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Vegetarian Beauty Products was founded by Anne P. Mitchell after she found herself frustrated and stymied while trying to find products for her family that were certain to be vegetarian. “Cruelty free” alone is not adequate, as many companies that do not test on animals – and thus are able to call themselves “cruelty-free” – still use ingredients for which an animal had to die for the ingredients to be harvested. A classic example of this is Burt’s Bees, who uses carmine in their products as a colorant. Burt’s Bees is even listed on PETA’s list of cruelty-free companies. As Anne says, we think that having to die so that people can rub parts of you on their skin is pretty cruel.

Vegetarian Beauty Products is an independent site dedicated to assisting vegetarians and vegans alike in finding beauty products which are cruelty-free and vegetarian. Everything listed on this site is vegetarian, and most of the products reviewed on these pages are vegan, as well. Products which are vegan are both denoted as vegan, and listed in our vegan category section.

Vegetarian Beauty Products is published by ISIPP Publishing

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