process cleanses and moisturizes the skin with a special blend of MSM, aloe vera, botanical extracts, green tea, and antioxidants. Continue reading [...]

At Last Naturals

In business for more than 35 years, At Last Naturals sells toiletries, natural alternative products, health and beauty care, and over the counter pharmaceuticals. Continue reading [...]

Bronzo Sensuale International

Bronzo Sensuale International products contain organic oils derived from coconuts, jojoba, walnuts, carrots, sunflowers, soybeans, kukui nuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, and primrose. Continue reading [...]

Sugar Whip Body Scrub by Brown Bag Botanicals

Brown Bag Botanicals' brand new sugar whip body scrub is 100% vegan, non-toxic, and petro and paraben free. Continue reading [...]

Rainforest Soap by Clearly Natural

Rainforest soap by Clearly Natural is hypoallergenic and non-drying, so it is considered safe for the face. Continue reading [...]

Brown Bag Botanicals

Brown Bag Botanicals sells a wide variety of unique head to toe skin care products that are paraben and petro-chemical free, vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable, and made in the U.S.A Continue reading [...]

Clearly Natural Soaps

Clearly Natural Soaps are 100% vegetable glycerine based, which attracts moisture to the skin without irritating chemicals or overpowering fragrances. All Clearly Natural products are 100% cruelty free. Continue reading [...]

Organic Deodorants by Bubble & Bee

Bubble & Bee Organic uses a number of all natural, but highly effective ingredients in its deodorants. Just a few ingredients include: beeswax, organic essential oils such as lemongrass and rosemary, and cocoa butter. Continue reading [...]

Bubble & Bee Organic Bath & Body

Bubble & Bee Organic sells bath and body products, candles, and spa products. Bath and body products include: deodorants, shower gels, soaps, lotion bars, and salts and scrubs. Continue reading [...]

Body Scrubs by Cactus & Ivy

Cactus & Ivy features a unique and extensive line of body scrubs that utilize a natural base of exfoliating ingredients such as cocoa butter, white sugar, salt, and turbinado sugar. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Makeup Brushes by Branded J collections

Branded J collections spent years testing more than 300 prototypes for its makeup brushes before it introduced its cruelty free line called “Heaven’s Brush.” Continue reading [...]

Fresh Fushion Shampoo and Conditioner by Citre Shine

Fresh Fushion shampoo and conditioner by Citre Shine features a blend of multi-vitamins and essential oils to strengthen, nourish, and add shine to the hair, without stripping the hair of natural oils. Continue reading [...]

Branded J collections

Branded J collections spent years testing more than 300 prototypes for its brushes before introducing its cruelty free line called "Heaven’s Brush." Heaven’s Brush is an innovative line made from top quality synthetic "Taklon" fiber. Continue reading [...]

Cactus & Ivy

Cactus & Ivy creates handmade products that contain specialty and essential oils that are high in vitamins A, C, D, E, and F, as well as Omega 3, Oleic Acid, Palmitoleic Acid and Linoleic Acid. Continue reading [...]

Citre Shine

Citre Shine’s Repair ACTIV line is the latest edition to the hair care line. The company claims that using the line will result in 90% less breakage. Customers agree. Continue reading [...]

Seaweed Shampoo by Bumble and bumble

Sea kelp, the seaweed shampoos key ingredient, adds shine and manageability. The seaweed shampoo also contains ascorbic acid, which protects the hair. Continue reading [...]

Bumble and bumble

In addition to “The House of Bumble and bumble” this trendy company also has several Manhattan salons, and dozens of Bb.Network salons around the world in places such as Paris, Hong Kong, and even Iceland! Continue reading [...]

Specialty Creams by Botanical Skin Works

Botanical Skin Works' skin rejuvenating complex is the company's number one selling cream. Most customers notice an improvement in skin texture and smoothness within three days. Continue reading [...]

Botanical Skin Works

Botanical Skin Works features a huge inventory of 100% chemical free and cruelty free beauty products ranging from natural mineral cosmetics to Dead Sea products. Continue reading [...]

Pikake Lei Loofah Soap by Bubble Shack Hawaiian Soap Company

The Pikake Lei loofah soap by Bubble Shack Hawaiian Soap Company belongs to the company’s line of 10 unique loofah soaps. It is scented with the Hawaiian jasmine flower, and made with ingredients such as Hawaiian macadamia nut oil and vegetable glycerin. Continue reading [...]

Bubble Shack Hawaiian Soap Company

Bubble Shack Hawaiian Soap Company sells bath and body products as well as tropical "scrubbers" that are 100% vegan, paraben free, paraffin free, TEA free, sulfate free and "drying" alcohol free. Continue reading [...]

Garden Rosemary Mint Soap by Body Scentsations

In addition to sweet almond oil, all French Milled soaps are made with shea butter, olive oil, palm oil, and coconut oil. Continue reading [...]

Body Scentsations

Body Scentsations only uses pure ingredients such as shea butter, almond oil, and aloe in its skincare products. The company also produces and tests its own products for quality and effectiveness. Continue reading [...]

Acne Treatment Gel by Best Bath Store

Acne Treatment Gel by Best Bath Store is a customer favorite. It offers a chemical free solution to treating acne and other blemishes. Continue reading [...]

Brown Sugar Body Scrub by Body Bakery

The brown sugar body scrub features skin softening oils, fine grain organic brown sugar, shea butter, aloe, and vitamin E. It does not contain harsh ingredients like parabens. Continue reading [...]

The Body Bakery

The Body Bakery sells cruelty free, cake scented beauty products that do not contain mineral oil, lanolin, petroleum, or parabens. Continue reading [...]

Dead Sea Body Care by Best Bath Store

Dead Sea products contain any of the 21 minerals that can be found in the Dead Sea along with plant life that can be found along the shores. Continue reading [...]

Best Bath Store

Best Bath Store sells all natural, luxury bath and body products including body bars, bath salts, lotions, bath bombs, skin care products, hair care products, and Dead Sea Products. Continue reading [...]

Skin Smoothing Body Exfoliator by Belli Cosmetics

Belli Cosmetics uses a method called “Teratology Screening” to ensure that each product is safe for mother and baby. Continue reading [...]

Belli Cosmetics

Belli Cosmetics uses a method called “Teratology Screening” to ensure that each product is safe for mother and baby. Continue reading [...]

Vitamin Enriched Face Base by Bobbi Brown

Vitamin Enriched Face Base by Bobbi Brown does double duty as a moisturizer and primer for makeup application. Continue reading [...]

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics sells makeup for the lips, eyes, cheeks, and face as well as moisturizers, cleansers, toners, makeup tools, and fragrances. Product ingredients run the gamut from Vitamins C and E to grapefruit and geranium. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Body Washes by Aura Cacia

The ginger/mint body wash is paraben, SLS, MEA, DEA, and TEA free. It does not contain synthetic fragrances or colors. Continue reading [...]

Aura Cacia

Aura Cacia sells a variety of all natural, cruelty free essential oils, as well as aromatherapy body care, massage, and bath products. Continue reading [...]

Liquid Sand by Billy Jealousy

Colorant, SLS, and paraben free, Liquid Sand utilizes ingredients such as polyethylene, sunflower, and morus nigra leaf extract to exfoliate, moisturize, and nourish the skin. Continue reading [...]

Hair Raiser by Billy Jealousy

Hair Raiser is the FHM award winner for Best Grooming Innovation. When used in conjunction with Fuzzy Logic Shampoo and Cashmere Coat Conditioner, this follicle revitalizer helps to increase hair thickness, strength, and vigor. Continue reading [...]

Billy Jealousy

Billy Jealousy features a line of environmentally friendly hair and skin care products just for men with names like “Sucker Punch Face Scrub” and “Fuzzy Logic Strengthening Shampoo.” Continue reading [...]

Vegan Lip Tints and Salves by Aunt Bee’s Skin Care

Aunt Bee’s vegan lip tints and salves do not contain beeswax, honey, or royal jelly. Aunt Bee’s uses no petroleum-derived products and it has and never will conduct any kind of animal testing. Continue reading [...]

Aunt Bee’s Skin Care

In addition to Aunt Bee’s Royal Lip Balms, Private Label Select manufactures salves, organic personal care products, SPF lip balms, tinted lip products, and aromatherapy balm. Continue reading [...]

Charity Soap by A Wild Soap Bar

Charity soap by A Wild Soap Bar (SoapRISING) was designed to bring awareness to the current issues affecting the world. The SoapRISING series currently consists of soaps with names like “end the fed,” “feed America,” “give me liberty,” and “teach peace.” The collection also includes a gift box – you choose which two soaps you like best. Continue reading [...]

A Wild Soap Bar

A Wild Soap Bar is a small family business that sells "truly" natural products that are biodegradable and cruelty free. Continue reading [...]

Coconut Lime Verbena by Bath & Body Works

With a mix of coconut, lime, vanilla, and musk scent, the coconut lime verbena is a favorite among women looking for a clean scent that’s perfect for the hot summer months. Continue reading [...]

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works combines traditional spa treatments with botanical and natural ingredients to create an extensive line of spa and personal care products that nourish and heal the skin as well as awaken the senses. Continue reading [...]

Matte Mineral Foundation by Beauty Bliss Cosmetics

Matte mineral foundation by Beauty Bliss Cosmetics is perfect for women that prefer products that do not contain mica and for individuals that prefer a smooth, shimmerless finish. Continue reading [...]

Beauty Bliss Cosmetics

Beauty Bliss Cosmetics sells 16 foundations, several finishing powders, and more than 100 eyeshadow and blush colors with names like "shy," "divine," "red oak," and "pinktastic." Continue reading [...]

Ginger Orange Olive Soap by Bazil Essentials

Combined with ginger and orange, the ginger orange oilve soap is believed to rejuvenate the senses, uplift the spirit, and refresh the body. The oils soften the skin and the lather thoroughly cleanses the skin. Continue reading [...]

Youth-Full Anti-Aging Face Cream by American Beauty Cosmetics

Users of this youth-full anti-aging face cream cream believe that the product improves skin’s radiance and protects it from environmental damage. The youth-full anti aging cream (SPF 15) is formulated for normal to dry skin, it is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested, and it is non-acnegenic. Continue reading [...]

American Beauty Cosmetics

American Beauty Cosmetics is a cruelty free cosmetics company. The company relies heavily on collaboration of experts across toxicology, microbiology, environmental chemistry, manufacturing, and engineering sciences to test its products. Continue reading [...]

Peachy Organic Mineral Blush by Afterglow Cosmetics

Afterglow Cosmetics peachy organic mineral blush is one of company’s top sellers. Like all Afterglow mineral blushes, the peachy organic mineral blush is vegan, gluten, and cruelty free. Continue reading [...]

Matte Finishing and Bronzing Veils by Organic Wear Makeup

Matte finishing and bronzing veils by Organic Wear Makeup are 100% natural and formulated with 24.9% organic ingredients such as jojoba seed oil, to moisturize the skin and safflower seed oil. Other ingredients include grapefruit, olive oil, rice, and cornstarch. Continue reading [...]

Restorative Enzyme Peel by Aloette

Considered a gentler alternative to chemical peels, the restorative enzyme peel takes less than one minute to exfoliate by using a combination of all natural ingredients such as grapefruit, cucumber, papaya, pineapple, and a 54% concentration of aloe vera gel. Continue reading [...]

Rosemary Mint Hand and Body Wash by Aveda

Made with certified organic rosemary and peppermint, the rosemary mint hand and body wash restores the skin’s balance and cleans without overdrying. Continue reading [...]

Aloette Cosmetics

Aloette skin care products include anti-aging products, moisturizers, exfoliators and products created specifically for acne. The company does not test its products on animals. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Moisturizers by Lily Organics

Lily Organics sells a wide variety of vegan moisturizers including: Lily Unscented Moisturizing Cream for Ultra Sensitive Skin, Organic Lavender Moisturizing Cream, Lily Herbal Moisturizer, and Botanical Moisture Mist. Continue reading [...]

Incredible Pumpkin Peel by MyChelle Dermaceuticals

Incredible Pumpkin Peel by MyChelle is an exfoliating, "super nourishing peel" specifically formulated for sun damaged or dull skin. Continue reading [...]

MyChelle Dermaceuticals

MyChelle Dermaceuticals sells everything from cleansers and facial moisturizers to mineral cosmetics and products for men. Continue reading [...]

Complexion Care Cleanser by Alexandra Avery

Alexandra Avery Purely Natural complexion care cleanser is a vegetable oil based face cleanser, enriched with oats and essential oils that help to nourish and revitalize the skin. Continue reading [...]

Raspbody Creme Shampoo by All-Nutrient

Raspbody creme shampoo works best when used with raspbody creme conditioner. Together, the combo nourishes the hair and scalp while increasing body and shine. Continue reading [...]

Novaurora Organic Skin Care

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Novaurora’s skin care products are made with body-friendly botanical ingredients that nourish the skin and won’t clog pores. Continue reading [...]

Lily Organics

As USDA Certified Organic growers, Lily Organics has the resources and the knowledge to develop some of the greenest and freshest skin care products in the industry. Continue reading [...]

Clarifying Facial Scrub by Better Botanicals

Better Botanicals clarifying facial scrub is an herbal skin polisher formulated specifically for sensitive skin. Continue reading [...]

Better Botanicals

Established in 1998, Better Botanicals is a “condensed line” of herbal products that are based on Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the world’s oldest and most widely practiced school of herbal medicine, originating in India 5,000 years ago. Continue reading [...]

Smart Shade Blush by Almay

Smart shade blush by Almay contains an antioxidant blend of grape seed, ginseng and Ginkgo biloba. It is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. Almay smart shade blush is available in three "colors," including pink, berry, and natural. Continue reading [...]

Almay Cosmetics

Almay is the world’s first hypoallergenic cosmetics brand, and the first brand to make 100% fragrance-free products. Continue reading [...]

Alexandra Avery Purely Natural

The company "formulates aromatherapeutic products for the conscientious consumer." This means that all Alexandra Avery products are 100% natural and cruelty-free. All products are also hand-made in small batches and formulated with vitamins, anti-oxidants, plant extracts, vegetable oils, and essential oils. Continue reading [...]

Hawaiian Skin Care Products by Alba Botanica

Alba Botanica's Hawaiian skin care products are formulated with tropical fruit extracts, plant oils, and organic aloe vera. Alba Botanica chose these ingredients for their curative and rejuvenating properties. Continue reading [...]


All-Nutrient sells 100% organic hair coloring and hair care products. All-nutrient hair care products are biodegradable and they are never tested on animals. Continue reading [...]

Alba Botanica

Alba products do not contain synthetic colors, they are pH balanced, and they feature 100% vegetarian ingredients. Alba Botanica does not test its products on animals. Continue reading [...]

AG Hair Cosmetics

All AG hair products are cruelty-free and they do not contain harmful chemicals. The shampoos are not thickened with sodium chloride (table salt), which is known to dry the hair and scalp. AG products are naturally thicker because they contain less water. Continue reading [...]

Agape by DK

The minerals used in Agape products are oil free, so they won’t clog pores, allowing the skin to breathe. They are also safe for sensitive skin and individuals with allergies. Continue reading [...]

Nurture My Body Ginger Body Wash

Nurture My Body ginger body wash can be used with a washcloth or loofah and should be gently massaged into the skin with upward strokes. It works best when used with the ginger hand and body lotion and the organic shave cream. Continue reading [...]

Nurture My Body

Nurture My Body sells 100% biodegradable, and cruelty-free beauty products. Nurture My Body products do not contain harmful synthetic fragrance oils, preservatives, petroleum products, FD and C colorants and dyes, parabens, phthalates, or other toxic chemicals. Continue reading [...]

Affordable Mineral Makeup Vegan Lip Gloss and Lip Balm

Affordable Mineral Makeup offers several different types of vegan lip gloss and lip balms including pearl tinted organic vegan lip balm, coral tinted vegan organic lip balm, and French Vanilla organic vegan lip balm. These all natural, vegan friendly lip glosses and lip balms contain all natural oils and ingredients such as organic jojoba oil and vitamin E. Continue reading [...]

Affordable Mineral Makeup

Affordable Mineral Makeup is a new cosmetics company that sells affordable eco-friendly cosmetics. The company is a cruelty free company and it is also a signer of The Compact for Safe Cosmetics. Continue reading [...]

Abra Therapeutics Skin Refining Scrub

Abra Therapeutics skin refining scrub is a gentle almond and oat exfoliating cream used to brighten the complexion. The combination of ingredients is especially recommended for dry and mild combination skin types. Continue reading [...]

Abra Therapeutics

Abra's 100% pure botanical formulations are free of animal fats, mineral oils, artificial fragrances or harsh sulfate surfactants. Continue reading [...]

Afterglow Cosmetics

Afterglow Cosmetics offers an extensive line of vegan, cruelty free cosmetics for the face, eyes, and lips. Unlike other nearly vegan cosmetics companies, Afterglow Cosmetics does not use animal hair for its brushes. All professional make-up brushes are 100% vegan and cruelty free. Continue reading [...]


Aveda was founded in 1978. Aveda, The Art and Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essences, manufactures plant-based hair and skin care products as well as makeup, ‘pure-fume’ and lifestyle products. All Aveda products are cruelty free and the most are vegan. A handful of Aveda products may contain honey or beeswax. Continue reading [...]

Aqua Dessa Seaweed Detox Foam and Lychee Tea Refresher

Made with sea minerals, antioxidants, green tea and peppermint, the seaweed detox facial foam is considered gentle enough to use everyday. Continue reading [...]

Aqua Dessa

Aqua Dessa is a high end, all natural, organic skincare and bath and bodyline. Most Aqua Dessa products are 100% vegan, while some contain honey, which makes them 100% vegetarian. Aqua Dessa products are made with botanicals, herbs, fruits, berries, and seaweeds that have not been tested on animals. Continue reading [...]

Aubrey Organics

Aubrey Organics sells vegan and cruelty free all natural and organic cosmetics, skin care, and fragrances. Aubrey Organics contain a wide variety of herbal plant extracts and natural vitamins. Continue reading [...]

Organic Wear Makeup

Organic Wear Makeup is 100% free of harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens, GMO’s, synthetic colors, and synthetic fragrances. Organic Wear Products are also 100% cruelty free. Continue reading [...]

Cruelty Free Nail Polish

While veteran companies are still an excellent choice for cruelty free nail polish seekers, newer and more progressive companies seem to be popping up every other day. One such compay is Anise Cosmetics. Continue reading [...]

Cruelty Free Mascara

There are literally hundreds of cruelty free cosmetics companies to choose from, so finding cruelty free mascara is quite easy. Just a few popular cruelty free cosmetics companies include: Beauty Without Cruelty, Almay, Bonnie Bell, Clarins, and Pangea Vegan Beauty Products. Continue reading [...]

Mop Mixed Greens Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Mixed Greens shampoo and conditioner are two of the lines top sellers. The shampoo’s main ingredients are artichoke, watercress, and cucumber, which are believed to have a healing effect on hair. Continue reading [...]

Herbaria Latest Soap Creations

The Herbaria product line recently released a natural Citronella and Marigold bar -- an old-fashioned lye soap bar considered great for shampooing and shaving. It also contains essential oils and other ingredients that are known to repel insects. Continue reading [...]

Herbaria All Natural Soap

Herbaria soaps contain ingredients such as coconut oil, palm kernel oil, soy oil, olive oil, avocado oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter, to name a few. Herbaria soaps are 100% vegan and cruelty free. Continue reading [...]

Modern Organic Products (mop)

Modern Organic Products (mop) are made up of a special blend of organic and food-based ingredients. All products are cruelty free, meaning, "MOP does not perform or condone animal testing with any of its products." Continue reading [...]

Cruelty Free Hair Gel

While popular cosmetics companies such as Beauty Without Cruelty and Giovanni Organic Cosmetics offer several different types of cruelty free hair gel – at a price, value brand beauty companies such as White Rain also offer a wide variety of hair gels that are never tested on animals, nor do they contain any animal products. Continue reading [...]

Cruelty Free Cosmetics

For decades, cruelty free cosmetics have been the rule, not the exception, so choosing the best cruelty free cosmetics comes down to a matter of choice and any other special needs, meaning, some consumers prefer all natural, totally chemical-free cosmetics, while others can tolerate a combination of “safe” chemicals. Continue reading [...]

Cruelty Free Hair Dye

Cruelty free hair dye is readily available for consumers that want to do their part to help prevent animal testing and cruelty to animals. Just a few of the top cruelty free hair dues include: Herbatint, Atlantis Hair Color, and Avigal Henna. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Products for Your Face and Skin

Vegan products for your face and skin can be purchased through a large number of cruelty-free, vegan companies around the world. Just a few of the most popular vegan, cruelty-free companies are Clarins, Beauty Without Cruelty, and Pangea Vegan Beauty Products. Continue reading [...]

Pangea Vegan Lotions

Pangea has an extensive list of vegan lotions ranging from extract lotions and organic treatments to dry skin therapy and cellulite oil. Continue reading [...]

Pangea Vegan Soaps

Pangea also sells Kappus Soaps, Kiss My Face Soaps, and Veganu Soaps. Kappus Soaps are fruit-scented vegetable glycerin soaps. Continue reading [...]

Pangea Vegan Beauty Products

Pangea was the first company to offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality, completely cruelty-free vegan products. Continue reading [...]

The Oldest Cruelty Free Cosmetic Companies

While there are literally hundreds of cruelty-free cosmetics companies, a select few have been around since the late 1800’s to mid-1900s. These include: Almay, Beauty Without Cruelty, Bonne Bell, and Clarins. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Makeups

Vegan makeups can be found through a large number of cosmetics and beauty products companies, both big and small. Vegan makeups include products such as lip balms, lip color, lipsticks and lip pencils; foundation, concealer and powder; blush, eye shadow, eye liner and mascara, and nail polish and nail treatments. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Tattoos

Fortunately, there are a few vegan tattoo and ink suppliers that currently use vegetable based glycerin in their inks, so you can ask your artist if he uses these specific brands. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Essentials

Vegan Essentials is the largest online vegan store in the country. Founded in 1998 by Courtney and Sue Ernster, Vegan Essentials is also the oldest cruelty free retailer in the U.S. Continue reading [...]

Vegan Gift Baskets Full of Vegan Beauty Products

Vegan gift baskets full of vegan beauty products may contain everything from oils and scrubs to candles and soaps. Continue reading [...]

Quality Vegan Cosmetics

There are a number of important considerations to keep in mind during your hunt for the perfect vegan eye shadow, foundation or lipstick. Much like vegan foods, vegan doesn’t always mean that a product is 100% safe for every individual. Continue reading [...]

Avigal Henna

Avigal henna uses the new shrubs of the Lawsonia plant to create natural hair coloring and highlights. Avigal Henna products are safe to use on all hair types whether bleached, permed, tinted, or virgin. Continue reading [...]

Aunt Ann’s Coffee Soap

The Aunt Ann's Coffee Soap line features four soaps including: cappuccino coffee soap, espresso coffee soap, mocha coffee soap, and latte coffee soap. Continue reading [...]

Beauty Without Cruelty Organic Vitamin with CoQ10 Hand and Body Lotion

BWC Organic Vitamin with CoQ10 Hand and Body Lotion features a special blend of natural ingredients and organic aroma-therapeutic essential oils to help promote younger looking skin. Continue reading [...]

Aunt Ann’s Garden Soap

Aunt Ann’s garden soaps are made with all natural and organic ingredients, without harm to animals or the environment. Continue reading [...]

Beauty Without Cruelty

All Beauty Without Cruelty Products feature a special blend of natural ingredients and organic aroma-therapeutic essential oils. Continue reading [...]

Bazil Essentials

All Bazil products are made in small batches with all natural ingredients and scented with all natural essence oils. Continue reading [...]

Renewal and Vitality Lavender by Avalon Organics

Renewal and Vitality Lavender products are free of mineral oil, petrolatum, propylene glycol, artificial colors, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. Continue reading [...]

Apothecary Blend Clay Facial Mask

Apothecary blend natural clay masks have a negative ionic charge. This electromagnetic charge acts like a magnet drawing in the positively charged impurities. Continue reading [...]

Avalon Organics

Avalon Organics is inspired by organic agriculture and the ongoing cause of sustainability. Bcause of this, Avalon Organics uses only 100% vegetarian ingredients and it rejects all animal testing. Continue reading [...]

Apothecary Blend

Apothecary Blend is the maker of organic clay facial masks. The masks are formulated for deep cleansing, surface exfoliating, and pore shrinking. The blend is believed to draw out toxins from the surface of skin to leave skin feeling purified, firm, and bright. Continue reading [...]

Aroma Bella Age Revitalizing Firming Mask

The revitalizing firming mask works by utilizing a special blend of plant derived ingredients, essential oils, and vitamins, which minimizes harshness and promotes gentle repair. Continue reading [...]

Pure Specialty by Abba Pure Performance Hair Care

Main ingredients for Pure Specialty products include calming, healing, and gentle natural ingredients such as aloe vera, lavender, passionflower, watercress, and molasses. These ingredients also help to improve and restore hair’s natural balance and texture. Continue reading [...]

Aroma Bella

The philosophy behind the production of Aroma Bella's skin care line reflects the company's ongoing concerns for the environment and animal testing. The company uses only renewable source ingredients in its product line. Continue reading [...]

Anise Fall/Winter 2009 Collection

Like all Anise products, Sensuous collection fall/winter 2009 products are produced in a U.S. laboratory without toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate. All Anise products use only 100% vegetarian and cruelty free ingredients. Continue reading [...]

Anise Spring/Summer 2009 Collection

For spring/summer 2009, Anise Cosmetics and its Nail-Aid division feature a select few colors out of more than 600 unique colors made from toxic-free chemicals and without sacrifice to the environment. Continue reading [...]

Anise Cosmetics

Anise is a proud sponsor of “The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics,” and it bears the “Cruelty Free” symbol, meaning, the company is strictly opposed to animal testing and uses only ingredients that are 100% safe and respectful of the environment. Continue reading [...]

After Inked

After Inked is a proud member of PETA-People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and it uses a special formulation of all natural, all vegan ingredients that help to regenerate damaged blood vessels, strengthen skin tissue, and reduce trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). Continue reading [...]

Abba Pure Performance Hair Care

ABBA chooses specific herbal extracts and natural oils to add to its own Herbal Protein Complex, which was developed by the company’s scientists. The company defines ABBA’s Herbal Protein Complex as “proteins and extracts working synergistically to bond to the hair for internal and external protection. It is achieved by using the optimal blend of proteins to rebuild and strengthen hair.” Continue reading [...]

Gentle Night Cream for Sensitive Skin by Clarins

Made in France, Clarins Gentle Night Cream for Sensitive Skin features easy application via a convenient pump and a generous 1.7 oz. container. The container is designed to keep the product fresh and sanitary. Continue reading [...]

Clarins Beauty Products

Clarins has been producing cosmetics and skincare products since 1954. The Clarins Group prides itself on consumer safety and the protection of both the environment and animals, so in 1994 the French company decided to stop using andy ingredients of animal origin in its formulas. Continue reading [...]